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MarineLives Online Research Seminar: Thursday, April 25th 2022

We are holding an online research seminar at the end of April to introduce and demonstrate the SOLM-2024 Admiralty Court Database

Seminar Agenda 05042024.JPG

Who will benefit from attending this seminar?

This seminar is intended for doctoral students, post-docs and early career scholars interested in exploring the potential of English High Court of Admiralty material

Participants will:

1. Receive a free copy of the 24,000 deponent, 10,000 ship database (SOLM-2024) to support their personal research, in advance of the seminar

2. Guidance at the seminar on how the database is structured, and how it can best be searched and used to address research questions

3. Hands on experience of using the database, with free online access to 30,000 images which support the database

4. Ongoing support for seminar participants after the seminar as they further explore and use the database

Users Guide to SOLM-2024 database

Users Guide to SOLM-2024 database

What we would like in return?

In return the MarineLives project would appreciate:

1. Your commitment to working collaboratively as you explore your own research questions

2. Your willingness to offer suggestions on how to improve the database

  • Thematically
  • Searchability
  • Usability

What you will learn from attending the MarineLives online seminar on April 25th 2024

For the next two weeks we will be adding content to this section to illustrate the potential of the SOLM-2024 database. Today we are starting with Historical Geography.

1. How to explore Early Modern Historical Geography using the SOLM-2024 database


  • 24,000 deponents with current place of abode at level of parish and town
  • 2258 deponents with current place of abode identifed and length of time spent at that place
  • 1675 deponents with place of birth identified


  • 13,989 ship voyages linked to specific deponents with full or partial nodal descriptions
  • 8,589 depositions linked to named ships which are affiliated with specific ports of ownership


  • 3,472 depositions linked to named ships with the voyage nodal patterns fully or partially identified and ship ladings identified for specific ports

- We are growing this section on the geography and character of ship ladings in response to the geographical interests of database users. Participants in our online seminar on April 25th 2024 will have a chance to influence this according to their research interests


  • Depositions related to:

- The Royal Exchange (and Exchanges elsewhere in continental Europe)
- Customs Houses
- Taverns, inns and victualling houses
- Private homes
- Warehouses and cellars
- Wharves and keys
- Shops

Length Of Time Resident 07042024.JPG
Place Of Ship 07042024.JPG
Voyage Nodal Points TWO 07042024.JPG
Ladings By Geography 07042024.JPG
Micor History 07042024.JPG

This is a list of people who are confirmed participants in the seminar

Seminar Participants 05042024.JPG

If for any reason you need to drop out unexpectedly prior to the seminar, please give us at least a couple of days notice so we can fill your space

  • Seminar is limited to 20 participants
  • We will be using ZOOM, with details to be emailed to participants prior to the event
  • Personal copies of the database to be emailed on Friday April 12th 2024
  • Online users guide to the database to be published on the MarineLives wiki by Friday April 12th 2024