HCA 13/128 Schedule Mariners Wages Extract

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HCA 13/128 Schedule Mariners Wages Extract

Editorial history

15/08/12: CSG, created page

Purpose of this page

This page provides a model transcription for an excerpt from a schedule of mariners' wages, together with transcription tips

Digital image extract & Model transcription

Schedule mentioned in the answers, HCA 13/128 no fol. no., verso

EXTRACT HAC128 Nofolno Verso GreenlandMoney P1110030 150812.JPG

Model transcription

Line 1 The schedule mennoned in the Answeres

Line 2 Henry ffreeman for twelve pounds whereof)
Line 3 rcvd three pounds in money before he went)
Line 4 out & fower shill & ten pence more upon Cloathes)
Line 5 soe in case he had pformed the voiage to Greenland)
Line 6 as he might to have done there remaines)

8 • 15 - 2

Line 7 John Burgen for fifteene pounds whereof rcvd)
Line 8 three pounds before he went out & two shill and)
Line 9 two pence upon cloathes so in case he had pformed)
Line 10 his voiage to Greeneland as he ought to have done)
Line 11 there remaines)

11 • 19 • 10

Comments on model transcription

  • "The schedule" has been transcribed as two words, despite the clerk running the two together (line 1)

- NOTE: This transcription decision is debatable

  • Double "f" of "ffreeman" is reproduced by transcriber (line 2)

  • "s" of "pounds" is indistinct, but definitely there (line 2)

  • "rcvd" is a common contraction for "received" (line 3), the word is repeated at the end of line 6

  • Use of ampersand twice in line four has been reproduced by transcriber (line 4)

  • First word in line five is "soe"; observe slight difference in letter formation of the second and third letters in this word; contrast the spelling and letter forms with "so" in line 9 (lines 5 & 9)

  • Hard to read words include "voiage" (line 10), though there is an easier to read version of the same word at the end of line 5; and "pence" (lines 3 & 9). In the case of "pence" it could be read carelessly as "pemme", but the context is that of pounds, shillings and pence. Note that "shill" (line 4) is a contraction for "shillings". "remaines" is also a tricky one to read, with the unusual r, and the dot over the "i" being displaced so that "ie" could be read carelessly as "m" (line 11); the reading of "r" in "remaines" is confirmed by the similar letter form in the proceeding word "there" (line 11)

  • Note contraction "pformed" for "performed" has been reproduced by transcriber as a contraction (lines 5 & 9)

  • Note variability in spelling within a few lines ("soe/so") (lines 5 & 9) and "Greenland/Greeneland" (lines 5 & 10)

  • Inconsistent capitalisation of clerk reproduced by transcriber ("Cloathes" (line 4); "cloathes" (line 9)