HCA 13/128 Second Schedule Wine Costs Extract

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HCA 13/128 Second Schedule Wine Costs Extract

Editorial history

15/08/12: CSG, created page

Purpose of this page

This page provides a model transcription for an excerpt from a schedule of wine costs, together with transcription tips

Digital image extract & Model transcription

Extract from second schedule, August 24th, 1655, HCA 13/128 no fol. no., recto

EXTRACT HCA 13128 Nofolno Recto Wines Weights Measures P1110063 150812.JPG

Model transcription

Line 1 7 ½ Tonns of Rochell wines att)
Line 2 60:li the Tonn french mony ?and)
Line 3 in English mony 4:li. 3:s. 4:d p tonn

Line 4 7 Tonns ?1 hogg:d of Clarrett att 84:li
Line 5 5.?s the Tonn and in ster. 5:li. 17:s. 2:d. p tonn

Line 6 3 Tonnn att 75:li p tonn french mony)
Line 7 and in English money 5:li 7:s 6:d pton)

Line 8 4 Tonn a halfe of Coniack wines)
Line 9 att 105:li p tonn and in English)
Line 10 mony 7:li 5:s 10:d p tonn)

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