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Structure of the wiki

The MarineLives wiki is built on a PHP-based stack:
- Media Wiki
- Semantic MediaWiki extension to allow storage and querying of data across pages
- Semantic Forms extension to allow editing of pages as structured data
- Custom extensions for folio navigation, basic transcription, and improved behaviour to match transcription expectations.

Examples of semantically searchable form based data

Semantic biographies
Semantic occupations
Semantic parishes

History of the wiki

The wiki was migrated from a collection of separate wikis; historically the wiki was set up with relatively unstructured data from one wiki site per volume of depositions (witness statements) and several further wikis for cross volume analysis. An importer took the data from each wiki and converted to structured data on a single wiki, with the analysis wikis moved to namespaced pages.

Wiki scope

Number of wiki pages


Number of pages in content namespaces


Number of uploaded files


Number of wiki edits


Number of Registered Contributors with Edit Privileges


Seemantic Media Wiki API

For an example of Ask API generated data output for further digital processing see image.

Ask API generated output from MarineLives wiki