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C5/15/3 f. 2

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See biographical profile of Tobell Aylmer (the complainant)

See C5/15/3 f. 1 (the bill of complaint, to which C5/15/3 f. 2 is the answer)

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Abstract & context

The Chancery suit C5/15/3 was brought by complainant Tobell Aylmer against Sir Francis Williamson, Edmund Lascell Esquire and Phineas Rogers.

C5/15/3 f. 1 is the bill of complaint of Tobell Aylmer. C5/15/3 f. 2 is the answer of Sir Francis Williamson, Edmund Lascella nd Phineas Rogers.

The bill and the answer are dated 1653, and relate to alleged events in 1649.


//The joynt and severall answeres of S:r ffrancis Williamson knight Edmund Lascell Esq:r and Phineas Rogers three of the defts to the//
//bill of complainte of Tobell Aylmer Esq:r complaynante//

//All advantage

//now and at all

//answer unto

//and uniust

//XXXX satisfacconn

//pson or psons

//that hee beinge

//desire this defendant

//summe or summes

//Edward Clavell

//faithfull promise

//XXX ffrancis


// the Complaynant

//settled and


//now enioyeth

//above menconned

//bill menconned

//arise: And

//to bee paid

//Common Law

//is still in force

//Clovell did give

//estate of thesaid Clovell

//harmelesse him


//this deft

//ever intended

//is before



//these defendants

//say that the





//theire reasonable costs and charges in this behalfe wrongfully susteyned//

//TIMO: POLLARD [Signature; botton RH side]//


Possible primary sources


C 5/43/4 Aylmer v. Michenson: Essex 1663

C 6/130/5 Short title: Aylmer v Clovile. Plaintiffs: Tobell Aylmer. Defendants: Edward Clovile, Joan Riddesdall and Edward Basse. Subject: property in West Hanningfield, Essex. Document type: bill, answer. 1654
C 6/224/27A Short title: Clovill v Williamson. Plaintiffs: Mary Clovill and Elizabeth Clovill. Defendants: Edmund Williamson, Wignoll Bigg and John Rouse. Subject: property in Felsted, Essex. Document type: bill, answer. JFP 1677

C 10/5/21 Edward Clovyle and Anne his wife, Tobell Aylmer, John Higden, Edward Shelton, Edmund Burton and others v Thomas Barker: West Hanningfield, Essex 1649
C 10/93/11 Ball v. Blackwell, Aylmer, Starkey, Pary, Pratt, Cunditt: Middx 1662