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E 190/46/2 f.8r Annotate +'''Eodem xiiijth October 1657.''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Milton''' ''Old Times'' of Milton John Packer Master}<br /> '''5''' James Lambert ind iiij Tunns of Cheese 90}<br /> firkins Butter iiij quarters wheate ij feather beds}<br /> ij Chests Clothes and xvj ''C'' weight Ironmongers}<br /> wares Per Cert viijth of October 1657} '''Falmouth''' ''Welcome'' of London William Hargrave master}<br /> '''6''' Edward Allen ind xxix slobbs of Iron quantuty}<br /> xxxiij '''C''' halfe and v pounds weight Per Cert the}<br /> third of October 1657} '''Kingston super<br /> Hull''' ''Successe'' of Hull Robert Acklam Master}<br /> '''8''' Robert Washing ind j pack of rough flax}<br /> Containing ix ''C'' weight Per Cert 5th October 1657. '''Kingston super<br /> Hull''' ''Successe'' of Hull Robert Acklam Master}<br /> '''9''' Richard Spencer ind viij ''C'' lxxix piggs of great}<br /> Lead containing j ''C'' and ten fodder ij ''C'' lx iiij firkinsof}<br /> Butter xvj baggs of Fl[?ox] and thrumms iiij packetts}<br /> quanrity xx kersies xix firkins and 1/2 of returned soaps}<br /> v Tunns of Cheese j ''C'' and lxxx Calfe skinns and}<br /> ij ''C'' weight of Brazilletto wood Per Cert the}<br /> 5th October 1657} '''October the xvth 1657''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Kingston super<br /> Hull''' ''Goodspeed'' of Hull Thomas Mold Master}<br /> '''1''' Thomas Bludworth and Company ind viij ''C'' xxj}<br /> piggs of great lead quantity one hundred and ij fodder and}<br /> a halfe iij thousand hornes halfe a loade of household}<br /> goods xiij baggs of Flox vj tunns English Tallow}<br /> vij hogsheads of Birdlime ij kilderkins of Rudd Per Cert}<br /> xxiiijth September more 90 firkins butter i fatt and 3 drum cask of returned goods 1 packett quantity 3 1/s [?short] [?clothes]<br /> ij hogsheads of hayre} '''Kingston super<br /> Hull''' ''Ellin'' of Hull George Hall Master}<br /> '''2''' Robert Ash ind xxij Milstones halfe a Load}<br /> Oakenbord and j Tunn and 1/2 of English Iron}<br /> Per Cert the 2ond October 1657}  +
E 190/46/2 f.8v Annotate +'''Eodem xvth October <u>1657.</u>''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Leigh''' ''Thomas'' of Dartford Thomas Greene Master}<br /> '''3''' Thomas Ebb[?lutt] ind quantity vj packets of wool}<br /> viij quarters of wheat viij quarters of Beanes. and ten quarters of}<br /> Oates, Per Cert: the j of October 1657.} '''Lin Regis''' ''Hart'' of Lin Robert Noons Master}<br /> '''4''' James Sotheby ind vij Butts xxviij hogsheads xxhalfe}<br /> hohsheads abd one Barrell. quantity xiij Tun and one barrell of Rape}<br /> Oile of the Manufacture of Lin one hogshead one puncheon}<br /> and vij Barrells of English Tallow ij barrells of English}<br /> potashs. v Tunn of English wood and iij thousand and 1/2 of}<br /> Island Codfish and one Load of household goods. Per Cert}<br /> v September 1657.} '''Lynn Regis''' ''Robert'' of Lynn Robert Barfoot Master}<br /> '''5.''' John Barcroft ind xij Lasts of Coaleseed}<br /> Per Cert xxvijth of August 1657.} '''Margate''' ''Greenfeild'' of Margrett Adrian Moyes Master}<br /> '''6''' Gabriel Brochingham ind xxxx quarters of wheat and}<br /> xxx quarters of mault. Per Cert. xth October 1657} '''Margate''' ''Blessing'' of Margate Valentine Morris Master}<br /> '''7''' Edward Paine ind xxv quarters of wheat and xxx quarters}<br /> of Mault and ten quarters of Beanes Per Cert xijth October. 1657.} '''Sandwich''' ''Mary'' of Sandwich Daniel Crockenden Master}<br /> '''8.''' Timothy Carie ind xx quarters of wheat and ij ''C'' quarters}<br /> of mault Per Cert. viijth October 1657.} <br /> '''Lynn Regis''' ''Katherin'' of Lynn Thomas Seagon Master}<br /> '''1''' Thomas Barcraft ind xiiij Lasts of Couleseed}<br /> iiij hogsheads . xvij 1/2 hogsheads quantity iij Tuns and 1/2 hogsheads Rape}<br /> oile of the Manufacture of Lynn Per Cert vijth October 1657} '''October 16th: 1657''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Feversham''' ''Canterbury Merchant'' of Feversham George Panch Master}<br /> '''2''' Daniel [?X]yd ind xxxxvij Barrells of Gunpowder}<br /> xxxxij dozen of sheepskins iij hogsheads of old [Penters]}<br /> quantity ix ''C''. one Load of householdstuffe ij Load}<br /> of hornes one bagg of English wool quantity x ''C'' weight}<br /> vj quarters of Oates. Per Cert xvij October 1657.} '''Sunderland''' ''George'' of Whitbie Francis Lotherington Master}<br /> '''3''' Idem ind xvij Chaldron of Coules Per}<br /> Cert iijth of September 1657}  +
