New Year's wishes, 2018

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Glen Robson, technical coordinator, IIIF-consortium, on IIIF implications of New Year's wishes, 2018

Glen Robson, IIIF Technical Coordinator, writes in a blog article: "MarineLives New Year Wishes".

This post began as a discussion on twitter on how IIIF (the International Image Interoperability Framework) could help the MarineLives project achieve their goals on collecting and transcribing historical content related to the manuscripts of the High Court of Admiralty 1627-1677...Some of these wishes fall squarely into what IIIF offers and the others may be assisted by some related technologies....[CLICK HERE TO READ FURTHER]

For further material by Glen Robson, see Glen Robson, 'Discovery, Reuse, Research and Crowdsourcing: IIIF experiences from the National Library of Wales', published May 2017

Four technical and process ideas to change the way we work collaboratively with primary manuscript sources

User portable intelligent manuscript images
Manuscript image sharing under non-commercial Creative Commons Licences
Machine driven prosopographys
Intelligent image labelling
Humanist Discussion Group Posting, Jan 4th, 2018