MRP: 11th December 1662, Letter from Randall Taylor to Sir GO, Raire

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11th December 1662, Letter from Randall Taylor to Sir GO, Raire

BL, Add. MS. XX, XXX, ff. 14-15

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23/10/10, CSG: Completed transcription
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[BL, Add. MS. XX, XXX, ff. 14-15]

[p. 14]

Right Worp:ll

I have recd yo:r Courteous lines of y:e 15:th Novemb:r together w:th y:e Enclosed, w:ch I showed to my ffellow sufferers who w:th my selfe remaine very senciable of yo:r Worp:s Geat Civility & goodnesse towards us, w:ch w:th y:e addition made thereto in yo:r ?premencopns & what all my frends advise mee yo:r Worp:e is pleased to discourse daily in my behalfe, have layed an Obligation up mee greater than I shall ever bee able sufficiently to manifest my Gratitude for, But upon all occasions I shall bee ready to acknowledge the same, w:th XX soo Noble a minde I know is pte satisfaction

I render yo:r Worp:e my hearty thankes for yo:r promised assitance to recover M:r Nowells debt for mee & I impute y:e hopes you give mee for my sallary due from y.e Sm:a Merch:t &c. ?Stock to bee pocured by yo:r worp:s endeavo:es in my behalfe, which is an other addition to my obligations

I am sorry M:r fforsters[1] debt is thought soo desperate & am assured

[p. 15]

Assured yo:r Worp:e will doo what you Cann for mee, But if nothing cann bee gott I must rest Contented.

I Doubt not at our meeteing to give yo:r Worp:e &c:a suffici:t satisfaction for y:e reasonable nesse of demanding our Losses in the late misfortune, from y:e King of Decan in y:e meane tyme omitt to say anything more thereof.

As to y:e Demur for payment of our part sallary (for,erly desired) intill our answer to yo:r Grall lre arrived I am well satisfyed w:th & doubt not but have given such sufficient solutions to those mallitious aspertions of y:t worldly saint (as his Master was termed) Andrewes y:t not onely your Worp:e Etc:a but alsoe y:e honourable Comp:a will bee thoroughly satisfied of o:r ignorance & therefore doubt not but at y:e arrivall of said vindication our former desires will bee Complyed w:th w:ch I desire not more for my owne Convenyence than y:t of my fellow spllicators ?howxxx I returne your worp:a my most hearty thankes for yo:r oblidgeing ??presser to Creditt mee w:th y:e like summ If my occasions should require y:e same.

Yo:r Worp:e haveing oblidged us to render an acco:t of w:t wee know of M:r Andrewes past actions, wee have hartily (or ?hastily) Collected w:t wee can certainely subscribe to at pres:t But I could have wished it might have beene omitted untill my Being at liberty, for y:t then should have beene better able to have pformed a worke of this nature, than now can bee expected; you see S:r by w:t wee have say:d & all men have related how base hee hath beene towards us & how Conformable his past actions have beene to w:t hee hath wrott y.e Comp:a w:ch hath beene agreeable to his ?discourse [worm hole through word] to yo:r Saint Like, Like those Rogues in England who have ?God [worm hole through word] & religion in theire mouthes but y:e Deivell in theire hearts; but least his should savor of partiallity, please to Consider of y:t unchristianlike expresssion of his, y:t wee should all rest in prison before hee would endeavour to freee us, w:ch I heare hee denyes, but I have too good an Authority for my haveing Charged him there w:th viz: y:e advice of my Good ffreind M:r Strz. Master,[2] to doubt of y:e validitie thereof; as to y:e ?amo:tt of w:t M:r Revington[3] Charged him w:th to y:e Comp:a I know nothing more thereof than if it might bee made up w:th some of those pticulers, Contain:d in o:r Articles now sent, w:ch I hope will not bee of lesse force against him for M:r Lambtons[4] being by á kinde of necessity engag:d w:th him in some of y:m. S:r your will reade in o:r Generall y:d Inconvenyencies wee are subject to for matter of writeing, & hope yo:u will pardon w:t found amiss therein w:ch is all ?hand to trouble you w:th at pres:t soo Close this w:th earnest prayers for yo:r health & prosperity, & shall ever remaine

Rig:t Worp:ll
Yo:r Worp:s most ffaithfull & humble ser:ts
Rand:o Taylor

Raire y:e 11th Decembr: 1662
M:r fferand[5] presents his service to yo:r worp:s


  1. Matt fforster, deceased. See XXXX
  2. Streynsham Master
  3. ?Henry Revington
  4. John Lambtont
  5. Mr. fferand was XXXX. See Missing faces