E 190/46/2 f.9r Annotate +'''Eodem xvjth October. <u>1657.</u>''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Margate''' ''Farwell'' of Margate Ralph Tebb. Master}<br /> '''4''' Thomas Jenkinson ind xij quarters of wheat}<br /> and lxxxx quarters of Mault. Per Cert xviijth October. 1657.} '''Newcastle''' ''John and Mary'' of London John Gray Master}<br /> '''5''' John Shaw ind iij Baggs Containing vij ''C'' weight of}<br /> Annettseeds. Per Cert: 28th. September 1657} '''Milton''' ''Unicorne'' of Milton, Henry Reynolds Master}<br /> '''6''' James Lambert ind iij baggs of wool Containing ij ''C''}<br /> weight a [?parcell] and vj Seames of wheate Per Cert: 13th October <u>1657</u>} '''October the 17th 1657.''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Woodbridge''' ''Hopewell'' of Woodbridge Nicholas Ashly Master}<br /> '''1.''' Thomas Stanly ind xxvj ''C''. xxxxix Cheese iiij ''C''}<br /> xxiij and iij firkins of Butter and a halfe and iij potts of butter}<br /> v ''C'' lx. v [parcells] of sackcloth and [?Pould]: one load of house=}<br /> hold stuffe and one sack of Flax. Per Cert. xijth October <u>1657</u>} '''Maldon''' ''Jane'' of Burnham John Brown Master}<br /> '''2''' Augustine George inds x. quarters of whea lxxx quarters of}<br /> Oates. xxx weigh of Cheese and xxx firkins of Butter}<br /> Per Cert xth day October 1657:} '''Sandwich''' ''Samuel'' of Sandwich Isack Robbins Master}<br /> '''3''' William Jorden ind xxxx quarters of wheat ten quarters}<br /> of Pease and j ''C'' and l quarters of Malt Per Cent xiiijth October <u>1657.</u>} '''Sandwich''' ''Richard'' of Sandwich William Hills Master}<br /> '''4''' Andrew Arkins ind one hundred lx quarters of Mault}<br /> a peece of Linsey woolsey a peece of Serge returned}<br /> Per Cert xth October 1657.} '''Sandwich''' ''Blessing'' of Margate Hugh Hash Master}<br /> '''5''' Edward Brook ind vij Thousand of pan tiles}<br /> with other goods Per Cert xxvjth day of September 1657} '''Plimouth''' ''Isack'' of Plimouth William Thomas Master}<br /> '''6''' Phillip Edwards ind ij Baggs of Cotton wool quantity}<br /> iij ''C'' and l pounds. Per Cert 2th October <u>1657</u>} '''Feversham''' ''Hopewell'' of Feversham Phillip Bucler Master}<br /> '''7''' Henry [BLANK IN MANUSCRIPT] ind xxx quarters of Malt xv quarters of wheat}<br /> iij Trusses of Broadcloth on hogshead of vinegar xvj sacks}<br /> of English flox quantity vij ''C'' weight Per Cert xvth October <u>1657.</u>}  +
E 190/46/2 f.9v Annotate +'''Eodem xvijth October <u>1657</u>''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Newcastle''' ''Greene Olive'' of Ipswich Robert Pearson Master}<br /> '''8.''' Idem ind one hundred twenty eight Chaldron}<br /> of Coales Per Cert xviijth September <u>1657.</u>} '''October 19th <u>1657.</u>''' '''Newcastle''' ''Edward'' of Ipswich William Maynard Master}<br /> '''1''' Idem ind one hundred and foure Chaldron of}<br /> Coales Per Cert ixth of September 1657} '''Newcastle''' ''John and Francis'' of Harwich John Seaman Master}<br /> '''2''' Idem ind lxxxxij Chaldron of Seacoales Per}<br /> Cert xxiiijth September 1657} '''Newcastle''' ''Hopefull Mary'' of Ipswich Edward Tollis Master}<br /> '''3''' Idem ind One hundred and xvj Chaldron of Coales}<br /> Per Cert xvijth day September 1657.} '''Newcastle''' ''Deliverance'' of London George Phillips Master}<br /> '''4''' Idem ind One hundred fourty and iiij Chaldron of<br /> Coales Per Cert the 2ond of September 1657:} '''Newcastle''' ''John and Francis'' of Ipswich John Gill Master}<br /> '''5''' Idem ind one hundred and lx chaldron of Coales<br /> Per Cert. xvijth September 1657.} '''Ipswich''' ''James'' of Ipswich John Beardwell Master}<br /> '''6''' Denis Gawden ind vij ''C'' and l firkins of Butter}<br /> xxj ''C'' cheeses one baskett of Pouters 1/2 a Load of<br /> householdstuffe one barrell of Brawne Per Cert}<br /> xiiij October 1657.} '''Rochester''' ''Blessing'' of Newhide Thomas Ward Master}<br /> '''7''' Thomas Prichard ind forty five baggs and ends of}<br /> Hopps lxxiij Mands fruit and ij Load of wool[?d]}<br /> Per Cert. xvjth day of October 1657} '''Maldon''' ''Samuel'' of Maldon Martin Carer Master}<br /> '''8''' Thomas ffance ind xx quarters of wheat x quarters of}<br /> Pease xxx quarters of Oates xxxv mands of Apples and}<br /> two [?tts] quantity Clxxx yards of Kersie Per Cert}<br /> xijth day of ctober 1657} '''Feversham''' ''Partridge'' of Whitstaple Gregory Kemp Master}<br /> '''9''' Robert Maskall ind xxvij tuns of Copris Per Cert}<br /> xiiijth of October 1657.}  +
