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he knoweth and hath found it t[?rue], and it is frequent and usuall for
a Master of a shipp to be Accompted a Part Owner when he hath
not the least share therein but is meerely and barely the Master
of such Shipps, and consequently servants of the Owners; The resaons
that induce him so to depose being That he this deponent goeing
out Master of and in the Shipp the Fortune of Colchester and haveing
no share therein as a part Owner, but barely the Master thereof for three
or foure yeares together, was never the lesse by severall Men, and att divers
and severall times accompted reputed and taken a part Owner of the said
Shipp the ffortune, and so for the most part Understoode and apprehended
under that notion and [XXXX] [?acceptation]. And further he saith hee
cannot depose./

To the rest hee is not Examined by the direction of the partie

Repeated before doctor Exton./



9th of July 1651.

The claime of Lucas Jacobs and company}
for their wheate in the Bowier the dove of hamborowe}
(Otto Pape Master) taken by a Scotchman and retaken by the Assistance frigot}

Examined upon an allegation given
in on the behalfe of the said
Jacobs and company.


Rp. 1

Hendrick Pape of hamborough Mariner, Stiersman of the
said Bowier the Dove, aged 25 yeeres or thereabouts sworne
and examined.

To the first article of the said allegation hee saith and deposeth that hee well
knowth the arlate Lucas Jacobs marchant of London, and saith that hee the said
Lucas Jacobs and company were the time arlate and are commonly accompted and
reputed the true and lawfull owners and proprietors of the said Bowiers lading
of wheate arlate, saying that Otto Pape the skipper (this deponents uncle)
at and after the time of the lading thereof at hamborowe often told and acquainted
this deponent that the said wheate was for accompt of the said Jacobs and company.

To the second third and fourth articles hee saith and deposeth that within the time arlate
and more particularly in or about the moneth of Aprill last the said wheate
amounting to 720 quarters or thereabouts was at hamborowe laden and put
aboard the said Bowier the dove of hamborough (Otto Pape master) to be
transported to London and here delivered to and for the use and accompt of the
said Lucas Jacobs and company, which hee knoweth being Stiersman of the said
Bowier and seeing the lading thereof, and hearing Abraham Stockman a merchant
of hamborowe that laded the same say that the same was soe laden for and
to be sent to London to the said Lucas Jacobs and company, And hee further
saith that within the said time and after the lading of the said wheate, the said
Skipper and company set saile and departed with the said vessell or boyer from
hamborowe intending to bringe her for London and here deliver the said wheate,
but in her course comming off the English coast betwixt Alfernesse and
yarmouth shee was met with all by a Scotch man of warr and by him seized
on about the 30th of Aprill last, upon which seizure the said skipper of the
Boyer and three others of his company were taken out of her into the said man
of warr and carried away in her, which hee knoweth because hee was abord
the said boyer (whereof hee was as aforesaid Stiersman) and sawe the premisses
soe donne, But about five dayes after the said seizure, and before the said
man of warr had brought the said bower and lading into any port or harbour, the
sayd boyer and lading of wheate were mett with and retaken or rescued by the XXXX
frigot commanded by Captaine Ba[XXX] in the immediate service of the Commonwealth
of England and brought into Leith in Scotland, which hee knoweth being aboard the said [?boyer]
when shee was soe rescued and brought in thither, and otherwise hee cannot depose



Lucas Jacobs

"Lucas Jacobs, corn merchant" of London, imported corn to the metropolis for at least thirty-seven years (1608-45). Between 1608 and 1639, he is said to have brought in 120,100 quarters, and to have lost £3000 in this trade during the years 1638-40. His example during the earlier years, it is stated, caused others to enter the trade, whereby London " has been from time to time provided." His activities were characteristic of the second period of the metropolitan market, for he exported corn (at least once by his English factor) as well as imported it."[1]

Abraham Stockman

"There is an Insurance of 2000 pounds flemmish made upon the said silver by Marcus Tirick Doddart van Haveren Abraham Stockman all Hamburghers And otherwise negatively, and further cannot depose"[2]

