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This page is for the annotation of HCA 13/72 f.69v.

Annotations can be viewed by everyone on a read-only basis.

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1. plate and other merchandizes and carry the same to Angola and
2. other places of Ginney and dispose thereof, which hee knoweth having
3. himselfe (who is a Spaniard) used that trade, And this hee saith is
4. true publique and notorious.
5. To the fifth ˹..... 6 ..... 7 and 8˺ hee saith hee well knoweth the shipp the lady of Conquest
6. arlate and the arlate John Rodriguez ˹Calderon˺ who was Captaine of her, and
7. saith shee was a Permission shipp having license from the officers
8. of the king of Spaine to trade in manner oforesaid, and in the yeere
9. 1656 hee this examinate being at Camana in the Spanish West Indies
10. sawe ....................................... the producent there, whether hee
11. had brought ˹.....˺ from Angola in the said shipp about fiftie Negroes, and
12. .................. had many of them than there having disposed of the rest,
13. and when they were recovered of sicknes, which they had got in the voyage
14. hee put them (being about 35) into this deponents precontests and brothers
15. shipp that was bound thense for Cartagena, and went along with
16. them himselfe, and at Cartagena disposed and vended them for his
17. owne account, and this hee saith was in the yeere 1656, and that hee
18. sold some of them ...... namely the most part of them there to one
19. Diego de la Torra there dwelling; at 380 peeces of eight a peece,
20. and soe ˹as hee˺ tooketh ˹it˺ hee sold all the rest, all which hee knoweth because
21. hee this deponent went from Camana with him and his said Negroes
22. to Cartagena in the same vessell, whereof his this deponents
23. said brother was master, And otherwise hee cannot depose, saving
24. the said producent had license from Angola for the said voyage, which this deponent sawe
25. To the nineth and tenth árticles hee saith and deposeth that the said
26. Antonio da ffonseca ffranca out of and with the proceede of his
27. Negroes and other Marchandizes and effects of his did at Cartagena
28. aforesaid buy and provide for his owne account fourtie nine
29. Potaccoes of tobaccoe, six hundred sixtie and three hides, and
30. foure chests of Tortois shells, ..... which hee was purposed and
31. (soe declared) to embarque and send for Angola, but the shipp the
32. Lady of Conquest which was at Cartagena, being by the giovernour
33. disposed of into the king of Spaines immediate service, and soe
34. hee disappointed and finding noe other shipp bound thether, .....
35. unwilling to loose the market and retourne of his said marchandizes,
36. finding the shipp the Virgin Mary and All Saints of Cartagena ˹to be˺ bound
37. for the coast of Spaine, did in or about ffebruary last lade and put
38. all his said tobaccoes, hides, and tortois shells aboard her to be carried
39. to Saint Lucar, Cadiz an Saint Sebastians and disposed for his owne
40. account of him the said producent who was and is the true and
41. lawfull owner thereof, and for such commonly accounted, ˹all˺ which hee
42. knoweth because hee sawe the said producent soe buy them namely the
43. tobaccoes of the Alfarez Major of Cartagena, the hides ˹and shells˺ of Joan
44. da Alsa, and sawe him lade them for his owne account, and sawe
45. him pay for them, And saith the said shipp the Virgin Mary was and
46. is a Merchandizing shipp, and his said precontest master of her, And
47. otherwise hee cannot depose, saving as aforesaid.
48. To the xith article hee deposeth that ˹presently˺ after and upon the lading of the said
49. goods, hee sawe his said brother and precontest signe two bills of lading
50. <margin value="Bottom right, under main body of text, as lead to next page">for</margin>

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