EL 7002 f.11r Annotate +And that somuch is sould for unserviceable stuffe may not seem<br /> strange whilst the shipps are surveyed only by a Clerke, a<br /> Master or his deputy and the Boateswaine of the shipp, whereof<br /> the Boateswaine and deputy are contractors for that whereof<br /> they are disposers and the Clerk is neither sworne nor accom<br /> ptable to the king, for as sometimes they sticke not to passe<br /> away for unserviceable, that w[hi]ch is noted to be serviceable<br /> upon their owne Books. Like waste hath been made of sailes and saile canvas for<br /> though upon survey we finde wanting at leaste 182 sailes<br /> of all sorts in these few shipps that are serviceable w[hi]ch can<br /> hardly be supplied (if all be made new ) w[i]th £2000 charge; yet<br /> in the time of their decay there have bene boughte at least<br /> 2000 boultes of canvas w[hi]ch have cost his Majesty neare<br /> £3000,and might have maintained all the sailes in good <br /> state if they had bene well imployed as the sailemaker<br /> doth confesse. We might add the whole sale that was made of cordage<br /> canvas and other remaines of the last Triumph above<br /> Bridge for which one man paid £182.14s.11d. And the havock of deale boardes and of Ironworke and of the <br /> old Timber of all shipps whereof parte hath beene sould<br /> to inferiour officers and others, and moste carryed away by the<br /> workmen themselves. And lastly of old kettles, potts panns<br /> shivers of brasse of good price and such like utensils sold away<br /> likewise to the clerks or others. 8 CAUSE <br /> Manye unnecessarye and unfitt charges are caste upon the<br /> King; as firste the transportacon of old ships w[hi]ch are brought<br /> from Chatham to Woolwich or Debtford onely to be torne<br /> downe there and built new from the keele this hath cost the <br /> kinge in the 4 shipps now in dock not soe little as 1000 markes. Againe the greate Building, enlarging, taking to Kent,<br /> and furnishing of houses to private uses, thenterteyning<br /> of unservicieable men of all trades, boyes and children<br /> and impotent persons, and above all these, sellinge of  +
EL 7002 f.11v Annotate +moste place at such rates that [t]he Buiers professe openly they<br /> will not pay and worke, and that [t]hey cannot live excepte<br /> they may steale. And lastly many new and (as we thinke)<br /> unwarranted allowance upon the seabookes. Namely the<br /> double or rather treble payments of wage to new erected<br /> leiutennants, viceadmiralls, and others, who receiving<br /> first 20 s or 10 s per diem in the exchequer, receive againe the<br /> same wages for themselves upon the shipps Charge, and<br /> receiving 8. or .16. mens wages in the Exchequer for their [retinne] <br /> likewise somany mens wages form the Treasurer of the Navye<br /> and againe allowan[c]e for [the] victualls of somany men from the <br /> [Surveiors] of victualls. Wee understand allso that of late<br /> three principall officers of the Navy have each of them<br /> allowance of the wages and victualls for a deadpaye in <br /> every shipp at Sea, and that in Narrow seas there is an<br /> allowance demanded for a preacher and his man, though<br /> noe such devotion be ever used aboard, and wee finde 7<br /> or 8 Admiralls, viceadmiralls, and Captens w[i]th <br /> Extraordinary allowance in one yeare. /. 