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This set of images are of the Humphrey Slaney vs. Thomas King court case (c. 1627-1630). Some of these documents are lengthy, while others are very short. They are from the Ellesmere Collection (EL 7007 - EL 7040). We have added artificial foliation.

Humphrey Slaney was a prominent member of the London merchant community in the early 17th century, and his commercial networks spanned the Atlantic. He was active in the Newfoundland fisheries, financed voyages to Guinea, and also participated in the tobacco trade with nascent English colonies in the Americas. He often conducted business in partnership with Nicholas Crispe, John Wood, and William Cloberry.

The lengthy court case documented in these manuscripts resulted from a dispute between two former business partners (Slaney and King), who fell out when their merchant vessel, the Anne, took a Portuguese ship as a prize. The goods seized were very valuable, and included 'Shuger, Hides, Tobacco, Cotton Wooll, greene ginger, and ginger to the valew of twentite thousand pounds', as well as silver bullion 'to the valew of two thousand pounds'. King was suing Slaney for refusing to give him the half share of this prize.

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