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Communal C17th Textiles, Garments & Dyestuffs glossary

We have formed a sub-group of MarineLives volunteers to work on our communal C17th textiles, garments & dyestuffs glossary - establishing policies, adding terms, researching new entries, and working with our active Twitter and wiki readership to solicit new sources and commentaries.

The glossary was established on December 24th, 2017. It is a primary source based web resource, and is being developed from early and mid-C17th English High Court of Admiralty documents, second half of the C17th Chancery Court documents relating to commercial disputes, second half of the C17th Prerogative Court of Canterbury merchants' inventories, and a London coastal portbook from the 1650s.

The terms are referenced to primary manuscript sources, typically linked to manuscript images and full text transcriptions. As of 15/01/2018, the glossary contains 950+ terms.

Using Twitter to solicit and receive contributions to the glossary

We are using the @Marinelivesorg Twitter account to solicit new commentary and edits on specific terms, which we are incorporating into the glossary. We will acknowledge all contributions, but reserve the right (with the agreement of contributors) to make small editorial changes. Recent tweets related to the glossary can be found at #C17textilesglossary

Sub-group of volunteers

Freyalynn Close-Hainsworth
Nicola Clarke
Dr Susan Mee

Issues for discussion

  • What specialist knowledge and skills do we have amongst members of this sub-group related to textiles, garments and dyestuffs?
  • Are there particular topics individuals wish to focus on?
  • How shall we allocate work on a weekly or bi-weekly basis?
  • Should we form an editorial group?
  • Should we develop more formal editorial standards?
  • Should we include references to use of terms in glossary outside C17th (both earlier and later)?
  • How should we establish new manuscript sources for the period 1627-1677, related to the themes of the glossary, and ideally to MarineLives, which we can image and transcribe as new sources for the glossary?


In alphabetical order:

Dr Kimberly Alexander, Dr Aaron Allen, Dr Carolyn Arena, Cynthia Chin, Nicola Clarke, Freyalynn Close-Hainsworth, Eglantine, Dr Karwan Fatah-Black, Helen Good, Colin Greenstreet, Tracey E Griffiths, Viveka Hansen, Heather Knight, Dr Marcin Krygier, M.L. Logue, the pseudonymous Mapnut, Dr Angela McShane, Angela Middleton, Frances Owen, Tim Parry-Williams, Dr Michael Pearce, Dr Sophie Pitman, Dr Jo Pugh, Dr Deborah Sherlock, Dr Stephen Snelders, Dr Samantha Thompson, Rebecca Unsworth

Recruiting and engaging new and past volunteers