MRP: 4th April 1663, Letter from Margaret Oxinden to Sir GO, Deane, Kent

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4th April 1663, Letter from Margaret Oxinden to Sir GO, Deane, Kent

BL, Add. MS. XX,XXX, ff. 91-92

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This transcription has been completed, but needs to be checked

BL, Add. MS. XX,XXX, ff. 91-92


Deare Sonn

It is y:e will of God y:t I remaine in this life but grow grazy and feele the Burthen of yeares to bee heavy. But since it is but a few months & I injoyeing health at this tyme give my selfe hopes I may survive to yett heare of yo:r safe arrivall in India, after y:e various reports y:t hath bin spread through y:e envy of y:e Dutch you have I finde mett w:th troubles heere at home by false freinds & unreasonable men, w:ch I heare your sister hath busselled w:th beyound yo:r expectation, & to my Comfort, I finde although you are á looser as to yo:e estate yett yo:r reputation stands firme, & yo:r advantages Loose in y:e kind every day very much w:ch your Brother Masters & my sonn heere hath from S:r Tho:s Chamberlane S:r W:m Rider & others in Generall y:t ffalse ungratefull fellow Bretton I now see had á designe w:th his acomplishes to wound you throw M:rs Nokes sides y:t faileing they fell Right Downe upon you but God is Just to whome I pray In whome I trust that theire false practices shall come to Nought. For my sonn who hath beene lately at London tells mee, they Losse every day & you gett ground every way of them for Domestick newes yo:r freinds are all in health & in this family blessed bee God wee keepe our health yo:r Brother is up to y:e eyes in Building about y:t long desired reformation of the little parlor w:ch proves á greater worke than was thought for, for (sic – repetition) it ois & was thought fitt to begin at y:e little study in y:e galiry & soo pull downe all & built it up answerable to y:e Rest of the house, w:ch is done & will Cost more money than was expected it


Would. But y:e Lord hath given my Sonn a wife w:ch proves á much helpe for him every way very tender & Carefull as to all his Concerns a bout this Building & som other ocations hath besides her Joynter given him 400: 500:ll 200:ll now at y:s instant of tyme of her owne good will, not at all desired throwne into his building worke; because as she sayes hee should gooon Cherfully & doo it handsume; I pray God, Bles yo:r Care & Love to yo:r Relations & give them sutable (sic) grace to returne yo:r gratefull service & acknowledgement to you, I have sent Hary á Little Token; & yo:r selfe 2: paires of silke stockins á thing very inconsiderable onely y:e God is I thought they were things you might remember me by, for theire dayly comeing into your hand they in no better á thing.

O that I may heare of yo:r health & safety then w:th Ould Jacob I will say its enough to God bee all prayes & honor & Glory & thakes giveing for ever & for ever, blessed bee y:e Lord for all his goodnes to us, I am

Deare Sonn
yo:r most affectionate Moth:r
Margrett Oxinden