MRP: PROB 4/7909 Inventory of Tobell Aylmer, 1664, ff. 1-3

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PROB 4/7909 Inventory of Tobell Aylmer, 1664, ff. 1-3

Editorial history

17/10/11, CSG: Created page & posted partial transcription

Abstract & context

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?A XXXXX & y:e gardens XXXXXX
XXXXXXX of London ?deced

IMPRIMIS one healfe headed
bedstead Curtaines & vallence of stript
stuffe a quilt a blankett a Rugg a ?Canvise
Mattrisse with one boulster & fowre ?prc
of pillowes fowr trunkes & two Chest

vj:li: xv:s

In y:e little Chamber next to y:e Garett

ITEM one little bedsted w:th curtaines &
vallence one feather bed & two boulsters
two pillowes & one flocke boulster foure
ruggs & a  ?prc of Blanketts and old ?purser
and Chest

vj:li: iiij:s

In y:e little roome ?nex y:e maids Chamber

ITEM a bedstead stript Curtianes & vallence
one blankett a quilt XXXXX two feather
beds & a boulster and ?prc of pillowes
an old Chest & stoole

iij:li: xvj:s

In the maids Chamber

ITEM one old bedsteed w:th stript curtaines
& vallence very olde trundle bedsteed
?two (Or, one) feather bede(Or,s) &two boulsters 2 pillowes
three blanketts & three ruggs ?olde two
XXXXXX Curtaines six truckes & one
?prXsse XX a Chest old

v:li: xij:s

In M:r Aylmers Chamber

ITEM a Indian bedsteed a paire of
Curtaines & vallence of greene
?perpetuana ??lardg one feather bed &
boulster & a paire of pillowes one
rugg & three blanketts & two stript
window Curtaines a dozen of Chaires
and Stooles a table & a XXXX stoole and
?pann & one chest of drawers

viij:li: xv:s

ITEM a ??peptuiay queene silke Curtaine
and vallence & a greene silke quilt of
the same//

vj:li:  ?x:

ITEM a paire of Curtaines & vallence of
silke India damaske

ij:li: xv:s

ITEM one suite grasse greene silke
Curtaines & vallence & a Canopye
suite of greene silke & two window
Curtaines & two Carpetts of y:e same old

iij:li x:s

ITEM two window Cushons & a window
Cushion wrought & 3 cloth Carpetts

j:li x:s

ITEM two paire of brasse Andirons
fireshovell & tongs an Iron hoope and
a paire of bellowes

j:li x:s

SUMA xxiiij:li x:s

In the blew Chamber

ITEM one bedsteed one ?prc of Curtaines
& vallence of blew purpetuana laXXX one
pillow three blanketts & a greene rugg
?paXXXder hangings about y:e roome &
XXXXX Curtianes of y:e same one
blew Carpett eight chaires & stooles a
square table a ?staXXX a ?prc of brasse
Andirons fireshovell & tongs & a
a pre of ?Doggs apre of bellowes and
a looking glasse

?jx:li j:s

In y:e Chamber within y:e blew Chamber

ITEM a feather bed & boulster a bedsteed
one pillow foure blanketts & two ruggs
one table & one Chaire a paire of
Curtaines & vallence of stript stuffe

v:li xiij:s

In y:e garret over y:e ??nash house

ITEM a halfe headed bedsteed a feather
bed & boulster & a pre of pillowes one
flocke bed & boulster one rugg 2 greene
Curtaines & halfe vallence of purpetu-
ane one table a chaire & a forme old

ij:li xv:s

In the withdrawing roome

ITEM one Lath bottome bedsteed XX
feather bed & boulster two blanketts one
paire of purple strype Curtaines & vallence
w:th a Counterpaine of y:e same six Chaires
& stooles three window Curtaines a table
& a greene Carpett & two stXX foure
?peeces of tapestry & three Cushions
and a looking glasse