9 Cause./. Wee ffind the chiefe and inward causes of all disorder to be the<br /> multitude of officers, and povertie of wages, and that [t]he chiefe<br /> officers Commit all the truste to their inferiors and Clerks, whereof<br /> some homeparte of their maintenance from the Merchants, that <br /> [deliver] in the provisions, w[hi]ch they are trusted to receive, and these<br /> men are allso governed by the Cheife officers verball direccons<br /> w[hi]ch the directors themselves will not give under their hands<br /> when it is required; And w[hi]ch of all is moste inconveniente<br /> they are the warrants and vouchies for the Issueinge of all his<br /> Majesty’s moneyes, and stores, whoe are moste interrested in the the<br /> greatnes of his Expence, And therefore the busines ever was<br /> and still is soe carryed, that neither due survey is taken of<br /> ought that cometh in, nor orderly warrant given for moste<br /> that goeth oute, nor any perticuler accompte made, nor now<br /> possible to be made of any one maine worke or service that is<br /> Done. /.  +
EL 7002 f.12r Annotate +[BLANK MANUSCRIPT]  +
EL 7002 f.12v Annotate +[BLANK MANUSCRIPT PAGE]  +
EL 7002 f.13r Annotate +Propositions for bettering the state and <br /> lessening the charge of the shipps that now [Xemxemie] Havine laid open the present decayes and charges of the<br /> Navie, and the Causes thereof, [XXX] some in the same order to<br /> offer our propositions for the better setting for 70 of the shipps<br /> as they now are and secondly of a [XXXestable] that, as they<br /> may be hereafter ffor the Shipps as now they are we have considered<br /> 1 Their Number<br /> 2 Their State<br /> 3 Their Charge The Number ffor the number we think fitt that these 23. shipps of warre 2.<br /> [Xoyes] one lighter which we estemee servicable should be<br /> Confirmed in Charge<br /> And forther 12 unserviceable. That the ''Elizabeth'', ''Jonas'', ''[?Crimmson]''<br /> (which are in the dock at Woolwich cann or be [Xemoned]) be<br /> sould to his Majesties beste profitt to any that will give moste, and<br /> breake them up at their owne Charge That the ''Guardland'', ''Maricisose???'' (being at Chatham) be haled on<br /> ground there they may beste be imployed to wharfe the new Docke. That the Timber remaining for the ''[XXemontana Quittance]'' be<br /> put to other uses so as the building of those unserviceable shipps<br /> may [sucease] That the distance be brought on ground or abord some other Shipp<br /> for as the [moring] guarding of that Trifle may be noe more [thaXye] That the '' '' in Friland?? be sould or disposed soe as the <br /> [sXXiced] on that coste may notte increase by her [???] That the ''[?Boneaventure], ''Advantage'', ''Charles'', the ketch be put<br /> oute of Charge which are not in beinge That the 4 gallies be laid up in a Creeke, which wee have some found nere<br /> the shipp where without Charge or Danger they may be kepte till<br /> they be used or disposed of The State of the Shipps ffor the state of the ships for Carpentry we propound that there <br /> [] and decayed as they are [?privately] set downe in the<br /> Books of survey may yearly be repaied soe as in five yeares  +
EL 7002 f.1r Annotate +[Although undated, this document is similar to TNA, SP 14.156, f. 18-20, dated 13 December 1623] Accordinge to his Majesties Commission and your<br /> honnors instructions, wee have surveyed and<br /> considered the Navie and here deliver our<br /> accoumpte both what we finde the<br /> Condicon and government thereof to<br /> bee at this present and how we<br /> conceive it may be better<br /> established and grounded<br /> hereafter For the present you may please to understand what is 1. The Number of Shipps<br /> 2. Their State<br /> 3. Their Charge The Number of Shipps as they are named upon the Threasorers booke with their<br /> Tonn and Tonnage---Menn in Harboroughe---Menn at Sea Prince Royall – 1200---30---500<br /> White Beare - 900---30---500<br /> Merehoneur - 800---30---400<br /> Anne Royall – 800---17---400<br /> Dieu Repulse - 700---15---350<br /> Defiance - 700---12---250<br /> Wastpright - 600---12---300  +
EL 7002 f.1v Annotate +[the following ships are] to be made servicable 23 Assurance – 600---12---250<br /> Vantguard – 600---12---250<br /> Red Lyon – 500---12---250<br /> Nonsuch – 500---12---250<br /> Rainbowe – 500---12---250<br /> Dreadnaught – 400---10---200<br /> Speedwell – 400---10---200<br /> Anthelop – 350---10---160<br /> Adventure – 250---9---120<br /> Crane – 200---6---100<br /> Answere – 200---6---100<br /> Phenix – 150---6---100<br /> Lyons Whelpe – 90---4---60<br /> Moone – 100---4---45<br /> Seaven Starrs – 100---4---40<br /> Desire – 50---4---40 [total for all serviceable ships] 10690 Tonns---279 Menn[in harboroughe]---5115 men [at sea] Hoies to be made serviceable George – 100 [tons]---2 [men at sea]<br /> Primrose – 80 [tons]---8[men at sea]<br /> [total – 180 [tons] ---10 [men at sea]  +
