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This page is for the annotation of HCA 13/63 f.54r.

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HCA 13/63 f.54r: Right click on image for full size image in separate window


Merchants as have or doe hade intu the said Islands
from this Citty of London and other ports in England
have and doe usually from time to tyme carry certificates
with them from the [?] pouse[?] London
of the nature and quality of said goods as they soe transport
[?] And faith saith that in all the tyme of this deponents
knowledge of the said Island hee never know[?] of heard
that any English Merchents were or have bin troubled
or molested for any comodatyes or goods soe carryed thither[?]
as aforesaid nor for any West India goods exported there as
[?} and by the aid Don Pedro Carillo [?] Gusman[?]
[?} deponent that he this deponent for his owne
[?} knoweth that for the tyme aforesaid hee never
sent any goods from heare to the said Islands without a certificate
with them nor doeth he know or hath heard that ever any[?]
other Merchent did otherwise then as aforesaid send certificates
with [?} and goods. Which hath bin soe from tyme to tyme
[?] for the hearing of such fraud or suspition of [?]
otherwise happen by the [?] and likewise of Commodities
[?] the[?] said Certificates and goods this deponent saith being [?]
the [?] house there were allwais allowed
of and and the [?] were[?] for the same have bin accordingly
paid and [?} by the officers here without any further
question about the same. And hee further saith that the officers
off and for the Contraband here have and doe usually visitte[?]
the said goods and [?] them with theire said certificates
which being found to [?] and are and have bin allwais allowed
and approved on as goods such[?] to be bought and sould there. And
further hee cannot depose saveing that hee saith that in
case and [?] doe arise about the said goods the Judge
of the Contraband there doeth officially appoint saime[?] inferior
officer and minister[?] of his to [?} the same and to make a
[?] of the native and quality thereof upon oath
To the 4th further he diposeth that such [?]
are usually sent from heare to the Canaries are the same which
the East India Company bring there thither[?] and are theese doeth[?]
and accompted lawfull and not contraband goods to bee
transported to the Canaries And saith that hee doeth verify
beleve [?] [?] [?] are not brought or doe [?] [?]
any plaice under the [?] Dominion of the portugall
[?] otherwise he cannot dipose
To the the 5th interate[?] hee saith and deposith that for all
the tyme by him predeposed hee never know or heard to the