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hath severall times heard the said Leonard Guy say and acknowledge
that hee had made over and by bill of sale his said hulke to the
said Mary for and in consideration of the said debt and money, or in
part of satisfaction for the same. And againe since the same, this
deponent was present and sawe the said Leonard at this deponents
husbands house on Redriff wall bring and deliver some amounts to the
said Mary and heard him tell her that that was the first money
hee had earned with her hulke, (speaking of the said hulke Elizabeth)
and that every weeke hee would bring her some, And otherwise
shee cannot depose.

To the fifth shee cannot depose saving as aforesaid

Repeated with her precontests before
doctor Godolphin.

Martha Ayllef [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE]


The eighth of June 1657.

Touching the Poppekerk

dt. Ix:

Frederick Ixem of London Notary publique, aged
30 yeeres or thereabouts sworne before the right worshippfull
John Godolphin doctor of lawes - one of the Judges of
the high Court of the Admiraltie of England, saith
and deposeth by vertue of his oath.

That hee this deponent sawe the bill of sale (of the shipp the Popperkerick) were shewed unto
him (begining To all people to whom etcetera and ending one thousand six hundred fiftie and six style Anglia, subscribed Peter
Dolislager.) signed and sealed by the said Peter at this deponents
writing-office neere the Royall Exchange London, and that the same
being soe signed and sealed, hee this deponent together with his
servants George Ixem , and Edward Perkins as witnneses thereof set their hands on the
back of the same in all things as nowe appeareth thereon



The nineth of June 1657.

Swann against Whittle.}
Smith. Suckley.

Exámined upon the allegation given in on
the behalfe of the said Whittle.

Rp. .1.

John Wheake of London Marchant, aged 32 yeeres
or thereabouts sworne and exámined

To the fourth article of the said allegation upon which alone hee
is by direction of the producent exámined hee saith and deposeth
that it is a generall course amongst merchants freighting shipps
from this port for Saint Sebastians and ports thereabouts to expect
their maine profitt in the homewards voyage thense to this port, having
little hopes of proffitt outwards, soe that hee knoweth that
some shipps have made but two hundred pounds
freight outwards hense to Bilboa, but have made a
thousand pounds freight thense to this port and
the proffit of the homewards voyage from Saint Sebastians and Bilboa is the



Frederick Ixem

"26...............................................at this deponents
27. writing-office neere the Royall Exchange London, and that the same
28. being soe signed and sealed, hee this deponent together with his
29. servants George Ixem , and Edward Perkins ˹as witnneses thereof˺..."[1]


"...Thomas Bromfeild 17 hearths
Randall Taylor 4 hearths
Frederick Ixem 6 hearths
James Spyrie 6 hearths..."[2]

CSPD: Charles II, Addenda 1660-1685

  • "Arguments against the pretences of Frederick Ixem to be the King's sole and only notary, and as such to have the custody and translation of the foreign papers taken on ships and relating to prizes with the profits relating thereto.

In England being made a notary is no office but it only makes them capable of being an officer in the ecclesiastical or Admiralty or Delegates' courts, if he can procure such an office, or to get a clerk's or deputy's place in such court or to have instruments made before him. No one under pretence of being the King's notary ever had the custody or translation of such papers, but to the office of Register of the Admiralty Court has belonged such custody and translation, which office is now granted by the Duke of York as Lord High Admiral to Orlando Gee, wherein by express words is granted the custody of all such papers, and by virtue thereof he has always had them. Mr. Ixem without any cause offered to stir the question in the former war in his present Majesty's time, which was rejected as frivolous. (Arguments to show the inconvenience of Mr. Ixem's having such papers.) [2 pages. Ibid. No. 112.]"[3]


  • "(1659:) 5 September. Frederick Ixem, public notary of London aged 33, deposes that on 28 October 1643 Thomas Keysar of London, mariner, signed a financial obligation to Edmond Keysar, merchant, now resident in Barbados. (MCD 9)."[4]


Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings: Volume 57, Page 212

  • "By this Publicque Instrumt of procuracon or letter of Attorney,

Bee itt knowne and manifest unto all people that on the 22th day
of the month of January anno Domini 1666 and in the yeare of
the Raigne of our Souueraigne lord Charles the second, by the
Grace of God King of England Scottland France and Ireland de-
fender of the faith &c: Before Mee Frederick Ixem sole Notary and
Tabellion Publicque to and for our said soueraigne Lord the King,
admitted and sworne dwelling in this Citty of London, and in the
presence of the wittnesses afternamed psonally appeared Gilbert Met-
calfe of london aforesaid Merchant, and hath made Ordained, and in
his stead and place hath put & Constituted and by theis prsents doth
make Ordaine and in his stead and place doth put and Constitute
John Lewling and John Caruer Merchants att Virginia his true and
law full Attorneys Assigneyes Giuing unto them Joyntly or seuerally
full power Authority and speciall Charge, For in the name and to the
use of him Constituant To aske demand leauie recouer and receiue
all and singuler such summe and summes of money debts Goods
wares merchandizes effects and things wtsoeuer as now are or here
[p. 510] after shall bee due Oweing belonging and appertaining unto the sd
Constituant by or from any person or persons whatsoeuer in Virginia
and Maryland, Bee it by Bill Booke Obligacon Specialty Accompt
Couenant Contract promise or otherwise by any wayes or meanes
whatsoeuer nothing excepted nor reserued, wth all Costs dathages and
Intrests, Also to Accompt wth and take accompt of any person or
psons whatsoeuer in Virginia and Maryland aforesaid, of for and
Concerning all debts Contracted and made by Christopher Dobson
late seruant to the said Constituant, as well in his owne name as in
the name of the said Dobson, the Ballance of such Accomptt or
Accompts to receiue liquidate and Cleare, according to the aduice &[5]

Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings: Volume 57, Page 213

"direccons of him Constituant and for his most proffitt and aduantage, Liber FF
Of the recoueryes and receipts Acquittance or other sufficient dis-
charge in the name of him Constituant to make subscribe seale and
deliuer, And if need bee for the premisses to appeare and the person
of the sd Constituant to represent in all Courts and before all Lords
Judges & Justices, and to doe say pursue Impleade Seize Sequester
Attach Arrest Imprison, and to Condempne, and out of prison againe
when need shall be to deliuer, likewise One Attorney or more with
like or limitted power undr them to make and substitute and att theire
pleasure to reuoke, And generally in and Concerning the premisses
& the dependencies thereof to doe say transact & accomplish all and
whatsoeuer the said Constituant himselfe might or Could doe per-
sonally, All which hee promiseth to haue and hold for Good firme
and of uallue for euer, In Witnes whereof the said Constituant hath
hereunto put his hand and seale, This was thus done and passed in this
said Citty of London in the presence of Wm Scorey and Robt Barton
my Clerkes wittnesses Quod attestor manual sigillo
(locus sigilli) Frederick Ixem Nots: publo:
Wm Score Gilbt Metcalfe (sealed)
Rob: Barton
Henry Rogers The abouesd Instrumt was at the
Tho: Harwood request of John lewling Recorded
Rich: Owen By Mee Dan: Jenifer"[6]


A letter from Gov. John Winthrop, respecting the payment of expenses for obtaining the Connecticut charter (Hartford, CT, 1860)[7]

"[The following bill drawn on the colony treasurer by Gov. Win-
throp, order, and receipt, are recorded in the first volume of
the Colony Records of Lands &c., page 301. These supply the
names of the merchants who advanced the money, and show the
completion of the payment.]

Laus Deo. In London, A. D. 3d May, 1662.
At or before the thirtieth day of November next ensuing
the date hereof, pay this rny second Bill, my first and third
not being paid, pay unto Mr. Edward Cowes, Giles Silves-
ter, and William Maskeline, or their assignes,' at New
London in New England, aboard such ship or vessell as
the said Edmund, Giles and William shal order to receaue
the same, Two Thousand Bushels, Winchester measure, of
good and well-conditioned wheat, at three shillings and six-
pence p bushell, and Twelve hundred Bushells of pease, at
two shillings and sixpence p bushell, all which amount
vnto Five hundred pounds sterling, being for the like valew
receaued of them here and taken vpon the Letter of Credit
you gave mee in the behalf of that Colony, bearinge date
the 16 day of June, 1661,* a coppy whereof will accompa-
ny this. Make them punctuall payment. Adieu.

To Mr. John Talcot of Hartford,

Treasurer to the Colony of Connecticut.

Subscribed and acknowledged by the said
Jno Winthrop in the presence of me Frederick
Ixem, sole notary publick to and for our
soveraigne Lord the King.
1662 Rs. Angl.

Accepted, November 14, 1662: New England.

LONDON, May 21, A. Dom. 1662.
SIR : Bee pleased to pay or cause to be paid the quan-
tity of bushels of Wheat and Pease mentioned in this Bill
vnto Mr. Phillip Best and Edward Paule, aboard the John
and Robert, of this place, and this is the order of
Your Loving friends,


(Footnote *) "The Treasurer is appointed to sign the Lr of Credit, whereby the Gov-
ernor may be authorized to charge Bills on the Colony to the value of 500
according to former act of the Court." - Col. Rec. of Conn., I. 370.

Received the first of December, 1662, the full of this Bill,

Transcribed and extracted out of the originall bill and
order and receipt endorsed on the said Bill, and therewith
compared, and is a true record of the same, entred this
Mrch 6. 1664/5 and attested
p DANIEL CLARK, Secretary."


