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Repeated before doctor Godolphin./
Repeated before doctor Godolphin./
The 4th day of March 1655/ &#91;CENTRE HEADING&#93;
The 4th day of March 1655/ &#91;CENTRE HEADING&#93;

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1. too late, and there being not above fifteen foot water, the shipp struck and
2. lost her rudder and was damnified as aforesayd. As for the importunity or force
3. interrogated, or that the sayd Warren did putt the helme a port, or the sayd
4. Wilkinsons forcing the helme to be putt hard on starboard hee knoweth nothing
5. thereof. Neither doth he know what the sayd privat markes are which the sayd
6. Warren is in this Interrogatory pretended to have endeavoured to bring together.
7. And further he cannot depose.

8. To the 5th. he saith the sayd shipp having boat over the sayd Woolpacke came into
9. three fathom and a halfe water, and then her sayles were furled, and both her
10. yards and topmast struck, and her ˹two˺ bower ánchors cast out, and the wind was
11. high and her ánchors yeilded and gave way, so as the sayd shipp struck agayne
12. on another sand, and then her sheat ánchors were cutt as aforesayd, and she beat over
13. that other sand, and then her sheat ánchor was cast out, and the wind increa=
14. sing the sayd sheat ánchor was cutt in the flood, and the shipp was forced to
15. shoare, And as for the occasion of the sayd inconveniences and dammages and
16. who was in fault thereof he referreth himselfe to his foregoeing deposition
17. And further otherwise than negatively cannot depose.

Repeated before doctor Godolphin./



The 4th day of March 1655/ [CENTRE HEADING]

23. Travers against Burridge and Spiser}
24. Baker Smith}

25. Examined upon an allegation given in on the
26. behalfe of the sayd Travers./

dXXXXks Rp

William Webber of the parish of Saint Mary Magdalen}
Bermondsey Mariner master of the shipp the John}
and Mary aged 36 yeares or thereabouts a wittnes}
sworne and examined saith and deposeth as followeth videlicet/}

32. To the first second and third articles of the sayd allegation hee saith
33. that hee this deponent (being the arlate William Webber) during all
34. the tyme arlate was and still is a part Owner of the arlate shipp the
35. John and Mary of London and was by Colonell John Owen and the sayd
36. Travers the party in this suite and others part Owner alsoe of the sayd shipp made
37. this deponent Master of her for a voyage to bee made therewith from
38. London to Teneriff and other places in the King of Spaines dominions ˹and˺ and
39. without the Strights of Gilbraltar and soe back for London and this deponent
40. accordingly tooke upon him the sayd office of Master And hee saith that
41. hee this deponent in the yeare 1655 and moneths therein concurring lett
42. in behalfe if him selfe and the rest of the owners of the sayd shipp ˹did˺ lett
43. the sayd shipp to ffreight (as by the Charterpartie made betwixt the sayd
44. Travers and this deponent and bearing date the nynth day of Aprill 1655
45. more at large and may appeare) to the arlate Gyles Travers for the
46. voyage in question after the rate of one hundred and fower pounds a moneth
47. for soe longe as shee should continue in service of the sayd Travers,
48. it not to exceede twelve moneths, And saith the sayd Travers in presense
49. did as sole ffreighter at his owne cost and charges and for his owne Accompt XXXX the sayd shipp XXX XXXXXX
50. freight the sayd shipp John and Mary upon {the} voyage ˹in question˺ to be made from London to Teneriff and other places in the dominion of the
51. <margin value="Bottom right, under mian body of text, as lead to next page">Kinge</margin>

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