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PROB 11/305/443 Will of William Vincent, Merchant of Saint Martin Outwich, 23 September 1661

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Abstract & context

Sir William Vincent stated in his will that he was born at "Alhallows in Northampton." It may be coincidence, but his wife's relatives, the Langham family, were of Cottisbroke, Northamptonshire, as well as of London.

He desired to be buried in the parish of St. Martin's, Outwich, which was adjacent to St. Helen's, Bishopsgate, as did the widow, Judith Chambers, his mother-in-law. His widow, Dame Rebecca Vincent, desired to be interred in the same vault as her mother, M:rs Judith Chambers, at St. Martin, Outwich.

In her will, Dame Rebecca Vincent mentioned her cousin Mr. Thomas Langham, apothecary. She mentioned "my old friend M:rs Mary King" (?related to Sir Andrew King), and "my very good friends Sir James Langham and Stephen Langham Esquire"

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IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN the thirteenth day of June in the Year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred ffifty and seaven I William Vincent of London Merchant being at this psent in perfect health & memory (praise be Allmighty God) do by the leave and permission of my mercifull God make and declare this my last Will and Testament in manner and form ffollowing that is to say first and principally I commend my Soule unto ye hands of my xxx most blessed God in Trinity God the ffather God the Sonne and God the Holy Ghost who hath Created Redeemed and Sanctified me and who I trust after this life will Glorifie me with his most precious blood XXXX to XXXX and Laigne with him in glory fondamental And my Body I committ to the Earth to be decently buried if conveniently it may be) in the parish church of S:t Martin Outwich in London as my executors hereafter named shall order and appoynt it and as touching the disposition XXXX XXXX Estate which God of his mercy hath blessed me withall in this life I dispose thereof as ffolloweth: ffirst my will and minde is thatwhat I shall owe Right and xxxx and at the time of my decease is truly satisfied and paid by my Executors as the same shall xxxxx and as short time after as possible as conveniently may be

And my debts being paid and the charges of my ffunerall deducted my xxxx and will is that the rest of my Goods and personall estate as divided accordinge to the custome or customes of the Citty of London and that my Wife and children may have such part thereof as is due to them by the same custom And moreover I give unto my loving wife over and above her third part all her xxxxxx Jewells w:ch I would not have vallowed in my Estate and one hundred pounds in money in token of my love to her and I pray God continue for her health and long life that she may be a Guide and comfort to the children w:ch God hath blessed me withall or shall be pleased to bestowe upon us

ITEM I give unto every one of my children the severall pieces of plate which their Godfather and Godmother gave unto them when they were baptised all w:ch pieces of plate as mencioned in a Schedule heree annexed and what is mentioned in the said XXXX my will and mind is shall not be vallued as part of my Estate but that they remayne for the use of my children as aforesaid and seing it hath pleased God to take out of this life my Sonne William I gyfte that plate his Godfather and Godmother gave to him to my daughter Elizabeth who had no plate given at her baptising Notwithstanding my will and mind is that my Wife shall have the use of the said plate untill my said children shall come to the age of one and twenty yeares or be married she giving Bond to my Executors for which) of the same to my children at their respective ages or dayes of marriage as aforesaid And this Bond I require not as doubting of her faithfully performing of my desires if she live but that my Children may not receive wrong therein in case of her death And it please God that any of my Children dye before they come to the age of 21 years or be married then the plate which belonged to the deceased child or children shall goe to my liveing children to be equally divided andto be vallued at five shillings the ounce the eldest of my children alwayes to be preferred in takeing of it at that price if he or she shall desire it

ITEM I give unto my loving and honored mother in law the XXXX the sume of Twenty pounds to be paid her three months after my death and my will is that my Executors shall receive Eight Hundred pounds in their hands for which to allow my said mother as interest thereof for her maintenance fforty poundsxx And during her life to be paid her by Twenty pounds with half yeares from the time they receive so much of my Estate into their hands w:ch I desire may be as soone as conveniently it may be received and if they think not fitt to keepe the said Eight Hundred pounds at interest xxx xxx I desire it may be put out to others on good security for the end aforesaid and when it shall please God to take my Mother out of this life my mind and will is that the said Eight Hundred pounds shall be equally divided to all my children I say to every of them in like proporcion thereof

ITEM I give to my Nephew John Vincent One Hundred pounds to be paid him at the age of xxi yeares or sooner if it may be for placing him out Aprentice or otherwise for his advancement as my Executors think fitting

ITEM I give unto every one of my Servants that serve me for yearely wages and shall be servants to me at the time of my death to each of them fforty shillings further if any such Servant hath been my Servant seaven yeares that Servant shall have Eight pounds more to make the fforty shillings Tenn pounds And I shall have any Apprentice with me which I have not sent beyond the Seas to reside there for his Advancement my will is that the money I received with him when he was bound to me shall be repaid him unles his stay at home be the desire of his freinds because they would not adventure him abroad or that he hath served two thirds of his time with me at home in such case I leave it to my Executors to doe as may stand w:th their wisdome And if I shall at my death have any Aprentice that is my ffactor beyond the Seas to such Aprentice I give unto him to buy him a Ring to remember me xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Brother in XXXX ffxxxxx who had a good xxxx xxxxx greatly his yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Summe of ffifty pounds