"Aktesoort machtiging
Datum 11/12/1644
Archief ONA Rotterdam
Inventarisnummer 480
Aktenummer/Blz. 104/153
Notaris Johan van Weel de Oude

Joris Chaundler, Engels koopman van de Societeit der Engelsche Marchants Avonturiers, is op 22-11-1644 (Engelse stijl) ten overstaan van Jan Marius, koninklijk notaris en tabellioen te Londen, gemachtigd door Thomas Boone, edelman, wonende te Townstall in de Graafschap van Devon in Engeland, om van Thomas Forde en Richard Forde, Engelse kooplieden of hun erfgenamen, 244 pond sterling te vorderen. Zij waren dit geld volgens hun obligatie van 09-01-1642 aan Boone schuldig.
Als getuige bij de machtiging in Londen waren aanwezig Lucas Emans en Frederick Ixem.

Chaundler machtigt nu Joan Gay, Engels koopman bij de Societeit der Engelsche Marchands Avonturiers, om in zijn plaats en overeenkomstig de aan hem verleende procuratie te handelen. Daarnaast machtigt Chaundler hem ook privé, om voor hem betaling te eisen van zijn schuldenaars."[8]


Primary sources

Journal of the House of Lords

  • "DIE Jovis, 13 die Aprilis. (1671)

Ixem versus Hill.

Upon Report made by the Earl of Dorset, from the Lords Committees appointed to receive and consider of Petitions, "That their Lordships have heard Counsel on both Parts, upon the Petition of Frederick Ixem, Executor of the last Will and Testament of Francis Tryon, late of London, Merchant, deceased, being an Appeal from a Dismission of his Bill in Chancery, concerning some Part of the Estate of the said Francis Tryon; and upon the Answer and Demurrer of John Hill and John Tyll, Executors of William Hill, deceased, put in thereunto, and find the Case fit to be heard before this House:"

It is thereupon ORDERED, by the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament assembled, That Counsel shall be heard, on both Parts, at the Bar of this House, upon the said Petition and Answer, on the First Tuesday of the next Meeting of the Parliament after the Recess now at Hand, without Prejudice nevertheless to the Proceedings of any the Parties in the said Cause concerned (in the mean Time) in any other Court whatsoever."[9]

- SEE: C 10/158/83 Ixem v. Jill and Hill: Middx. 1668
- SEE: C 5/504/58 Ixem v. Hill: Middlesex. 1670

London Metropolitan Archives

  • Indenture of Mortgage HB/C/104 1660

1. Joseph Drew, Dyer and Anne Drew alias Tuson, his wife.
2. David Chatelin, Weaver of London.
Messuage known as the 'Three Bowles,' in the parish of St. Mildred 'Breadstreete.'
Witnesses--Valantin Wanley, Isaac Bean (?), Fredk. Ixem, public notary."[10]

  • Indenture of Release HB/C/103 14 Chas. II. 1662

"Related information: See also HB/C/007

1. Henry Harwood, 'Sadler' of London.
2. William Eyre.
Messuages on Ludgate hill near Fleet-bridge in the parish of St. Brides alias 'Bridgett,' one formerly called 'the Still' and now 'the Lookeinglasse,' another formerly called 'the Saddle' and now the 'three guilded Keys.'
Mentions Grace Hardwyn, 'waxchaundler,' Peter Emery, Robert Christy, 'sadler,' George Appletree, leatherseller, tenants.
Witnesses--Peter Drybutter, Geo. Ixem, William Maning."[11]

Parliamentary Archives

Main Papers 1 - 20 HL/PO/JO/10/1/347 1 Mar 1671 - 18 Mar 1671

"- 14. 16 March 1671 -- Ixem v. Hill.--Petition and appeal of Frederick Ixem, executor of the late Francis Tryon.
a) 28 March 1671 -- Answer and demurrer of John Hill and John Till, executors of the late William Hill,
b) 4 April 1671 -- Order of Committee for petitions."[12]

Senate House Library, University of London

  • GB 96 MS 199

- "Dates of Creation: 1649; 1655; Physical Description: 1 volume containing 8 leaves
- Scope and Content: Manuscript volume containing a notarial instrument, 16 Sep 1655, by Frederick Ixem of London, public notary, with attestations by Bright and Daniell, also public notaries, recording the appointment by the Treasurers and Collectors of Prize Goods (John Sparrow, Richard Blackwall and Humphrey Blake) of Captain Dean of Cork as attorney to receive sums owed by William Hovell of Kinsale, County Cork, and Humberson Hurst. Also includes a printed copy of an Act of Parliament of 17 Apr 1649, An Act for appointing Commissioners for sale of prize-goods."[13]



C 5/504/58 Ixem v. Hill: Middlesex. 1670

C 10/111/9 Birkett v. Radden, Ixem: Middx. 1668
C 10/155/20 Birkett v. Ixem. 1669
C 10/158/83 Ixem v. Jill and Hill: Middx. 1668


PROB 5/3180 Miscellaneous Inventories, Accounts, and Associated Documents. IXEM, Frederick, of St Katherine Coleman, London. 1674

PROB 11/328/419 Will of John Wheake, Merchant of London 03 December 1668
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