EL 7002 f.20r Annotate +[BLANK MANUSCRIPT PAGE]  +
EL 7002 f.20v Annotate +[BLANK MANUSCRIPT PAGE]  +
EL 7002 f.2r Annotate +To be made servicable Eagle Lighter – 200---5<br /> 200 Tonns---4 men Decaied and unserviceable<br /> 11 shipps & Pinnaces<br /> 1 Ketch Elizabeth Jonas – 900 ---30---500<br /> Triumph – 1000---30---500<br /> Guardland – 700---12---30<br /> Marirose – 600---12---250<br /> Bonadventure – 560---3---250<br /> Quittance – 200---6---100<br /> Advantage – 200---5---100<br /> Tramontana – 160---6---70<br /> Primrose pinnace – 30---0---20<br /> Disdaine – 30---3---16<br /> Charles – 100---3---50<br /> Ketch – 10---0---2<br /> [total for decaied and unserviceable ships] – 4490 Tonns---110 men---2158 men Gallies + unserviceable Superplativa – 100---6---335<br /> Advantagia – 100---6---325<br /> Volatillia – 100---6---325<br /> Gallerita – 100---6---325<br /> [total for gallies] – 400 Tonns---24 men---1310 men  +
EL 7002 f.2v Annotate +The State of the Shipps Ffor their state we have surveighed both their carpentry and<br /> furniture Ffor carpentry his Ma[jes]ties M[aste]r Shippwrights and other skilfull<br /> M[aster]s of that facultie, whome wee joyned with them have<br /> the 11 shipps one ketch and 4 gallies laste manned, part<br /> not in being, and the rest of Irreparable and not fitt to<br /> be continued in charge, for the Reasons particulerly set<br /> downe in the Booke of Survey. They have allso discovered many Imperfections and decaies<br /> in the former 23 shipps of warre, 2 hoyes and lighter, which<br /> they have set downe likewise, particulerly in the same<br /> booke and estimated the necessary charges for the<br /> perfecte Reperacons thereof. Which for two of them the Rainbow and<br /> Anthelop being in drie docke at Debtford<br /> doe amount to -- £5379 11s 3d And for the Reste in harborough including<br /> Masts, yards, pumps, parells, shivers<br /> And Boates the some of -- £4541 0s 0d Totall -- £9920 11s 3d Ffor the ffurniture of all these Shipps wee have allso caused<br /> a diligent survey to be taken by the principall Masters of the Navy<br /> assisted with the Cheife Masters of the Trinity house, who have<br /> accordingly collected into Bookes the perticuler wants of<br /> every shipp both for Ringing and sailes. The defects of Ringing (as they shew) doe<br /> require for supplie of all sizes of cordage<br /> the full quantities of – 93 tonns 18c[hundredweight] 2qr[quarter] 12lbs Which in money at the price now paid coms to -- £3287 11s 0d The ---defects of sailes<br /> are allso set downe particulerly for every shipp<br /> in the survey booke thereof whereby appeareth that<br /> many shipps are alltogether unfurnished and<br /> few or none have full suits. Soe as the number<br /> of sailes wanting to set out the serviceable<br /> shipps are – 182 sailes The supplie whereof to be maide new would<br /> require a further charge of -- £2000 Ffor Anchors there is a like survey taken and noe defecte found  +
EL 7002 f.34r Annotate +Moneyes due to be repaid by the Kings Merchants<br /> for somuch Received by them for Cordage delivered<br /> by lighte weights./. ffor a pound under weight in evert ''Cth''' of<br /> 2761 Tonns of Cordage 828-6-6<br /> Total debt to be levied to his Majestes Chest - 2179-6-6 besides the [?XXXX] and unlawfull allowances confured upon<br /> the Bookes of our proportions there be other payments made [?wherein]<br /> [?leane] to [ADD DATA] Out of the Exchequer these./. A Capten generall at the Narrow Seas - 481-3-4 A vice Admirall at Narrow Seas allowed by pattente<br /> 10 ''s'' per diem and by privy seale for 7 servants 10 ''s'' a peece per mensem 324-12-8<br /> An other for service there - 182-10-0<br /> A Surveyor of Tonnage - 18-5-0 Under the Charge of which office resteth the controllment of the<br /> Tonnage of all ships new builte, the yearly charge whereof<br /> to his Majesty is per medin - 1888-1-5./. A store Keeper at Woolwich - 44-8-4<br /> Clearers of the Roades - 30-0-0<br /> A Capten for the pay of 20 souldiers in [?Upn] Castle - 243-6-8<br /> Totall - 1244-6-0 Paid by the Treasurer of<br /> the Navy To a Capten in Upner - 30-0-0<br /> To a keeper of the Outestores at Debtdord - 66-13-4 Some of Vothe - 1340-19-4./.  +
