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HCA 13/71 f.96v Annotate
First transcribed 16 October 2012  +
First transcriber Alexis Truax  +
Folio 96  +
Parent volume HCA 13/71  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 16/10/2012  +
Transcription The 23th day of February <u>.1655:&lThe 23th day of February <u>.1655:</u>Examined upon<br /> the said Allegation:/ '''Rp. 2us/''' '''Noah Tilloué''' of Callice in ffrance Mariner Master<br /> of the said shipp the ''Royall Mary'' aged 33. years<br /> or thereabouts a Wittnes sworne and examined<br /> saith as followeth./ To the first article of the said Allegation hee saith, That hee hath well knowne<br /> the ship the ''Goulden Eagle'' arlate for about three yeares last past<br /> for and during all which time shee hath constantly belonged to the Port of<br /> Callice in France, and hath under the commaund of the arlate John [?Bennard GUTTER]<br /> her Captaine made severall warlike voyages to sea by order of the Count<br /> of Charrot Governour of Callice, and of the reste of her Owners Burghers<br /> and inhabitants there. And saith hee hath knowne the ship the ''Royal''<br /> ''Marie'', (whereof the arlate John Coverure was and is Captaine) belong:<br /> ing to the said Port of Callice for about 18. yeares last past, and<br /> that the said Count de Charrot for severall yeares Last past hath bin and<br /> generally is reputed the principall Owner thereof. hee further saith, That<br /> upon the 26th day of february last french style, the said shipps sett forth<br /> in Companie from Callice upon a Warlike employment against the shipps and<br /> goods of the subjects of the king of Spaine, being thereinto commissionated<br /> by the Duke of Vandosms grand Admirall of ffrance, this deponent having<br /> severall times seene the Commission of the said ''Mary Royall'' aboard her during<br /> her said last expedition, and having heard some of the Officers of the said<br /> shipp ''Goulden Eagle'' affirme, That they had the like Commisson, And saith<br /> hee hath bin Master of the said ''Royall Mary'' for about two yeares and<br /> a half and particularly in her last Voiage aforesaid, And further cannot<br /> Depose To the second article of the said Allegation hee saith, That the said two men<br /> of warr being at Sea in Companie commissionated upon a warlike employment<br /> as aforesaid, did upon the 30th Day of January last past according to the style<br /> of ffrance meet with the shipp the ''fortune'' arlate, whereof one<br /> daniel Egertson was Master about a league and a half from the french<br /> Coast neere the Cape of Grinay, shee being Laden with french wynes<br /> and other goods, and bound directly according to the Course shee then shaped<br /> for dunquirke or some other of the king of Spaines ports in fflanders<br /> and that the said shipp ''fortune'' being pursued by the said two frenchmen<br /> of warr bearing the Colours of ffrance for the space of about 6. howers<br /> shee made all possible sayle and endeavour to escape from them, and made<br /> towards the English coast, during which flight and pursuite the said<br /> two frenchmen of warr discharged six or seaven peeces of Ordnance<br /> with bullets at the said shipp ''fortune''. The premisses hee well knoweth<br /> for that hee was Master of the said shipp the ''Mary Royall'' as aforesaid<br /> and in Companie with the said shipp the ''Golden Eagle'' at such time as<br /> they first espyed and during the whole chase predeposed./ To the third hee saith, That the Master and Companie of the said shipp the<br /> ''fortune'', perceiving, (as appeared to this deponent and Contests aboard the said<br /> frenchmen of warr) that they could not avoyd their imminent seizure<br /> by the french, did steere their Course for England, intending to recover the<br /> protection of the English shipps or forts, the said frenchmen of warr<br /> still pursueing the said shipp ''fortune'', and comeing so close up with her<br /> that they were ready and resolved to have boarded and taken her, att all<br /> which this deponent in the quality aforesaid was present, And further cannot<br /> depose./ To the fourth article hee saith, That whilest the two said two frenchmen of warr<br /> pursued the said shipp ''fortune'' and shott at her, one of the frigats in the<br /> immediate service of this Commonwealth being at anchor in the roade of dover,<br /> weighed anchor and made up to the said shipp ''fortune'' and to the two<br /> frenchmen of warr which were in pursuite of her, and came up with them<br /> (about, and came up with them<br /> (about  +
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