MRP: 17th March 1662/63, Letter from Nicholas Reade to Sir GO, Ipswich

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17th March 1662/63, Letter from Nicholas Reade to Sir GO, Ipswich

BL, Add. MS., XX, XXX, ff. 25-26

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[BL, Add. MS., XX, XXX, ff. 25-26]

S:r George Oxinden

Hon:d S:r

These may serve to give you much Joy of yo:r hono:l I am Sorry it was not my happiness to see you before you went occasion:d by y:e Gout, S:r these lines are alsoe to accompany M:r Nathaniell harris[1] who is Ma:s ?Sonn from whome I had my breeding as to a Merch:t & it ?hath been y:e will of God to order y:d Wrld to frown upon him hitherto, his breeding hath been a Merch:t sometime he spent in Danzick soe’s speaketh y:e German language very well, further had his breeding: 5: or:6: years at Ligone (y:e w:ch is yt s(?) stage of Merch:ts y:t way but xxx ?well w:th a discouteous ?M:te , although he kept his cash very great some yeares to his detriment & at last he would doe nothing for him although occasions enough did proffer, & for his Abilities could not deny but he was Able, in time he would have still made a Drudge . XXXX S:r my Request is y:t you will be pleased to look upon w:th favourable eye, xxxxx he is w:th my Sonn ?Ssiser in place of a ?Purse but happily may desire to stay in y:d country y:e w:ch if XXX, I pray be pleased to xxhrowd him under y:e wing of y:e protection, & truly S:r shall take it as a ffac: done to my selfe, & will owne w:t ever you doe for him as done to me ffor his Fidelity & Ability, & ?Stayedness in his Comportm:t I durst undertake will be to y:e content, S:r I know yo: Wisdom’s such as aslo y:e good Nature, & I need say noe more but leave y:e Rest to yo: Selfe, & yo: Selfe to y:e Almighty, who is Able to keep you xxxx, & in his good time to bring you home & y:t I may see yo: ?farr one more w:th yo: ffreind, S:r not xxx but Tender of my due Respects and ?Care

Yo:r at Command whilst I am Nicholas Reed

Stoake hall by Ipswich
Y:e 17:th March 1662/3


Possible primary sources

  1. Nathaniell harris was XXXX. See Missing faces