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This experimental page summarises data in the MarineLives wiki regarding the town of Bermondsey.

The town of Bermondsey is located in Surrey.

This table aggregates data from all semantic biographies in the MarineLives wiki relating to the town of Bermondsey
Full nameFirstnameLastnameBirth yearRes streetRes parishRes countyOccupationMariner occupationAssociated with ship(s)Has literacyFirst deposition ageDep start
David BaylyDavidBayly1616Saint Mary MagdalenSurreyMarinerPresumably common manFfreindship (Master: Barnaby Holding)Marke40HCA 13/71 f.6v Annotate
Adam BealeAdamBeale1610Saint Mary MagdalenSurreyShipwrightSignature48HCA 13/73 f.17r Annotate
William CastellWilliamCastell1629Redriffe WallSaint Mary MagdalenSurreyShipwrightSignature31HCA 13/73 f.671r Annotate
George CraneGeorgeCrane1625Saint Mary MagdalenSurreyMarinerMaster's mateSignature25HCA 13/63 f.393v Annotate
John LaceyJohnLacey1593Saint Mary MagdalenSurreyMarinerGunnerHopewell (Master: Henry Powell)Signature63HCA 13/68 f.49r Annotate
Henry MayneHenryMayne1633Saint Mary MagdalenSurreyRope merchantSignature23HCA 13/71 f.409r Annotate
John PageJohnPage1620Saint Mary MagdalenSurreyMarinerMarkeHCA 13/71 f.5v Annotate
Lewis PriceLewisPrice1600Saint Mary MagdalenSurreySeamanMarkeHCA 13/63 f.125r Annotate
Richard SpearemanRichardSpeareman1618Saint Mary MagdalenSurreyRopemakerMarke38HCA 13/71 f.375r Annotate
William VenusWilliamVenus1611Saint Mary MagdalenSurreyShipwrightShip carpenterMarke41HCA 13/72 f.88v Annotate
HCA 13/72 f.115r Annotate
George WhalesGeorgeWhales1629Saint Mary MagdalenSurreyShipwrightSignatureHCA 13/73 f.425r Annotate
John WierJohnWier1634Saint Mary MagdalenSurreyShipwrightSignature21HCA 13/70 f.351r Annotate