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Today's Feature: Communal C17th Textiles, Garments & Dyestuffs glossary

Tweet us or Email us your contributions. To learn more about the Textiles, Garments & Dyestuffs volunteer sub-group which is coordinating this glossary click here. Do please consider joining


On December 24th, 2017, The MarineLives team launched a communally created glossary of textiles, garments, & dyes, with terms and examples taken from early and mid-C17th English High Court of Admiralty documents, second half of the C17th Chancery Court documents relating to commercial disputes, second half of the C17th Prerogative Court of Canterbury merchants' inventories, and a London coastal portbook from the 1650s.

The terms are referenced to primary manuscript sources, typically linked to manuscript images and full text transcriptions. As of 18/01/2018, the glossary contains ca. 1000 terms, with contributions from thirty individuals.

Contributing to the glossary

We are using the @Marinelivesorg Twitter account to solicit new commentary and edits on specific terms, which we are incorporating into the glossary. We will acknowledge all contributions, but reserve the right (with the agreement of contributors) to make small editorial changes. Recent tweets related to the glossary can be found at #C17textilesglossary


In alphabetical order:

Dr Kimberly Alexander, Dr Aaron Allen, Dr Carolyn Arena, Cynthia Chin, Nicolas Clarke, Freyalynn Close-Hainsworth, Eglantine, Dr Karwan Fatah-Black, Helen Good, Colin Greenstreet, Tracey E Griffiths, Viveka Hansen, Heather Knight, Dr Marcin Krygier, M.L. Logue, the pseudonymous Mapnut, Dr Angela McShane, Angela Middleton, Frances Owen, Tim Parry-Williams, Dr Michael Pearce, Elizabeth Pimblett, Dr Sophie Pitman, Dr Jo Pugh, Dr Deborah Sherlock, Dr Stephen Snelders, Ian Stoll, Peter Taylor, Dr Samantha Thompson, Rebecca Unsworth

Agenda of our Warwick meeting/Skype call, Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

Warwick History/MarineLives transcription programme participants

(1) Quick update from Colin

(a) Jan 2018 volunteer group starting mid-January

- The individuals (and group) will be working both on transcription and on the new community C17th Textiles, Garments & Dyestuffs glossary we have created from scratch since December 24th 2017

Goals & background
January 2018 biographies
Textiles, garments, & dyes glossary

- Would you like some contact with this group? If so, how and when?

(b) Finding aid for deponents in HCA 13/53

List of deponents in HCA 13/53

(2) Your experience of transcribing over the break - a couple of minutes from each of you

- What worked? What didn't?
- What online paleographical help have you used (MarineLives or other)?
- Did you work with your assigned partner? Was that helpful?

(3) Review and improve whatever you have done over the holidays

- Let's all see if we can improve your work. Tricky words? Capitalisation? Latinate expressions?

(4) Let's work together on some new pages

- We propose we work today on a couple from HCA 13/68, where handwriting is very clear

HCA_13/68 f.387r
HCA_13/68 f.387v
HCA_13/68 f.388r

They have already been transcribed, which is fine, since you can look at transcriptions later.

Assignments to take us to our next meeting

For our next session, which will take place Tuesday 23 January, 4-6pm we would like you all to transcribe a document from HCA 13/72 a volume of depositions from 1657-59. At the very least transcribe one page, but preferably two. Please upload your transcripts to the webpage, and use square brackets to highlight any words/phrases that you're having difficulty with.

Save your work relatively frequently!

Finnian Halligan
HCA 13/72 f.570v
HCA 13/72 f.571r

Joshua Callaway
HCA 13/72 f.571v
HCA_13/72 f.572r

Rebecca Want
HCA 13/72 f.572v
HCA 13/72 f.573r

Dominic Webb
HCA 13/72 f.573v
HCA 13/72 f.574r

Celine Romano
HCA 13/72 f.574v
HCA 13/72 f.575r

Ffion Boyd
HCA 13/72 f.575v
HCA 13/72 f.576r

1:1 Skype support available from Colin, whenever you need it

Please, please, please reach out by email to set up 1:1 Skype time with Colin, as and when it is useful, or alternatively reach for Ben.

Better to talk through transcription problems early, it saves a lot of time later