In the dyneing roome

ITEM an ovall table & chest foure
greene cloth Carpetts a ?leather ?Couch
three Leather chaires & six Turkey worke
Chaires a pre of playing tables A
looking glasse nine ?pictures a pre
of brasse And irons fireshovell and
tongs of brasse a fireshovell & tongs
of Iron & a Tinn XXXte

vx:li iiij:s

In y:e Chamber w:thin y:e dineing roome

ITEM a bedsteed a pre of Curtaines and
?vallence of a Serge of sad Colour one
?featherbed & boulster a paire of pillowes
one flocke quilt three blanketts & a
greene silke quilt six Chaires & stooles
XXX window Curtaines & carpetts of a
sad ?Colour Xxeige a peece of Tapestry
hanginge & stript stuffe two paire of

??viij:li x:s

In y:e Little Chamber w:th in the aforesaid Chamber over y:e Kitchin===

ITEM one bedsteed one featherbed &
boulster & one pillow three blanketts one
table & two Stooles Curtaines & vallence
to y:e bed & hangings to y:e roome of
?pantador one picture & looking glasse

iiij:li v:s

In y:e Chamber over y:e wash house

ITEM a black India bedsteed one
featherbed & boulster three blanketts &
a rugg ?a pre of Curtaines & vallence of
white dimitys wrought with black
worsted a Table & stoole one XXXXX
bedsteed a paire of And irons fire
shovell & tongs

vij:li ij:s

In the parlour

a chest of drawers a Couch bed &
twelve Leather chaires six old
Cushions twelve pictures ??fire irons
Shovell and Tongs & ?rod

In the Hall

ITEM a table six stooles & one Chaire
one Iron chest & a ?pre of playing
Tables two tapestry Carpets an old
chest a Clocke a pre of Scales with
an Iron Beame & five XXXXX//

?x:li viij:s vj:d

ITEM a ??Fark & XXXX ??spit XXXX XXXX
& all Iron worke belonginge in y:e kitchin
two iron pots two Iron RXXXX and
two Iron Morters

?iij:li x:s

ITEM two hundred ninety six ?ounces
of fine pewter att eleven pence XXXX


ITEM 32 pounds of Course XXXX
att seaven pence per pound

?xviij:s ?vj:d

ITEM two brasse potts


ITEM wooden ware belonging in y:e kitchin


In the wash house

ITEM a ffurnace a still & other lumber


In the yard

ITEM two Cisternes & a flat Cisterne
of Lead & lead in the yard


In the celler

ITEM seaven Chalterne of Coals and

vj:li : x:s


ITEM ?x paire of fine holland sheetes
8 pre of fine fflaxen sheetes 6 paire
of a course sort of fflaxen sheetes
seaven pre of Course fflaxen sheetes
ten pre of hempen sheetes 4 damaske
table clothes of X side board damaske
clothes three dozen of Napkins &
foure Towells of damaske 3 Table
Cloathes & two side board clothes of
?dyaper two dozen of Napkins of
dyaper & one dyaper Towelle a
courser dyaper table cloathes & fower
dozen of Napkins of y:e same XXXXX
a dozen of fine flaxen table cloathes
arge a dozen more of second sort of flaxen side
board clothes eleaven dozen of fflaxen
Napkins twenty pre of pillow beares
& foure dozen of Towells all att



ITEM six gold rings


ITEM two hundred fifty eight
ounces of plate at five shillings
p ounce



ITEM two Livery Gowns fared
with ??fines & two hoods


ITEM two other Gownes one fared w:th
Sattin & y:e other with Velvet & night gowne

iiij:li v:s

ITEM a suite & Cloake of sad cloth & a
Coatt of y:e same w:th dozen of Silver
?Clapses on the Coate


ITEM a blacke stuffe suite & a blacke
Cloath cloake fined w:th velvet & a
Velvet Coate w:th ?5 dozen of silver ?Clapses


ITEM a Shorne Velvet suite & Coate of
y:e same & a black cloth Cloake

ij:li x:s

ITEM a silke suite & cloake & a Velvet
Coate w:th 3 dozen of silver Clapses

iij:li v:s

ITEM one cloth coate of a sad ?culler & one
Camlet Coate with silke buttons and three
cloth cloakes and five Wastcoates

v:li : iij:s iiij:d

ITEM a dozen of shirts a dozen of bands a
dozen & a halfe of pocket handkercheifes


