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Warwick students considering joining the MarineLives/Warwick transcription skills programme should contact Dr Benjamin Redding (University of Warwick history department) to obtain a User Name and password for the MarineLives wiki. This will give them edit privileges, and will enable them to fully explore the transcription capabilities of the wiki.

University of Warwick transcription programme sidebar resources

Interested students are encouraged to:

(1) Familiarise themselves with the MarineLives wiki

(2) Read Introduction to the High Court of Admiralty

(3) Look at some of the manuscript images in the volume of depositions, or witness statements, we will be working with. This is HCA 13/53 and covers the years 1637 and 1638. We are still in the process of putting up the entire volume, which contains over 500 folios, so over 1000 manuscript sides, which we have imaged. However, with 185 manuscript images already up on the wiki, this is enough to give you a feel for the nature of this volume.

(4) Look at some of the transcriptions and manuscript images in another volume of depositions. We recommend HCA 13/71, which is for the years 1656 and 1657. This volume was transcribed and edited in late 2012 and early 2013 by a group of twenty-nine volunteer associates and team facilitators. Deponents are listed both alphabetically and by geography.

HCA 13/71 Team Credits