EL 7002 f.34v Annotate +[BLANK MANUSCRIPT PAGE]  +
EL 7002 f.35v Annotate +Report<br /> on the<br /> State of the Royal Navy<br /> with recommendations [REST OF MANUSCRIPT PAGE IS BLANK]  +
EL 7002 f.3r Annotate +This being the number and present condicon<br /> of the shipps the charge thereof followeth which is<br /> yearly paid oute of his Majesties Exchequer partly<br /> Immediately to sundry patentees and partly immediately<br /> to the Threasurer of the Navy and Surveyor of victualls. The Patents are for offices and service, whereof some are of<br /> Antient institucon, and many of late erecion since<br /> his Majesties Raigne. The Antient patentees and their paints[?] are these The Lord High Admirall of England - £133 6s 8d The Leuie Tennant of Thadmiralltie which was<br /> bestowed all Queene Elizabeths time - £322 18s 4d The Threasurer of the Navy for his fee tra-<br /> veiling charges, boatehire and Clarkes - £220 13s 4d Comptroller of the Navy the like - £155 6s 8d Surveyor of the Navy for the like - £145 6s 8d Surveyor of the victualls for the like - £159 10s 0d Clerke of the Navy for the like - £100 3s 4d Keeper of the stores generall for the like - £78 5s 10d Keeper of the stored at Portsmouth - £20 0s 0d Three assistants to the officers - £60 0s 0d A Master for grounding the Greate Shipps - £9 2s 6d Three Master Shipwrights - £66 18s 4d [in the margin – ‘at first but two’] A Pilate or Master for the black deepes - £20 0s 0d Totall - £1491 11s 8d The new erections since his Majesties Raigne A Captaine generall at the Narrow Seaes for his<br /> ffee at xxs per diem one Clerke at viijd and xvj<br /> servants at xs per mensem - £481 12s 8d<br /> [in the right-hand margin ‘Besides £663 18d 8d paid to<br /> him by the Threasurer and<br /> victualler of the Navy’] A vice admirall of the Narrow Seas for his owne<br /> ffee at xs per diem and viij servants at xs per<br /> mensem the later by privy seale onely - £234 12s 8d<br /> [in the right-hand margin ‘Besides £182 10s 0d paid by<br /> the Threasurer of the Navy’] An other for service at the Narrow Seas at<br /> the like rate of xs per diem - £182 10s 0d<br /> [in the right-hand margin ‘Besides xs per diem when<br /> he serveth at Sea’]  +
EL 7002 f.4r Annotate +[?which] yeares the median of the Treasurer's<br /> ordinary payments for wages and provisions is - 15698 - 8 - 1/4 ffor the same ffoure yeares the ordinary paiments<br /> made to the surveyor of victualls for <br /> victualling the Companies in harborough are these/ ANNO <br /> 1614 - 3752 - 3 - 9 and a half<br /> 1615 - 3770 - 8 - 2 and a half <br /> 1616 - 4401 - 7 - 7 and a half<br /> 1617 - 3660 - 18 - 2 and a half Totall - 15584 - 17 - 10 Whereof the median of ordinary payments<br /> for victualls is 3896 - 4 - 5 Soe at the yearly ordinary charge<br /> for wage and victualls for the <br /> ships in harborough is a median - 19595 - 12 - 5 Extraordinary payments are made for<br /> Seaservice, greate provisions or the repairing in drie<br /> Docke and mere building of Ships/ ffor Seaservice we make our Charge in like manner by <br /> the median of the same foure yeares according to the<br /> like Certificate signed by the Lord admirall and officers<br /> of the Navie, and by the payments made out of Thexchequer<br /> because we are [?DepiXXX] of the perticular accompts<br /> and we take our median not higher soe that in the <br /> yeare 1613. the ''Lady Elizabeth'' Transported to <br /> Flushing, and thereby the Charge may seeme to be <br /> increased, but for these 4 yeares it was borne upon<br /> the warrant Dormant, for the narrow Seas, and in<br /> the Treasurer's office was this/ ANNO<br /> 1614 - 11205 - 12 - 4<br /> 1615 - 11011 - 12 - 10<br /> 1616 - 8199 - 12 - 8 <br /> 1617 - 9944 - 15 - 4 Totall - 40361 - 13 - 2  +
