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PROB 11/308/4747 Will of Robert Ingram, Ironmonger of London 27 June 1662

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Abstract & context

Robert Ingram, ironmonger of London, was a brother of the Spanish and East India Arthur (later Sir Arthur) Ingram. Robert's eldest daughter, Sarah Ingram, married the Canary and Spanish merchant William Warren a realtively short time after the death of Robert Ingram. Sir Arthur Ingram and Robert's nephew, Rowland Ingram, served as godfathers for two of William and Sarah Warren's children at their christenings in the parish of St Olave Hart Street in the 1660s.

Robert's will is lengthy, with much detail of land and buildings. The MarineLives project team has not yet transcribed it.

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PROB 11/308/4747 Will of Robert Ingram, Ironmonger of London 27 June 1662

PROB 11/367/477 Will of Sir Arthur Ingram of City of London 26 September 1681

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