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This page is for the annotation of HCA 13/72 f.449v.

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in her forty pipes of Canarie wynes, and sent in her from London that voyage
bayes, Cottons, plaines and Ossen brigs and other goods to the value of fower
hundred pounds sterling or thereabouts consigned to be delivered to the arlate
Nicholas Alvares his factor there resident which
goods were safely delivered (as hee beleeveth) at the Teneriff Island to the sayd Nicholas
Alvares, this hee deposeth for that hee this deponent coppyed out the Invoice of the sayd
goods which was soe sent with the sayd goods to the sayd Alvares, and was privie to the ladeing
of them, and alsoe hath since seene a letter of advice sent from the sayd Alvares expressing
that hee hatd there receaved them in safety And further to this article hee deposeth not/

To the 3 and 4th articles of the sayd allegation and to the schedule in the fowerth
article mentioned and now showed unto and perused by him this deponent hee saith that
hee this deponent was not in the voyage in question and therefore sawe not the ladeing
of the three and twenty pipes of wyne arlate and in the sayd schedule specified [?in]
aboard the shipp Saint Lawrence arlate nor knoweth what bills of ladeing were signed
for them nor with what marke they were marked at the tyme of the ladeing but well knoweth
that the sayd shipp the Saint Lawrence being in her course from Teneriff and (as hee hath
heard) surprized by a frigott in service of this Commonwealth with divers pipes of wyne[?s]
aboard her and brought into Plymouth and afterwards brought with the sayd wynes aboard
her into the River of Thames this deponent sawe in lighters who were
receiving wines from aboard the sayd shipp divers pipes of wine of the marke in the
margent, and they being brought to the Custome house and put into a Cell[?ar]
in Thames Streete by order of the officers of this Commonwealth for prize goods this deponent
there againe sawe them and tooke notice that they were marked with the same marke, and
were in number twenty one pipes, and verily beleeveth that the sayd twenty one pipes
were part of the three and twenty pipes in the sayd schedule mentioned, laden
as in the sayd schedule mentioned for Accompt of the arlate John Rouse, by the arlate
Richard Alvares And verily beleeveth the contents of the sayd schedul
to be reall and true and all things soe had and done as in the same is conteyned, and that the
sayd twenty oe pipes are the proper goods of the sayd Rouse and part of the sayd twenty three
pipes laden for his Accompt at the Canaries by the sayd Alvares out of the
proceede of the goods sent as aforesayd thither in the Saint Nicholas And for that hee was not
in the voyage in question hee cannot further depose./

To the last hee saith his foregoeing deposition is true./

To the States Interrogatories/ [CENTRE HEADING]

To the first Interrogatorie hee saith hee came to testifie teh truth of his knowledge in this
cause being soe required by the producent Mr Rouse and saith hee shall receive noe benefitt
nor disadvantage by the restitution or not restitution of the wines claymed [?nor ?is]
promised any thing for his testimony./

To the 2 Interrogatorie hee saith hee hath knowne the Interrogated John Rouse for these fower yeares
and saith hee is by common repute and as hee verily beleeveth a huntington sheire man from
where his father (whome this deponent hath severall tymes bin in company with) liveth And
hee hath as is predeposed bin well acquainted with the sayd Rouse his trade to the Canaries for these
three yeares last past./

To the 3 Interrogatorie hee saith hee was not present when the sayd Rouse tooke the tonnage Interrogated
but beleeveth hee tooke the same in London of one Mr John Vaseby of London Merchant for that
the sayd Caseby hath since the shipp Saint Laurence came home to London from the voyage in question
asked this deponent whether his master the sayd Rouse had given order to this deoinent to [?pay]
him for the tonnage the sayd Rouse hryed of him in the sayd shipp the sayd voyage, and [?demanded]
of this deponent fifty pounds whereto this deponent answered hee had not as yet received any
such order, And saith hee rembreth not at present whether hee were present when the goods Interrogated
were shipped, but well knoweth the sayd hoods were the proper goods of the sayd Mr Rouse and [?were ?not
belonging to any Spaniards nor by him coloured for any Spaniards, And further
cannot answere./.

To the 4th hee saith for that hee lived severall yeares in the Canaries hee well knoweth and
was well acquainted with the sayd Alvares, and saith hee knoweth not where hee was [?borne]
nor whether hee bee a Spaniard or a Portugese, and saith that the sayd Alvares of this deponents
knowledge hath bin an Inhabitant of the Island of Teneriff about
eight yeares And further hee cannot answere./

To the 5th hee saith hee knoweth not nor beleeveth that it is usuall or that any [?XXX]
Merchants doe since the warr betwixt Wngland and Spaine Colour the goods of Spaniards [?XX]
to this port of London, And verily beleeveth the wines in question to be the reall goods of the said
Mr Rouse and not of any Spaniard or subiect of the King of Spaine./

To the last hee saith the marke above specified hee knoweth to bee the [?usuall]
marke of the sayd Mr Rouse for his wines sent to him from the Canarie [?Islands]
And further saving his foregoeing deposition hee cannot answere./

[?HenrXXs] Warner [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE]