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Clothworker Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills


PROB 11/299/125 Will of Thomas Abbott, Cloth Worker of London 13 July 1660
PROB 11/316/41 Will of George Appletree, Clothworker of London 13 January 1665
PROB 11/237/666 Will of Thomas Armett, Cloth Worker of London 11 December 1654
PROB 11/282/169 Will of John Ascough or Aiscough, Clothworker of Saint Benet Paul's Wharf, City of London. 21 September 1658
PROB 11/164/672 Will of John Barber, Cloth Worker of London 26 November 1633
PROB 11/327/153 Will of Thomas Bishopp, Cloth Worker of London 26 May 1668
PROB 11/147 Clarke 103-147 Will of Edward Blackerby, Clothworker of Saint Stephen Coleman Street, City of London 22 November 1625
PROB 11/396 Ent 91-138 Will of Thomas Blackerby of Stowmarket, Suffolk 27 August 1689
PROB 11/377/257 Will of Bryan Boden, Cloth Worker of Saint Dionis Backchurch, City of London 15 September 1684
PROB 11/349 Dycer 106-147 Will of Edward Boylston, Clothworker of Saint Gabriel Fenchurch, City of London 20 December 1675
PROB 11/351 Bence 55-108 Sentence of Edward Boylston or Boilston of Saint Gabriel Fenchurch, City of London 01 June 1676
PROB 11/343 Pye 119-167 Will of Richard Boylston, Cloth Worker of London 30 December 1673
PROB 11/106 Hayes 55-90 Will of John Burnell, Clothworker of London of Great Stanmer, Middlesex 16 August 1605
PROB 11/305 May 104-157 Will of Thomas Burnell, Clothworker of London 02 October 1661
PROB 11/334/406 Will of Lawrence Burstall, Cloth Worker of London 28 November 1670
PROB 11/117 Wood 1-58 Will of Abraham Campyon or Campion, Clothworker of London 10 April 1611
PROB 11/363/319 Will of Sir Francis Chaplin, One of the Alderman of the City of London of City of London. 05 July 1680
PROB 11/337 Duke 102-158 Will of Joseph Cheshire, Clothworker of All Hallows Staining, City of London 22 August 1671
PROB 11/318/139 Will of Richard Christmas, Cloth Worker of London 11 October 1665
PROB 11/272 Wootton 1-51 Will of Edmund Clarke, Clothworker of London 28 January 1658
PROB 11/358/279 Will of Richard Clarke, Cloth Worker of London 15 November 1678
PROB 11/395/435 Will of Edward Claxton, Merchant of London 22 June 1689
PROB 11/211 Pembroke 1-54 Will of John Collyer, Merchant and Clothworker of London 08 January 1650
PROB 11/227/623 Will of Francis Cooke, Cloth Worker of London 30 September 1653
PROB 11/139/261 Will of John Cooke, Cloth Worker of London 12 March 1622
PROB 11/318/312 Will of Thomas Cutler, Cloth Worker of London 27 October 1665
PROB 11/363/508 Will of John David, Cloth Worker of Saint Bartholomew the Great, City of London 16 August 1680
PROB 11/274/579 Will of William Davis, Cloth Worker of Saint Michael Bassishaw, City of London 29 April 1658
PROB 11/194/8 Will of Peter Ent, Clothworker of London 03 September 1645
PROB 11/330/198 Will of John Fenton, Clothworker of Southwark, Surrey 21 June 1669
PROB 11/112/171 Will of George Hanger, Clothworker of Saint Dunstan in the East, City of London 22 July 1608
PROB 11/208/297 Will of George Hanger, Merchant of Saint Dunstan in the East, London 31 May 1649
PROB 11/247/705 Will of Richard Hanmer, Cloth Worker of London 13 March 1655
PROB 11/101/104 Will of John Hewet or Hewett, Cloth Worker of London 08 February 1603
PROB 11/439/385 Will of Thomas Hight, Cloth Worker of London 17 August 1697
PROB 11/144/249 Will of John Holmes, Cloth Worker of London 11 October 1624
PROB 11/101/85 Will of John Jacson or Jacksonne, Cloth Worker of London 02 February 1603
PROB 11/430/10 Will of David Jones, Clothworker of London 31 March 1695
PROB 11/433/366 Will of Richard King, Cloth Worker of London 11 August 1696
PROB 11/430 Bond 1-42 Will of Samuel Lamott, Clothworker of London 24 February 1696
PROB 11/349/321 Will of Rees Lewis, Clothworker of London 09 December 1675
PROB 11/318/619 Will of William Motley alias Mutlow of Saint Gregory by Saint Paul, City of London 09 December 1665
PROB 11/356/198 Will of Ephraim Payne, Clothworker of City of London. 16 February 1678
PROB 11/233/143 Will of Francis Peirson, Cloth Worker of Saint Botolph without Aldgate London, Middlesex 12 May 1654
PROB 11/335/241 Will of William Pennoyer of London 13 February 1671
PROB 11/356/565 Will of William Potter, Cloth Worker of London 23 May 1678
PROB 11/304/305 Will of Robert Render of Woodford, Essex 24 May 1661
PROB 11/194/29 Will of William Reynolds, Clothworker of London 10 September 1645
PROB 11/204/437 Will of Thomas Richardson, Clothworker of Saint Mary Woolnoth, City of London 01 June 1648
PROB 11/377/318 Will of Thomas Seavill, Cloth Worker of London 30 September 1684
PROB 11/343/399 Will of Isaac Smith, Cloth Worker of London 01 December 1673
PROB 11/101/78 Will of Thomas Smith or Smyth, Cloth Worker of London 01 February 1603
PROB 11/174/606 Will of William Stacy, Cloth Worker of Saint Antholin, City of London 10 August 1637
PROB 11/346/160 Will of John Tassell, Clothworker of London 10 October 1674 02 June 1656
PROB 11/256/11 Will of Jonathan Thomas, Cloth Worker of Saint James Duke's Place, City of London
PROB 11/304/381 Will of Daniell Waldo, Clothworker of All Hallows Honey Lane, City of London 31 May 1661
PROB 11/274/171 Will of John Wells, Cloth Worker of Saint Sepulchre without Newgate, Middlesex 18 March 1658
PROB 11/394 Ent 1-46 Will of William White, Clothworker of Saint Olave Hart Street, Middlesex 23 March 1689
PROB 11/193/23 Will of Michaell Woodcock, Clothworker of London 09 April 1645
PROB 11/389 Foot 133-172 Will of James Young, Merchant and Clothworker of Saint James Dukes Place, City of London 14 December 1687

Clothworker Prerogative Court of Canterbury Inventories

PROB 4/1196 Barker, Thomas, Citizen and Clothworker, London 1674 5 Feb. (1673)
PROB 4/8745 Bishop, Thomas, Citizen and Clothworker of London 1669 6 May
PROB 4/2906 Boylston, Richard, Citizen and Clothworker of London missing (1674)
PROB 4/26048 [?Browne], Samuel of [illeg] Stock of cloth, wine, etc. 16 [?] 1682 (8 Mar 1683/4)
PROB 4/2232 Lewis, Rees, of St Andrew Undershaft London ob Radnor, Citizen and Clothworker of London 1675 14 Dec.
PROB 4/13057 Mose, Griffin, of Mortlacke, Surrey, clothworker 1666 14 Dec.
PROB 4/5942 Paine, Ephraim, Citizen and Clothworker of London. 21 February 1679 (1678)
PROB 4/25837 Dealer in cloth in partnership with Edward Phillips, Robert & William Pemberton. Owner of shares in several named ships. [missing] (15 Apr 1678)
PROB 4/19622 Sawyer, Thomas, Citizen & Clothworker of London 1673 14 Aug. Undated
PROB 4/1492 Sharrow, Thomas, Citizen and Clothworker of London 1673 28 Oct.
PROB 4/25824 House, counting-house and shop in St Catherine Creechurch, London. Ref to sales of cloth. Possibly John Tassell of that parish, Will 1674 [missing] (2 Jan 1673/4)
PROB 4/466 Thomas, Richard, of Trinity, London, cloth-worker 1665 14 June
PROB 4/6214 Wilson, Richard, of St Giles, Cripplegate, Midd., clothworker 1683 6 Sept.

HCA depositions by clothworkers

Brianns Boden of the parish of Saint Andrew Hubberd London clothworker aged 26 yeares, February 1637[1]
Willimus Blundestone parochia Sancta Katherina Colemanstreete London Clothworker annos agens 19, June 1637[2]
Nathanael Browning of the parish of Saint James Clarkenwell in the County of Middlesex Clothworker, June 1655[3]
Francis Chaplin Citizen and Cloathworker of London aged thirty yeares, April 1658[4]
Richard Clarke of the parish of greate Allhallowes London Cloth worker aged 55 yeares, February 1655[5]
Thomas Clerk de parochia Sancta Catherina Coleman in ffenchurch street London Clothworker aetatis sua 51. annorum, April 1650[6]
Richard Dyricke of Redrith in the County of Surrey citizen and Cloth worker of London, aged 56 yeeres, June 1657[7]
David lloyd Citizen and Cloathworker of London, aged 56 yeeres, March 1659[8]
Stephanus Moore of the parish of Saint Andrew Hubberd London clothworker aged 23 yeares, January 1637[9]
Ephraim Paine of the parish of Saint George Buttolph Lane London Cloth worker, aged 55 yeeres, February 1658[10]
Christopherus Sedgwick de Wapping in Comitatu Middlesex Cloath-worker [?et] Civis London aetatis 55 annorum, 1651[11]
Thomas Sheare of the parish of Saint Margarets Lothbury London citizen and Clothworker of London, aged 50 yeares, February 1655[12]

Clothworkers in Civil War Horse Lists, 1642

[Transcribed by Dr Gavin Robinson from SP 28/131/3; SP 28/131/4; SP 28/131/5]

Alford, John (clothworker, Cheapside, London)
Appletree, George (clothworker, Fleet Bridge, London)
Baisley, Samuell (clothworker, Bow Lane, London)
Ball, William (clothworker, St Mary le Bow, London)
Bishopp, William, Clothworker
Caswell, William (clothworker, Dowgate, London)
Claxton, Edward Clothworker
Coles, Thomas, of ffinchlane Clothworker
Eames, Samuell (clothworker, Lothbury, London)
Ent, Peter (clothworker, Old Jewry, London)
Ent, Ent, Peter, of the old Jury Clothworker
Fenton, John (clothworker, St Pauls, London)
fflesher, William Clothworker
Griffeth, Edward (clothworker)
Hanger, George, att Saint Dunstans hill Clothworker
Isaack, Paule (clothworker)
Jones, David (clothworker, Lime Street, London)
Lewis, Robert (clothworker, West Ham, Essex)
Linley, William (clothworker, Budge Row, London)
Motley, Edward (clothworker, St Pauls, London)
Robert Render Clothworker
Reynolds, William (clothworker, Abchurch Lane, London)
Richardson, Thomas, of Bearebinderlane Clothworker
Sadler, Blount (clothworker, Lombard Street, London)
Sandford, George (clothworker)
Saunders, Giles, Clothworker
Sneth, Thomas, Clothworker
Tompson, Edward (clothworker, Little Wood Street, London)
Townesend, John (clothworker)
Waldo, Daniell (clothworker, Cheapside, London)

Woodcock, Michaell, Clothworker
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