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This is a property of type Text.

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Benedict Turrettin +Benedict Turretin  +
Beniamin Westcombe +Beniamin Westcombe  +
Benjamin Lee +Benjamin Lee  +


Captaine Abraham Mootham +Captaine Abraham Mootham  +
Captaine James Cade +James Cade  +
Captaine James Lutton +Captaine James Lutton  +
Captaine John Cramp +Captaine John Cramp  +
Captaine Richard Ell +Richard Ell, Captaine Richard Ell;  +
Captaine Thomas Breedon +Captaine Thomas Breedon  +
Captaine Thomas Chinn +Captaine Thomas Chinn  +
Captaine Thomas Ewens +Captaine Thomas Ewens  +
Captaine Willoughby Hannam +Captaine Willoughby Hannam  +
Charles Gander +Charles Gander  +
Charles Marescoe +Charles Marescoe  +
Christopher Downs +Christopher Downs  +
Christopher Hamlin +Christopher Hamlin  +
Christopher Malim +Christopher Malim  +
Clemens Simpson +Clemens Simpson  +
Cornelius van Bommell +Cornelius van Bommell  +
Cudbard Stone +Cuthbert Stone  +


David Adamsone +David Adamson  +
David Bayly +David Bayly  +
David Boucklee +David Buckley  +


Edmond Reynollds +Edmond Reynolds  +
Edmund Leman +Edmund Lemmon  +
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