MRP: PROB 5/2963 Inventory of Nicholas Hurlestone, 1671, ff. 1-10

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PROB 5/2963 Inventory of Nicholas Hurlestone, 1671, ff. 1-10

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inventory of all and singular
the goods Chattells and Debts
of Nicholas Hurlestone late
of the parish of Rotherhith
in the County of Surry
Marchant deceased
come to the hands or possession
of this Executrix Taken and
appraised the ffourteenth
day of Aprill in the yeare of
our Lord One Thousand six
hundred Seaventy and One
and in the ffower and
twentieth yeare of the raigne
of our Soveraigne Lord
Charles the ssecond by
the grace of God of England
Scottland ffrance and Ireland
Kinge Defender of the faith
er by as whose names are
hereunder written John
Birkley and William Couper
As followeth viz:t

Bottles and Earthen
ware vallued att

ij:ll x:s

ITEM One large Wallnut
tree Table, seaven gilt
leather chaires, One green
cloath Couch One ?court
Cupboard and a side table
Vallued and appriased

vj:ll ij:s vj:d

ITEM One India
Cabinett and frame valued att


ITEM One large looking
glasse vallued att


ITEM One paire
of brasse Andirons and fire
irons fire shovell and
tongs vallued att

ij:ll v:s

ITEM Two Marble
tables and glasses and
M:r Colliers picture
vallued and appriased

vij:ll x:s

ITEM One sattin Quilt,
Three Tapstree Cushions,
one Persia carpett vallued
and appraised att


ITEM Wearing Apparell
Linnen and Woollen
vallued att


In the Best Chamber

ITEM One ffrench
Bedstead matt and Cord,
and Curtainerods one
large downe bed and
Bolster, and a paire
of Pillowes, one paire
of Blanketts, one Callico
Quilt, one paire of
Pintadoe Curtains and
vallens with inward
Curtains with white
Linnen, six Callico
?vases and fower window
Curtains vallued and
appraised att

xiij:ll x:d

ITEM One large Ebony
Cabinett vallued and
Appraised att


In the upper Chamber backwards

ITEM One Bedstead
Matt Cord and Curtain
Rods, tester, and head
Peice, Curtaines and
Vallens of blew, and
Window Curtains of
The same vallued and
Appraised att

ij:ll ij:s vj:d

ITEM One Ovall table
vallued att

j:ll x:s

ITEM One Cypress chest
vallued att

ij:ll x:s

ITEM One Marble
stone Table vallued
and appriased att

j:ll x:s

ITEM One Clocke and
weights vallued att

j:ll x:s

ITEM Two swords vallued
and appraised att


ITEM One East India
?standige vallued att


ITEM One parcell of
Linnen vallued and
appraised att

xxij:ll xvij:s

ITEM One Chest of
drawers, and a long chest,
a paire of striped Curtains
and vallens, ffeather
Bed, Bolster, and Rugg,
vallued and appraised


ITEM One Cornelion
Dagger and knife
Vallued att


ITEM One Chest of
Drawers Wallnutt tree
vallued att


ITEM One small Spanish
Table vallued att


ITEM fower Pistolls &
Holesters and Hanger at


ITEM A parcell of
Bookes vallued and
appraised att


In the Kitchen

ITEM One paire of fire
grates, and irons, fire
shovell, Tongs, andfFender, forke and greate
shovell, Jack and weights,
pulles and a long iron
dripping panne one
paire of brasse Candle-
sticks, one brasse Morter,
one greate India chaire,
five old leather chaires,
Five old Turkey stooles
seaven matted chaires,
one Spanish table, six
brasse Candlesticks, one
skinner and Slice of
brasse att

v:ll x:d

ITEM One downe Bed
and bolster, one paire of
pillowes, one paire of
Blanketts, one Callicoe
quilt vallued and
appraised att


In the Buttery

ITEM One large Cistern,
one iron pott, two
skilletts and other odd
things vallued & appraised att


ITEM Sixteen pictures
with the Kings Armes
vallued and appraised

j:ll x:d

ITEM Eighty five
pounds of Pewter at
nine pence p pound
vallued and appraised

iij:ll iij:s jx:d

ITEM ffower hundred and eighty three Ounces of
Plate at five shillings
p ounce vallued att

Cxx:ll x:s

ITEM The Testators
picture att


ITEM Two Cabinets
vallued att


ITEM In money in his
House at the time of his
Death att

xAjx:ll xvij:d

(not clear what the symbol is that I have non representationally shown as “A”)

ITEM Received for a


ITEM due for Rent
That was due in the
Testators lifetime


CSG: NOTE: The inventory ends abruptly without a total, and the last sheet is only half the normal length, so I suspect some has been lost


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