Warwick Week Three

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Agenda of our Warwick meeting/Skype call, Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

(1) Quick update from Colin

(a) Progress on Textiles, Garments, & Dyestuffs glossary & editorial/sourcing issues

(b) Progress with archival & technology partnering discussions

For more information, see Colin Greenstreet's Linkedn posting, 23/01/2018

(2) Discussion of recent transcription experience

(a) Feedback to participants on transcriptions [Ben]

(b) Feedback from each participant

Some samples of work

(3) Let's look at a range of handwriting and document types


London coastal port book, 1657: E 190/46/2

Specific page: E 190/46/2 f.1r [Compare image with existing transcription]

Bill of lading

A bill of lading from the German ship the Saint George, one of the three big silver carrying ships seized by the English in late 1652, en route from Cadiz to Antwerp (or maybe to Amsterdam)

Volume of bills of lading: HCA 30/225 Saint George

Personal answers

Volume of personal answers, 1650-1652: HCA 13/124

Specific page: HCA 13/124 f.3r [Compare image with existing transcription]


Volume of depositions, 1653-1654 HCA 13/68

Specific page: HCA 13/68 f.1r [Compare image with existing transcription]

Palaeographical help


Alphabets, Numbers and Dates
University of Cambridge - various alphabets

Simple exercises

Try transcribing this range of simple, medium and hard words


Additional MarineLives palaeographical resources

Avoiding simple transcription errors - a list of words we all make mistakes on when transcribing
Tricky letter combinations

External palaeographical resources

National Archives online tutorial for handwriting, 1500-1800
University of Cambridge English Handwriting, 1500-1700, online course