MRP: SP46/84 ff. multiple

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SP46/84 ff. multiple



SP46/84 f. 34 recto

[Date probably ca. March 1640]

//Invoyce of one Case q:t 20 ?peaces ?Lana taffeta Laden aboard//
//the ?goulden ?fleece of London XX In:x XXXXXXgadnees for XX//
//of M.r George Warner of London mchant & m:r XXXXX//

//1 peace ?Crimsoine
//1 peace XXXXXXXX
//1 peace ?gingere ?in ?graene
//1 peace LaffXXXcaller
//1 peace greene
//1 peace purple
//1 peace Tawney
//1 peace Azur
//1 peace wood coller
//1 peace skey coller
//1 peace XXXing greene
//1 peace ?wallon coller
//1 peace Sea greene
//1 peace ?Maskoller & greene
//1 peace Lead coller & tawney
//1 peace Incarnation & white
//1 peace ditto
//?21/4 of XXXX 4 the XXXX
//1 peace blacke & Crimsome
//1 peace blacke & purple
//1 peace blacke & white
//2X of XXX XXXX Caller

//XXX Crimsome
//XXXX woade

//Charges in ?Lucca
//Chests cotton canvas XXXXX & Imballmy
//Boathire to Pisa

//Charges in Pisa and XXX
//Charges in ?LuXXXX

SP46/84 f. 37 recto

//Invoyce of one Case of 10 peeces ?Colleared sattine Laden//
//XXXXXXXXXXXX of m:r X george Warner & m:r XXX as XXX gent//

//1 peace watershell XXXX
//1 peace seagreene
//1 peace skeycoller
//1 peace XXXXcoller
//1 peace ?Moskcoller
//1 peace tawney in graXXX
//1 peace XXXX in graXXX
//1 peace orangecoller
//1 peace Incarnation
//1 peace greene


//Charges in florence
//Custome and charges
//Provision to ?Pani

//Charges in ?Linoznt
//Boathire from florence
To o:r provision at XX

//Livorne XX 31 March 1640
//J:ne ffairfax & Tho: Barnsley