MRP: 20th April 1667, Letter from Henry Chowne to Sir GO, London

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20th April 1667, Letter from Henry Chowne to Sir GO, London

BL, Add. MS. XX,XXX, ff. 122-123

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[BL, Add. MS. XX,XXX, ff. 122-123]

This transcription has been completed, but requires checking

[f. 122]

Honoured: S:r

I recd yo:e lres of y:e 10:th septemb: 1667: by y:e affrican, arrived w:th us in feb:r following, I am glade to heare of yo:e good health, & my sonne[1] to whome I had sent peeces of Eight 250 by y:e ship Returne, which departed hence y:e last spring, it seems she was not arrived w:th you before y:e former departed, I tooke y:e presumtion to trouble y:w XXX [obscured by worm hole] a lre by her I hope hse is come safe to yo:e poart I take notice of y:e greate stope in trade, it cannot ne other waise in y:e time off warr, Considerig y:e plenty of o:e Enimie in all parts of India, o:e King is now upon a treaty both w:th y:e ffrench, & Dutch, at breada,[2] it is supposed a peace will be, we had brought y:e Dutch upon their kneews before y:s time, if y:e maior of London had not been burnt y:e last septemb: upon a high easterly winde, y:e fire began ?intemstreet, neare biilings gate, blessed be God y:e Company suffered but little by this greate conflagration, some suposes y:e fire began not by accident y:e Cittie is to be rebuilt by an act of parlim:t w:th briff [?] in a uniforme way, & narrow strets, to be made broad, & to take of all impedim:ts in y:e rebuilding of it, all differences are to be desided betweene landlords & tennants, by y:e 12 Judges, or any five of y:m, w:th out any expense wee here y:e ship Dorcas is taken, of o:e lands and, w:th france from y:e Bay, & carryed to Breast,[3] y:e Comp:a will set still till they know what will become of y:e Treaty, they send 3 Merchants to breda, to advise w:th y:e Commissoners, in their behalfe, thy intend to have sent y:e ship London to yo:e port before yo:e lres came to y:m by y:e Affrica, by w:ch ship I ashould have sent Dollars eight hundred, to my sone Henry, I shall make good by y:e next, this small vessell y:e Comp:a sets forth from Plymouth, to give you

[f. 123]

tidings how affaires stand in this part of y:e World, I hope times will mend, & oure trade to inlarge, my great desire is, y:t my sone. He had been emplyed by the English East India Company in November 1661 should stay in India, I much depend upon yo:e favour towards him, I hope his Carrage; & behaviour will deserve it, S:r yo:e kindness to him, shall oblige

yo:e most faithfull servant
Henry Chowne


Possible primary sources

  1. Henry Chowne [the younger]
  2. The city of Breda, where peace between the United Provinces and Englandwas to be negotiated
  3. The port of Brest, France