MRP: 20th August 1663, Letter from Gamaliel Nightingale to Sir GO, Aleppo

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20th August 1663, Letter from Gamaliel Nightingale to Sir GO, Aleppo

BL, Add. MS. XX,XXX, ff. 1-2

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[f. 1]

Right Worp:ll

S:r upon acco:t & Interest of my good ffreind M:r Dan:l Pennington[1] I make bold to pres:t my humble service to yo:r Worp:la & to offer my selfe to yo:s disposall & Commands wherein I may bee any ways capable

Its some tyme y:t M:r Pennington & my selfe have dived into á trade xxxx to yo:r place, & some parts more remote by y:e Jewes heere, by w:ch they have inriched themselves exceedingly, y:e Cheife Com:o w:ch I doo pceive them to Bring are granatts, a sort of stone, or beads of á small vallue w:ch are vented in Ittaly, M:r Swift[2] who takes this opportunity to Kisse yo:r Worp:s hands haveing seene of them here Can ?discribe them to yo:r worp:o y:e price which generall will yeild here is ?att 5: to ?7 ??poke of ??drams 400: or 2:11 b[£ s, written above numbers] English by w:ch yo:r Worp:s good Likeing shall come in w:th you & M:r Penington to w:t vallue may bee requisett.

This yeare all sorts Com:o of India sells Exceeding well Lahori:o Indico at present ?p [may be a dollar sign]160: Ryalls 9/9 ts pchado w:ch is about 130: Eng: lls but Quantyty being Come this yeare to Bussora may fall to ?p [may be a dollar sign] 140: In England tis fallen to 4:10 [may be s and d written above] pb:a. [this could be an abbreviation for “per pound”]

About 2: m:o since there was one xemetry Ross y:t ffled from hence who now by á lre writt mee from ?Brigatt [could be Rigdatt] tells intends for India, after many kindnesses assoured him here hee went á way in my debt ?$997:20 w:ch have made appeare before o:r Consull, I have requested M:r Swift to see w:t may bee done as to its recovery, your worp:s assistance therein I doo most earnestly request & shall ever esteeme myselfe oblidged for y.e favoure, wherein I may bee serviceable to your worp:d here please to Command.

Yo:r Worp:s most Humble:e serv:t
Gamaliel Nightinggale:e

Aleppo y:e 20:th August


  1. Daniel Pennington, London merchant
  2. John Swift, London merchant