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28. of July 1651.

Peterson against kilvert}

On the libell given in on the behalf of the
said Peterson Examined./

John Lemkuell of the parish of Great All (sic) Allhallowes London
Merchant, aged 33 or thereabouts sworne and examined./

To the 8th article of the said Libell hee saith and deposeth That hee this
deponent doth very well knowe (hee haveing beene a Merchant resident
in London for these Eleaven yeares or thereabouts) that Two Canary
pipes of wine doe make a Tonn and foure Canary pipes doe make a Last
and so after that rate and Computation Merchants and others who trade in
shipping wines doe generally proportion, This hee deposeth for that hee
himselfe hath usually accompted for and allowed the like proportion, And
further hee cannot depose./

To the 9th article hee saith and deposeth that in the Month of January last past
hee this deponent went with the producent and Jacob Vanderlack[?e] unto the
house of the said Roger kilvert, and there heard him the said kilvert acknowledge
and confesse that hee and Company had received 282 pipes of Canary
wines and seaven packs of Cucheneele which the producent had brought
h[?ome] in the shipp the Sperenza or Hope of Hamborough arlate, And saith
that the producent at the same time charged the said kilvert to have [?received]
283 pipes of Canary wines which was one pipe more than was expressed in the
Bills of Ladeing. But the said kilvert said hee had received noe more than 282
pipes of wine as before is deposed, Which hee knoweth being by and present
as afore said And further hee saith hee cannot depose saveing hee saith
that the said kilvert further said and confessed that it might be[?e] that the said
odd pipe might bee in Mr Antonio ffardinandos seller, and hee would look
for it, and if it were there found, hee the said producent should have freight
for the same or words to that effect.

To the 11th article hee saith and deposeth that hee this deponent went
with the producent Christopher Peterson upon the 13th day of January
1650, and did demand of the said kilvert the one moytie of his said freight
and other dutyes, due by the Charterpartie to bee paid within three or foure
dayes after his arrivall unto whome the said kilvert said that it was
readie, but did desire to knowe whome the said producent would reasonably
d[?esire], unto whome hee said that he ought to have and would have his full
freight according to the Charter party, Whereupo the said kilivert replyed
and said, that all Masters of shipps that did come home dead freight
and not full did abate and so he should. but did not att that time
pay any money due to the said producent And further hee cannot depose
saveing for the non payment thereof the said producenyt was preiudiced
and damnified, and did borrow money of this deponent to supply his occasion[?s]/

To the 12th article he saith that the said producent by reason of the non payment
of his freight so due, and demanded of the said kilvert as aforesaid had or [XXX]
much damaged, and doth suffer much thereby, And to this deponents knowledge
hath borrowed money of this deponent to pay his Company there wages
and for other necessary charges , And further (referring himself to
his former depositions, (which he saith are true) hee saith hee cannot

To the rest of the articles of the said Libell hee is not Examined by the
direction of the said producent/

John Lemkuell. [SUGNATURE, RH SIDE]




John Lemkuell

  • "And the said Jacob Jacobson, together with John Lemkuell and George Matson, merchants of Almaine, who had full power for that..."[1]

  • "And the said Jacob Jacobson, John Lemkuell and George Matson, by indenture dated 29 July 1674, demised the said ground to Theodore Jacobson for the further term of thirty-one years, commencing with the expiration of the said term of forty years, at the rrent of £110 per annum."[2]

  • "...for the benefit to the Hanse Towns that Theodore Jacobson offered to build on the Stileyeard at his own charges. And they further say that the decree mentioned in the bill was obtained, and the lease for a further term of years granted by Jacob Jacobson, John Lemkuell and George Matson was made without any authority from the said Hanse Townes:..."[3]

  • "[In the Court of Judicature, known as the Fire Court, following the Fire of London of 1666] Gerichtliche Feststellung eines Termins von vierzig Jahren fuer den Hauer-Contract ueber den Stahlhof. 1673, (October 31.)...Theodore Jacobsen of London Merchant, Peticioner against Jacob Jacobsen, President of the Merchants of Almayne, and the said Merchants of Almayne being under and of the Confederacion, Leige and Company of the Dutch Hanze, otherwise called Merchants of Almayne...[Describes a back Message or Tenement with a Wharf and severall other Warehouses and buildings thereunto/].."On the South fronting the River of Thames from East to West One hundred fifty and seaven feet and One inch and thereabouts; on the Westside thereof from the said front to the Backside of the building in Thames-Street from South to North, two hundred wighty three feet and foure inches or thereabouts, besides the said wharfe, on which Westdise is one breake in the North Corner Thirty and seven feet from the backside of the North building two feet levell; on the North End from the Eastside to the West middle Walls One hundred forty two feet and five inches or thereabouts; and on the Eastside thereof from North to South, besides the said Wharfe, two hundred Eighty Six feet and three inches or thereabouts (on which said Eastside are foure severall small Breakes) situate lying and being in the Stilehoff, alias Stileyard, in Thames Street in the Parish of All Hallowes the Great, in Dowgate Ward in London, as Tenant unto the abovenamed Merchants of Almayne, being under and of the said Confederacion, Leige and Company of the said Dutch Hanze, otherwise called Merchants of Almayne, having an house in the City of London, commonly called Guildhall Teutonicorum, in whome the said Stileyard with the said Messuage, Warehouses and buildings (amongst other things) were vested ..."[4]

  • C 6/201/25 Short title: Cock v Vanderhoeve. Plaintiffs: George Cock . Defendants: John Baptista Vanderhoeve and George Matson. Subject: money matters, Middlesex. Document type: bill, answer. 1670

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Collection: Urkundliche Geschichte des Hansischen Stahlhofes zu London (Google data)" [2]

"Whoe haveing been thereupon warned, the said Jacob Jacobsen, the said President, and John Lemkuell and George Matson, members of the said Company, appeared here in Court this Day on behelafe of themselves and all the rest of the said Company, Mr. Bowes being of their Counsell..." [3]

Archaeologia (Second Series) / Volume 61 / Issue 02 / January 1909, pp 389-426
Copyright © The Society of Antiquaries of London 1909
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1017/S026134090001016X (About DOI), Published online: 15 November 2011

"...The paper chiefly describes the later connexion of the Germans with the Steelyard in London, that is from 1598, when they were turned out for a time by Queen Elizabeth, supplementing Dr. J. M. Lappenberg's book on the Hanseatic settlement here, published at Hamburg in 1851, which we have in our library. Incidentally I have written a note on the carved screen of All Hallows the Great, the parish church of the Steelyard."
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