EL 7002 f.6v Annotate +3 Cause/ The waighte in his Majesty's storehouse at Debtford have<br /> continued many yeares to lighte aboute a pounde in a <br /> hundreth as the clerkes do counfelle, the losse whereof<br /> in 2761 tonne - 4 pounds - 6 hundreths of cordage [?Received] from the contractors<br /> is £828 - 6 shillings - 6 pence and what more hath been loste in the<br /> muscovia cordage and all other prepositions taken in <br /> by these waights we are not able to estimate/. 4 Cause/ As the waighte have lesse, soe the Books have continued<br /> more waighte then they oughte, for there wee found a<br /> cable of 16 inches 4/4 entred 2 hundreth waighte heavier then it<br /> bare upon the scale, and when it was excused by two<br /> yeares drying, wee compared for further triall 46 of <br /> these with 46 of like length and size of the best Muscovia<br /> provision as both waighed at their size takeing in, and<br /> these waighed more by 7 tonne - 2 pounds - 2 hundreths - 26 which in money <br /> riseth to 249 - 15 - 6; Againe comparinge a cable of 15<br /> inches of this store with an other from Muscovia of a later<br /> making the English that was found heavier 4 hundred 1/2 weight and comparing<br /> this making with itself a cable of VI inches .96 fathom<br /> weighed but 50 hundred weight - 3 quarters - 21 pounds. and another of VI inches, and <br /> but 93 ffathom weighed 56 hundred weight - 0 quarters - 11 pounds which is a difference and<br /> above seaven pounds in the price But Beside this probabillitie of abuse in the cordage <br /> we finde by cCnfession that 1000 waighte of iron<br /> was added to one Bill or other worke then the Kinge's<br /> wee heare of much more in this Kinde ./. 5 Cause./ Manye necessary works have beene neglected which <br /> might have the Shipps from decaye and <br /> workmen suffered to Clamour and dishonour the<br /> state whilste his Majesties Treasure hath bene<br /> expended upon superfluous emptions namely upon a<br /> masse of Bad Cordage for which in the yeare 1609 the  +
EL 7007 f.1v Annotate +Capteyne Thomas King plaintiff<br /> contra Humfry Slane defendante/ Instructions for the plaintiffs Councell./ In the yeare 1625, the plaintiff bought this shipp called the ''Anne'' at Flushinge, beeing there Master<br /> of the Admirall of the narrow seas, and at his returne meeting with Mr Slany the defendante, who<br /> had understood the Plaintiff had brought the said shipp, the said defendant was desirous to buy a halfe<br /> part thereof of the plaintiff, promising that shee should not want ymployment, ffor that hee being<br /> a merchant, would fraight her himselfe, because hee had information, that shee sayled well. The Plaintiff set the said shipp unto the defendante for 13 ''li'' per monethe, The mony which the plaintiff receaved<br /> for the said defendante for the said halfe part, was not sufficient to furnish the said shipp to sea<br /> in fitting manner, And as for ordnance, at that time there were none to bee bought for<br /> mony, by reason of the warres then newly begunne, the Newcastle men having bought<br /> all the small ordnance, But the defendant Slany being desirous to have some ordnance in her<br /> did borrow two small peeces out of the ''John and Humfry'', and two out of another<br /> shipp./ The first voiage, shee proceeded to these Islands according to the Charter party, and came<br /> home laden with Merchants goods of Colchester, that hired her of the defendante The said shipp being returned, the plaintiff (living at Sandwich, Being Master of the Admirall, of the <br /> narrow seas could not come to London, sodainly, but the defendante wrott unto him, that the said<br /> shipp the ''Anne'' was come home, and that hee was proffered a fraight to the same place<br /> againe, unto which the plaintiff returned answere, That hee the defendante, having all the<br /> fraight in his hands, would cause her to bee made ready, for that hee the plaintiff did not<br /> dislike of the voiage, and that the Plaintiff would bee with him the defendant before shee could<br /> bee made ready. which he was acccordingly, But the setting forth of the second voiadge<br /> and part of the first, cost the plaintiff threescore and tenne pounds besides the halfe of the<br /> Shippe, So as the said defendante hath had the said Shipp for nothing, and also the<br /> adventure of the two voiages, the plaintiff having hither received no part thereof, but<br /> hopeth to receive according to his adventure. This suite hath continued 5 yeares, and cost the plaintiff a great deale of mony./ At the plaintiffs coming to London, hee and the defendant agreed to lett the said shipp goe on<br /> this voiage, but