Francis Lodowick junior

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Francis Lodowick junior biographical information
Title Firstname Lastname Suffix
Francis Lodowick Junior
Francoÿs Lodowÿch Junior signature, HCA 13/71 f.10r

Person Occupation Birth year Birth place Resident town
Francis Lodowick junior Merchant 1631 Middleburg, United Provinces London

Evidence from HCA
Volume Date Deponent Deposition start
HCA 13/71 Feb 22 1656 Francis Lodowick Junior HCA 13/71 f.10r Annotate

Other information

Francis Lodowick Junior is possibly related to the London merchant of Flemish origin Francis Lodwick (alt. Lodowick) (b.1619; d.1694).[1]

A "Mr. Lodwick" is listed at "Fan-Church-street" in the London Directory of 1677.[2]

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