KaggleTestSnippets: HCA 13/68 f.25r

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Signoff image

KaggleTestSnippets: HCA 13/68 f.25r

Palaeographical comments

Does the forward sloping 30 degree angle of the initial "P" suggest the deponent copied the "P" of "Painter", which was probably previously written by the notary who drew up the deposition from oral testimony?

Is the bottom right hand "foot" of the initial "P" an attempt by the deponent to copy the downward curve of the "P" of Painter written by the notary, which cuts through the vertical line of the "P"?

Dr Samuli Kaslaniemi "I would put my money on signatories drawing their markes first, and the scribe/notary only then writing in their names. Cf this image, where surely the markes would be more evenly spaced on the page...I mean the markes would be better spaced on the page if their locations were assigned by the scribe/notary before they were drawn. But I'm sure there are exceptions – they can always be found! – and this might even be linked to text type."

Hailwood: I think this is an attempt at a 'P'. It is quite common in the sources I have looked at for the initial of the surname to be used as a mark. I think Sam could be right, which would cast the copying thesis into doubt, but I would still read this as a P.

KaggleTestSnippets: HCA 13/68 f.25r
First name John
Middle name(s)
Last name Painter
Occupation Mariner
Secondary shorebased occupation
Mariner occupation One of the Company
Citizen Unknown
Res street
Res parish
Res town Wincanton
Res county Somerset
Res province
Res country England
Age at deposition 18
Birth year 1635
Deposition date Oct 26 1653
Deposition start page HCA 13/68 f.24v Annotate
Deposition signoff page HCA 13/68 f.25r Annotate
Type of signoff Initial
Type of marke
Number of initials 1
Signoff rotation
Grade of signoff Greenstreet Simple
Grade of signoff Hailwood Simple
Grade of signoff Ponte
Grade of signoff Van Lottum
Numerical grade of signoff Greenstreet
Numerical grade of signoff Hailwood
Numerical grade of signoff Ponte
Numerical grade of signoff Van Lottum