MRP: 25th March 1663, Letter from Nicholas Hurlestone to Sir GO, Redriss

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25th March 1663, Letter from Nicholas Hurlestone to Sir GO, Redriss

BL, Add. MS. XX, XXX, f. 50

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Abstract & context

Nicholas Hurlestone wrote to Sir George Oxenden in a letter dated March 23rd, 1663. The letter was sent from Redrith (alias Rotherhithe).

In this letter, Nicholas Hurlestone XXXX

Captain Nicholas Hurlestone (b. ?, d. ?) was from a family of mariners and seamen with its roots in Sandwich, Kent. He himself was resident in Redriff, Surrey.

He was connected with the Moyer family of mariners of Leigh, Essex and Limehouse, Essex, through his marriage to Anna Moyer, who was the daughter of the mariner James (c. 1585 -1636/37) and Lydia Moyer. He was thus the son-in-law of James Moyer the elder and brother-in-law of four Moyer merchants and/or mariners active in the 1640 to 1680 period - Lawrence, Samuel, James [the younger], and William Moyer.

He had married Anna Moyer prior to 1637, since James Moyer the elder, when writing his will, mentioned "my sonne Nicholas Hurlstone." In James Moyer the younger's will, written in 1661, the younger James mentioned his brother "Captain Nicholas Hurlestone," together with Nicholas' sons, Nicholas and Richard, and Nicholas' then unmaried daughters, Lydia, Rebecca, Sarah, and Elizabeth.

Captain Hurlestone provides a telling example of the difficulties which occur when attempting to assess social status of commercially active individuals and families in seventeenth century England. Descriptions by contemporaries and by later eighteenth century commentators which imply status can vary widely for the same individual and family. In the case of Nicholas Hurlestone he is described at various times and places in his career as "Captain Hurlestone", "Nicholas Hurlestone,gent., of Redriff," and "Nicholas Hurlestone, esq."

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[BL, Add. MS. XX, XXX, f. 50]

Hono:d S:r

Reddriss y:e 25:th of March 1663

Yo:r good health togeather w:th safe retourne is prayed for & now haveing this opportunity, w:ch I could not lett slipp w:thout presenting of my service to your good selfe, Alsoe to acquaint you y:t you Since you went from house have beene very often had in memory Amongst yo:r serv:ts at y:e Trinity house,[1] & very lately was yo:r health putt about in á large Glasse of y:e best. The farther acco:t of y:t I now leave unto Cap:t Millett[2] to relate. It will very much rejoyce mee to heare of yo:r health & if it might not bee to much presumption in mee I shall begg a line or two from yo:r hand & this is the greatest trouble y:t I shall adventure to gie yo: Worp:p onely I am desired by Ardlation [??] [OR, "acolation"?] M:r Goodlad[3] who hath á sonn now going á mate w:th Cap:t Millett his name is Jarvis [or Jarves] Maplesden hee is a man of pts I presume Cap:t Millett will acquaint yo:r Wor:p soo much, hee hath a minde (soo I am told) to stay in India & to serve y:e Comp:a theare & its his mothers desire hee should doo soo, hee hath comanded á good shipp, is Able but hath beene something Extravagant to, too much I might acquaint you w:th w:t I have heard of him but hee Runne farr y:t never retournes, time & place may alter y:t & so as hee Approve himselfe lett him have yo:e Eye off favour, I pray y:t you will please to make á triall onely one voyadge in y:e country & if hee doo well lett him have yo:r Incouragm:t & no otherwise, I crave yo:r Excuse now for troubling of yo:r Hono:e soo much w:th this relatione; I for his mothers sake as well as his owne should bee right Glad to heare hee did well; & the advantage will bee to himselfe,

S:r If it will not bee to much trouble I be seech you to call before you Samson,[4] to geather w:th Bimgee[5] for w:thone of them I left a faire Branch of Currall sett in á silver seett it was an adventure sent by mee & I have allowed y:e Party heere Tom [X] Starleing[6] [Starlding?] one of them two are liable to answer its vallew, & Samson putts it upon Bimgee, I should bee glad to have from one of them, w:t was made of it, & for Justice I can not apply my selfe unto a better freind than yo:r good selfe & soo craving yo:r pardon for adding this farther trouble & please know I should take it a favour to serve you when Ever you shall please to lay yo:r Comands upon mee for I am

Yo:r oblidged to serve you
Nic:o Hurlestone


Possible primary sources

London Metropolitan Archives

London Metropolitan Archives: Wood Family: THE MANOR OF LITTLETON (Gilbert Lambell's Title Deeds) ACC/0928/001 1419 - 1652: Assignment of Trusteeship. Hurlestone and Mosse to 3. to the use of 2. ACC/0928/001/69 1649
- Contents:
1. Nathaniel Goodlad of Rederith, Surrey, Mariner, and Nicholas Hurlestone of Rederith, Mariner, and Henry Mosse of London, Gent.
2. Gilbert Lambell of London, Merchant
3. Ellston Wallis of London, Goldsmith and Thomas Norton, Citizen and Clothworker of the City of London.
The manor of Littleton etc. as in Acc/0928/001/54.


PROB 5/2063 HARLESTONE or HURLESTONE, Nicholas, of Rotherhithe, Surrey, merchant [Registered will: PROB 11/333] 1671
- Is this a duplicate?
PROB 5/2963 Inventory of Nicholas Hurlestone, 1671, ff. 1-10

PROB 11/318 Hyde 108-162 Will of Nicholas Hurlestone or Hurleston, Mariner of Rotherhithe, Surrey 26 December 1665
PROB 11/333 Penn 67-128 Will of Nicholas Hurleston, Merchant of Rotherhithe, Surrey 15 September 1670

- Son of Captain Nicholas Hurlestone
  1. Sir George Oxenden was elected a member of Trinity House in XXX, and left a bequest to Trinity House in his will (XXXX; PROB 11/342 Pye 53–118 Will of Sir George Oxniden (sic), Merchant of Wingham, Kent 17 May 1673
  2. Captain Nicholas Millett, commander of the Loyal Merchant
  3. Mr. Goodlad was possibly Nicholas Goodlad, mariner of Rotherhithe, Surrey, with whom Captain Nicholas Hurlestone was involved in a commercial transaction in 1649. The Goodlads were a well established family of mariners. A Richard Goodlad had been purser on the Smyrna Merchant when she caught fire off the XXX coast (CM, Dec. 11, 1661), and was appointed at a Court on Dec 3rd, 1661 to be sent out again as purser on a different ship (CM, Dec. 3, 1661). See London Metropolitan Archives: Wood Family: THE MANOR OF LITTLETON (Gilbert Lambell's Title Deeds) ACC/0928/001 1419 - 1652: Assignment of Trusteeship. Hurlestone and Mosse to 3. to the use of 2. ACC/0928/001/69 1649
  4. It is unclear who Samson was. See Missing faces
  5. Bimgee was XXXX
  6. It is not clear who Tom Starleing was. See Missing faces