ITEM two beavers & two hat bands

iij:li: iij:s

ITEM two watches


ITEM one gold hatband


ITEM twenty ounces of plate buttons


SUMMA Lviij:li: vij:s: iiij:d

In the Study

ITEM books & other things in the
Testators Study


ITEM y:e lease of a Messuage or tenem:t
belonging to y:e Company of Drapers
called y:e chequer att Dowgate valued at


ITEM the lease of a Messuage or tenem:t
belonging to the Company of ?Goldsmith
in Carter lane in y:e pish of S:t Mary ?Mawdling


ITEM the lease of four tenem:ts belonging
to the Bishop of London in Carter Lane
in the parish of S:t Gregory valued at


ITEM the lease of two Messuages or
Tenem:ts on Ludgatehill in the pish
of S:t Brides


In ready money

ITEM in ready money in the house
att the testator’s decease


Good debts oweing to y:e testator at his decease

Item oweing by M:rs Dallison CLxx:li
Item by M:rs ?Waters xxv:li
Item by M:r Cooke iiij:li x:s
Item by M:rs Glynn vj:li
Item by M:rs Reeves v:li
Item by M:rs Deacon x:li
Item by Aylmer Booth x:li
Item by M:r Bromfeild ij:li v:s
Item by M:r Barron xviij:s
Item by M:r Perkins for rent xj:li xvij:s vj:d
Item by M:r Deane for rent ij:li x:s

SUMA CClij:li ij:s vj:d

The summe totall of this
July forsed XXXX debts
partly good amounts to

ITEM doubtful & desperate debts oweing to the testato:r att his decease

Item oweing by M:r ?BroXXd xxx:li
Item by M:r Marten v:li
Item by John Both iij:li
Item by Hercules ?LangXXsse j:li x:s
Item by William ??Watermanne v:li x:s
Item by Richard ???Weston C:li
Item by ?Hugh XXXX & ??W:m Patricke Lxxyij:li
Item by S:r William Smyth by bond viij:li viij:s vj:d
Item by Theophilus Aylmer iij:li
Item by M:r ChXXXX & M:r XXXX ?x:li
Item by M:r Richard Whitbrod v:li
Item by John ?Cardy xx:li
Item by Robert Ellis xvj:li
Item by W:m Garfoote xx:li
Item by Thomas XXXXX & Thomas BroXX ?x:li
Item by Edward ?Bachelor ?x:li iiij:s
Item by John ?ffeild by note xiiij:li
Item by XXXX Smith x:li
Item by John Aylmer v:li
SUMMA CCCCiiij:li xij:s vj:d

Debts oweing by y:e testator at his decease

Item to M:rs Dallison vxx:li
Item to the Chamber of London Cx:li: vij:s
Item to S:r Henry Oxinden Cxxxiiij:li: j:s xj:d
Item to M:r MXXXXXX CCCCxxij:li
Item to Mrs Hoddesdon Ccxiiij:li xvij:s iii:d
Item to M:rs Jane Deacon Cxxviij:li xi:s
Item to M:r John ReeXXX Estate CCCxxvij:li
Item to M:rs Glynn Ccxiij:li: viij:s
Item to Katherine Woodxxxx Cxlj:li vj:s
Item to the parish of S:t ?Martins Ludgate xxiij:li: ij:s ?iij:d
Item to M:r John Richards Ciiij:li x:s
Item to M.r RXXXXX ij:li xiiij:s
Item to Elizabeth ??Moorgate xj:li iiij:s
Item to M:r Lewis ij:li
Item to M:r ??Streinfeild ix:li ij:s vj:d
Item to George ?Swain ij:li
Item to M:r (Or, M:rs) Snow XX:li
Item to M.r Humphrey SXXwood iiij:li x:s
Item to the psh of S:t Gregorys v:li

SUMMA XXXX of the debts oweing

by the testator MXXXXXXXXX
ffunerall charges & XXXXX

Item bestowed in & about y:e ?testato:r
ffunerall & other necessary charges as
blacke for mourning XXXXXX the XXXX
and proveing the will &c

Charges for Sale of Land

Item y:e charge for y:e Saile of Land ??settling
the estate & pXXXXXX Accompts & XXXX


SUMMA TOTALL of y:e funerall
Charges & other necessary

Cxlviij:li viij:s XX:d



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