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HCA 13/72 f.64v Annotate
First transcribed 6 May 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 64  +
Parent volume HCA 13/72  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 06/05/2013  +
Transcription with a Cargoe of goods brought from Englanwith a Cargoe of goods brought from England and the arlate Joshua<br /> Bartlett had then the Command of the sayd shipp as Master of her and<br /> was commonly reputed Master of her and soe continued till the sayd shipps<br /> returne to London And alsoe saith that John Thawley and the rest of<br /> the parties schedulate togeather with others were then Mariners in and<br /> aboard the sayd shipp and soe continued (all save such as dyed in the<br /> voyage) until the sayd shipps returne to London, And hee saith that of<br /> his this deponents knowledge the sayd shipp was at the Barbados after her<br /> arrivall there and delivery of her ladeing brought thither, hired to goe thence upon<br /> a tradeing voyage to the Cape de Verd Islands, and thence back to the<br /> Barbados, and did accordingly depart thense bound to the Cape de Verd<br /> Islands about the beginning of january 1655 (old style) and this deponent<br /> went in her Supracargoe for the sayd voyage to the Cape de Verde Islands,<br /> and thereby knoweth that the sayd Tr[X]wley and other the Mariners of<br /> the sayd shipp the did worke very hard in carrying of salt from the<br /> ponde wh[XX]ch they raked it, and laying it in a heape for others whome<br /> this deponent imployed to carry the same to the water side, and in goeing<br /> up to the midd legg and better in the pond to rake it out thense, and after=<br /> ward in carrying it from the water side on shipp board, And saith that<br /> from thense the sayd shipp touching at severall Ilands came to ffagoe<br /> arlate where by this deponents order they tooke aboard the sayd<br /> shipp about a hundred and thirty head of Cattell horses and Asses<br /> besides Cowes and Bulls and Asses which were taken in at Saint Teago<br /> and Bonavist, in takeing in of which Cattell, the sayd shipps Company<br /> tooke great paines, and alsoe did undergoe much labour and danger<br /> in getting grasse and water for them, and went in danger of their<br /> lives in the performance thereof, by reason of the extraordinary sea<br /> which continually runnes thereabouts, and one tyme they goeing for<br /> water their boate was splitt by the violence of the sea and some of<br /> the boates company escaped by swimming, and others were miraculously<br /> cast on shoare by the waves, And the sayd shipps Company did take<br /> great paines likewise in lookeing to and attending the sayd Cattell and did<br /> by turnes goe amongst them to looke to them, and by mayne strength<br /> lifte up such as were downe to prevent them from being trodd upon and<br /> killed by the other beasts, and saith hee observed that those whose turne<br /> it was to goe among the Cattell were usually much foyled and b[?em]gered with<br /> lifting them up, all which paines they did endure for the goods of the<br /> Master, Owners and voyage, and saith that while they soe continued at<br /> ffagoe and the Cape de Verd Islands fower or five of the sayd shipps<br /> Company fell sick of feaver and other diseases and thereof dyed And<br /> further to those articles hee cannot depose not knowing any thing touching<br /> the hyreing of any of the sayd shipps Company nor what wages<br /> they were by agreement to have./ To the 4th 5th and 6th articles of the sayd allegation hee saith that hee this<br /> deponent goeing from Cape Verde Islands and ffagoe to the Barbados and goeing a passenger from the Barbados to England in the shipp<br /> the ''Recovery'', thereby knoweth that after her company had indured the<br /> hard shipp predeposed of at the Cape de Verde Islands and ffagoe, they went thense<br /> with ffagoe, they went thense<br /> with  +
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