MRP: January 1666/67, Letter from James Oxinden to Sir GO, Deane

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January 1666/67, Letter from James Oxinden to Sir GO, Deane

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Most honoured S:r

The unfortunate warr between o: Iland [I.e. Island] & Holland, hath so ruined all Comerce, y:t we can nither write to yo:w so securely, & frequently as wee desire, nor receive the Contentn:t of any of yo:e, w:ch disappointm:t, & disadvantage alone were enough to make us affectionately long for a wellcompeare [?], w:ch I feare (since y:e late unhappy Conflagration of London) wee shall sooner buy, then foure, Never was o:e Nation I think more severely visited w:th y:e Afflcitions, of Warre, pestilence, & fire, we want but y:e Arrow of famine to compleat our mesories, w:ch wee hope y:e mercifull God Will forbeare to XXXXXXXXX , although we haveJust cause to feare, by o:e XXXXX XXXX provocations, y:t he hath as y:e (psalm essaith he hath bent his bowe , & made it ready for farther Judgm:ts, if we repent not, yo:w cannot immagine S:r w:t an infinet number of people y:e Plague hath destroyed, & w:t a Death it hath made of some parts of o:e Nation w:cth fury y:e fire preyd upon y:e Citty, & how a strong wind (w:ch they say) blew in all points) did advance y:e flames, into w:t Confusion y:e frighted people were running by & downe halfe distracted & dispairing of quenching y:e mersiless (flames; some w:th their Laps full of papers, others of Jewells others w:th Children in their armes, & otheres their bedred [?] Farthers upon their backs each striving to save their dearest Objects from y:e devouring Tyrant ffire w:ch at last by an unusuall & unheard of remedy, was subdewed, & y:t w:th one would thinke should incresse y:e Conflagration, was y:e meanes of its XXXXtion, there was no way of mastering it but by its own weapons, ffire against ffire was aply’d & a great numb: of houses were blown up w:th Gunpowder before y:e fflames, w:ch at last by making a vast separation at y:e Temple put a period to their fury, & now o:e mighty Citty y:t was o:e Glory & y:e whole worlds Envy, for XXXX & Traffic, lys fured [?] in its own Ruins there being scarce a six pt: standing (with in ye walls) w:ch is not reduced to Ashes, some think it a plott of y:e Romanitts (sic), others a wicked contrivance of y:e King of ffrance, others accidentall, & y:e hand of God; it were tedious to tell yo:w y:t many frivolous storyes w:ch run abroad, but certaine it is a frenchman hath been executed for Confessing himselfe and Actor in this fflaming Tragedy, whome yett some would have to be a Lunatick, The poore XXXXX among y:e wchis consumed not razing to ?stand since its support was gone & now proves a ?Rogue or funerall pile for its ancient Patroness, whose memory though she be dead will religiously survive in y:e hearts of her Hononourers; Yo:e longed for presence would deside many Contraversies w:ch in yo:w Absence y:e law must; so y:t w:t w:th maintaining y:e bills of exchange w:ch yo:w are sued for, & o:e owne unfortunate affaires of ?Picadilly[1], we are involved in a vexatious, & expensive trouble, w:ch makes us passionately desire yo:e happy returne, & trewly I beleeve as businesses goes heare as advantagious to yo:w as yo:e India Presidence, for considering yo:e infirmity, & want of health where yo:e are, w:ch might be much meliorated in yo:e owne native aire by y:e injoying, & care of yo:e relations, & y:e ?Exercising Pleasure of field sports, w:ch yo:w know o:e Country affoords great variety, & never were more & better followed y:n now: Dover Warrin being infinitely fruitfull of haires, Governor Strondesfare [or care?], who lives princelike, keeping open hous, & a Pack of hounds & hath made a brave park, w:th in y:e Castell walls o:e old littlebourn XXX continues still to maintainance of w:th a great many of a Neighbour Gentry, pay a yearly Contribution, & we have Constituted S:r Rich:d Hards[2] superintendent of y:e hunt, who promises us y:t w:th in few yeares we shall have y:e best pack of dogges in England, so I hope w:n yo:w returne we shall show yo:w sport enough upon asham downes[3] w:ch is y:ee usuall purgatory of ares, & Theater of ? Recreations: Add [?] to yo:e health y:e Consideration of y:e affaires here, w:ch though deligently, & advisedly prosecuted by my ffarther (sic) yet yo:e personall attendance here would give a reall xxxx & countenance to y:m for Hatred [?] & Brittaine (sic) having y:e advantage of being upon y:e place, though my ffathers Interest & reputation bee great w:th y:e Meerch:ts, yett by their knowish [?] insinnuations, & Informedions (do w:t he can) they will goe nigh to make all y:e Joyes (sic) their own, & so gaine ground upon yo:w by reason of yo:w absence & yo:w know w:t an ingreatfull (sic) world this is, w:tch is apt to Court & present [prevent?] Correspondencei, & superficiall acquaintance, before an ansent & Experienct ffreindship, love [?] how now a dayes is grown degenerate, there being hardly any reall friendship but w:t is nourished by pubbblicke or privat profett, & nothing ruins it so soon as y:e Accidents [???] of negotiation in fine meethinkes after so long absence, & sure xxxx, & trauest [?] ffortunes, yo:w should now begin to thinke of Anchoring in yo:e owne Country & honouring y:e relations, w:th at least halfe yo:e dayes, tis pitty those heathens should boust of a longer Posession of yo:w than yo:e owne Nation can, & y:t yo:w should any longer throw away yo:e Comp:a upon those infidell, who are ignorant of y:e value of itt, when we are ready to Expire for sureablessing, w:ch I shall dayly sollicite y:e indulgent Heaven for, by imploring a speedy & a safe returne to yo:e Relations, among whome none more zealously wisheth yo:w health & prosperity than him, who gloryes in being

Dane [Deane] Jan ye X 1666/67

Yo: most obliged Nephew
& greate Servitor
James Oxinden

Pray S:r be pleased to give kind love to my Brother Henry whome I hope proves diligent & serviceable to yo:w my humble service to my Cozen Masters, & Cozen Broomfeild & Mr Goodier

Here is littell newes only a late act hath past to speed all roman priests out of y:e land, & another of 190 000 [could be 100 000 p donateve [?] to y:e King, towards y:e prosecution of Y:e Warre, & y:e parliam:t hath appointed 24 Comissioners to inquire after spending of y:e former, & y:e Laying out of this mony we are so angry w:th y:e ffrench that we have forsaken theire ffashions & entertain’d y:e popish habit w:ch we call a vest [?]


  1. Reference to "o:e owne unfortunate affaires of ?Picadilly" may well refer to a legal dispute between Sir Henry Oxenden and the estate of his first wife over land in haymarket, which was later developed as Oxenden Street. See XXXXX
  2. Sir Richard Hardres
  3. Adisham Downs, East Kent