the fedendante would have her goe upon the former Chrter Partie, unto which<br /> the plainfiffe would not consent, whereupon another was drawne, But the Shipp was gone<br /> as low as Blackwell, before the plaintiff telling the defendante hee would stay the shipp if hee did<br /> not seale., After which the plaintiff went home about his business, and had no conference<br /> with the Master nor Scrivener, nor had spoken with the Master a moneth before., which<br /> plainly showes, The plaintiff had no private Contract, other then appeares by the<br /> Charter partie. And to that which the sefendante saith, that the said shipp should goe for a man of warre<br /> and that hee would take out a letter of Marte, this plaintiff doth deny, ffor that hee the<br /> plaintiff should have bene as ready as the defendante to have borne his part of the letter of<br /> Mart, which could not have bene much, And in these last warres, the plaintiff ventured<br /> much, and went himselfe Capteyne in his owne shipp, which showes hee would not<br /> have bene backward in the other motion pretended by the defendante./ And the plaintiff verily beleeveth, the said shipp the ''Anne'' had no letter of Marke in her<br /> But since this prize was taken it is given out that the ''playne John'' had one, and<br /> hee had put the said ''Anne'' (unknowne to the plaintiff) into the said Letter of Marte, to<br /> bee her Pynnace, and the defendante was at no charge thereof; which cannot bee a cause<br /> to deprive the plaintiff of the benefitt of that which the shipp was adventured for<br /> ffor that the defendant Slany might take out a letter of mart privily, and keepe it<br /> in his Chest at home, and his parter the plaintiff not know of it, and give order to the<br /> Master in private to doe what hee the defendant pleased, ffor the Master was of his the<br /> defendants owne shipping, and allwaies went in his goods, So that his partner the plaintiff<br /> might have no knowledge of it./  +
EL 7010 f.7r Annotate +Lett Master Walter Cook Deputy Master of the Trinity<br /> house and Captain [Best], knowe that the Earle<br /> of Bridgewater uppon Reference from his Majesty<br /> desires their company at his house in Barbycan,<br /> betweene 2 & 3 of the Clocke in the afternoone<br /> uppon Satterday next 2° Febr[uary].<br /> 29° January 1627  +
EL 7012 f.9r Annotate +warne Master Humfrey Slaney merchant to attend att<br /> Bridgewaster house in Barbycan uppon Satturdaye<br /> 2 ffebr. Betweene 2 and 3 of the Clocke in the <br /> afternoon; by vertue of reference from his Majesty<br /> to the Earle of Bridgewater and others, uppon the<br /> Returon of Thomas King Marryner, Concerninge<br /> the freight of a Shippe. 29 January 1627  +


HCA 13/124 f.100v Annotate +saveing his former Answers hee doeth<br /> not beleeve the said position to bee<br /> true in any parte thereof. To the 14th pretended position hee<br /> answereth that for his parte hee doeth<br /> note beleeve the said position to bee<br /> true in any parte thereof./ To the 15th pretended position hee an<br /> swereth that for his parte hee doeth<br /> not beleeve the said position to bee<br /> true in any parte thereof./ Gos: Goddard [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE] ******************************** The 10th of June 1651 [CENTRE HEADING] Repeated before}<br /> doctor Exton} The personall Answers of '''Robert'''<br /> '''Lewellin''' made to the positions of an<br /> Allegation given in this cause on the<br /> behalfe of douglas [?Runston] doe followe To the first pretended position hee answereth and<br /> beleeveth that it is not the custome either<br /> for freighters or owners of any shipps or<br /> vessells which saile to any of the places<br /> arlate to pay ant thinge unto the Chirur<br /> geon of a shipp more then his ordinary<br /> wages for which hee is hired for, for<br /> or in leiw of any passingers they carry<br /> in any such voyadge for theire owne Account<br /> if they carry not above forty passingers and<br /> in case they doe carry more they doe not<br /> pay above the summe of 1 ''s''. per head and hee<br /> referreth himselfe to his former Answer<br /> made to a former Allegation given in this cause<br /> which hee beleeveth to bee true And  +
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