ITEM I give to my Aunt the widow of my worthy W:m Langham my Aunt XXXXof Sunbury and my Aunt XXXX of XXXXX to each of them Tenn pounds I give unto my Kinswoman and Servant An Hxxxx if she be my Servant at the time of my deacease & over and above what I have before given as one of my Servants the Some of Twenty pounds


ITEM I give unto twenty of the poorest housekeepers in the parish of Alhallows in Northampton where I was borne tenn shillings a peece to tenn of the like poore of the parish of S:t Peters tenn of the like poore in the parish of S:t Sepulchre tenn of the poore in the parish of S:t Gyles in the said Town of Northampton six shillings and eight pence a peece the said poor to be nominated by the maior Bayliffs and Churchwardens and the money to be distributed on S:t Thomas day next following my death

ITEM I give to the poore of the parish of St Martins Outwich London where I now live the Somme of Tenn pounds to be distributed about S:t Thomas Day next after my decease at the at the discretion of the maior part of a vestry

ITEM I give unto Christs Hospital towards the mayntenance of the poore children there ffifty pounds and towards the Reliefe of the sicke and diseased people in S:t Bartholomews Hospitall tenn pounds

ITEM I give to the Company of Grocers ffifty pounds to be Lent to one youngman of that Company for two yeares he giveing in good xxxxxxx to the said Company and so from two yeares to two yeares and then to remayne a Stock for the said Company

ITEM I give and bequeath unto my ffather and mother Chambers and to my Uncle John Langham Esq Uncle Edward Langham Uncle Richard Xatterwaite Uncle George Clarke Uncle George Lainton Uncle John Harris to each of them a token of my respects to them fforty shillings a peece

ITEM I give unto my cousin M:r Stephen Langham and to my good ffreind M:r George Smith in consideration of their paines to be xxxx and Executors of this my Will and Recovering in my Estate for the benefit of my Children Two Hundred pounds to be equally divided betweene them and for the remaynder of the one third part of my Estate after the Legacies aforesaid are satisfied I give one third part thereof to my Sonne Charls and the other two third parts to be divided equally to the rest of my children

And as touching the disposicon of my ffreehold Lands Tenements and Leases whichdoe any way belong to me I dispose the same as ffollowes (viz:t) I give and bequeath all my ffreehold Lands and Leases to my Sonne Charles Vincent and to the heires of his Body lawfully to be begotten and for want of such Issue unto my Second Sonne if it please God I have a second Sonne and to the heires of his Body lawfully to be begotten and for want of such Second Sonne and the Issue of his Body unto and amongst all my daughters and the Issues of their Body lawfully to be begotten And I doe Constitute and appoynt my Loveing wife my loveing ffreind M:r George Smith and my loveing Kinsman M:r Stephen Langham of London Merchant Executors of this my last Will and Testament and desire that they will be carefull to get in my Estate and improve what I have given to my children to their best advantage untill they come to the severall ages of xxi yeares or be married when I would have their severall Legacies with all proffitts and XXXX therby paid unto them And the carefull Educacon of my Children I commend to my loveing Wife who I am confident will according to my ?desire to her Instruct them in the knowledge and feare of God and bring them up in such wayes that they may xxxx to Gods glory and be a comfort to ?her to that end and ?beseech Almighty God to fill them with his grace and multipie his belessings upon them ? So I hereby make void all former Wills made by me and declare this to be my last Willa nd Testament which consists of three sides of paper to all which I have subscribed my name and put my Seale to this last dated as in the first side the thirteenth of June One Thousand six hundred ffifty and seaven XXXXX XXXX Subscribed and sealed in the psence of Richard Chambers Law:r James Goulston Thomas?xxxxx


To my daughter Rebeccah 1 Silver Bason and Ewer the gift of John Masters Esq and mxxxx cup and xxxxx the gift of xxxx James Langham & wife xxxx pott 3X the gift of M:r Smith

To my sonne Charles 1 Bason and XXXX of xxx the gift of m.r George Smith 1 tankard xxxx the gift of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


WHEREAS xxxx by the said Will I have given and bequeathed unto my Sonne Charles and his heires all my lands in Glosestershire since the time of making which will I have bought and purchased the Lands in the said county of Gloucester Now I doe by this my Codicill to be annexed to the same Will Ratifie and Confirm the said bequest to my said Sonne Charles And I doe alsoe give and bequeath my said Sonne Charles All other my Lands and hereditaments whatsoever in the said county of Gloucester bought and purchased since the making of my said Will To hold the same to my said Sonne Charles his heires and Assignes forever

ITEM I give and bequeath to each of my Children having the plate given them by their Godfathers and Godmothers And for each of my Childrens plate as are xxx I order it to be vallued with my Estate


I give to Martha Smith wife of S:r George Smith Knight the summe of ffifty pounds of Lawfull money of England And to their daughter Katharine the summe of tenn pounds of like monie XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


Possible primary sources


Will of William Vincent, Merchant of Saint Martin Outwich, City of London 23 September 1661 PROB 11/305 May 104–157
PROB 11/328 Hone 113-166 Will of Judith Chambers, Widow of London 23 October 1668
PROB 11/337 Duke 102-108 Will of Dame Rebecca Vincent, Widow of London 26 September 1671