Family historical details in the Swedish language online family tree of "Blumensaadt & Ingemand - Vores Slægt"[3] show:

Abraham Stockman
b. 1656 Hamburg
m. married twice, no date
d. 24. April 1669, Altona Hamburg

Father: samuel Stockman, f,1564, Antwerpen
Mother: Louise Noe, f. 1656, Antwerp

Wife 1: Dina Jacobs, f.1604, Danzig, d. Dec 9th 1692, Altona Stadt, Hamburg (age of 88)
Children by wife 1:
1. Hendrik Stockman, f. 1632, Hamburg, Tyskland Find alle personer med begivenheder på dette sted, d. 9 dec. 1677, Hamburg, Tyskland Find alle personer med begivenheder på dette sted (Alder 45 år)
2. Jan Stockman, f. 1634, Hamburg, Tyskland Find alle personer med begivenheder på dette sted, d. 3 mar. 1665, Altona, Hamburg, Hamburg, Tyskland Find alle personer med begivenheder på dette sted (Alder 31 år)
3. Anna Stockman, f. 1635, Altona, Hamburg, Hamburg, Tyskland Find alle personer med begivenheder på dette sted, d. 23 dec. 1695, Altona, Hamburg, Hamburg, Tyskland Find alle personer med begivenheder på dette sted (Alder 60 år)
4. Maria Stockman, f. 1636, Altona Stadt, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany Find alle personer med begivenheder på dette sted, d. 17 sep. 1670, Hamburg, Tyskland Find alle personer med begivenheder på dette sted (Alder 34 år)
5. Elizabeth Stockman, f. 1640, Hamburg, Tyskland Find alle personer med begivenheder på dette sted, d. 29 maj 1676 (Alder 36 år)

Wife 2: Amarens Siks, f. 1598, Hamburg, d. 1630 (age of 32)
Married: 1620, Hamburg

Children: 1. Dina Stockman, f. 1622, Hamburg, Tyskland Find alle personer med begivenheder på dette sted, d. 4 okt. 1680 (Alder 58 år)


Primary sources


E 134/4Chas1/Mich12 Sir Robert Heath, Knt. (Attorney-General). v. William Leachland, John Mountsey, Lucas Jacobs, Robert Delabarr.: Wines, Malaga, Malmsey, Muscadine. Whether imported into England in the shipping of Ragusa and Venice. The Levant Company. The extent of the "Levant" and the "Ponent," &c., &c.: England; Holland; Spain; and Turkey. 4 Chas 1

E 134/4and5Chas1/Hil15 Sir Robert Heath, knight (Attorney-General), and the mayor, bailiffs, and burgesses of the town of Southampton (by information). v. John Mountsey, William Leachland, Lucas Jacobs, Robert Delabarr.: Wines of the "Ponent" and of the "Levant," and the meaning and longitude, &c., of "Ponent" and "Levant." Greek, Spanish, and Italian wines, i.e., Muscadine, Malliga, Malmsey, &c. The grant to the Turkey Company, &c., &c.: Southampton; Greece; Spain; Italy; Turkey; Holland. 4 & 5 Chas 1

E 134/2Chas1/Mich34 Roger Pavyer, Cornelius Godfrey, Francis Longstone, Lucas Jacobs, Geo. Webber, John Nash, Dory. Collins, Humy. Climpson, Humy. Baker, and others, the creditors of Edward Jourden. v. Randall Mannynge, of London, merchant.: Edwd. Jourden, and his brother Humphrey Jourden, and the sale of Lyth Hill alias Lyth Farm in the parish of Okeley (Surrey) belonging to Edward.: Surrey. 2 Chas 1

PROB 11/256/736 Will of Lucas Jacobs, Merchant of London of Whitechapel, Middlesex. 30 December 1656

SP 84/141 Secretaries of State: State Papers Foreign, Holland. Joachimi - mem. to Council for Lucas Jacobs. f. 105. 05 March 1630 - 15 March 1630

SP 82/8/f93 Secretaries of State: State Papers Foreign, Hamburg and Hanse Towns. Abraham Stockman and others to R Bradshaw, and copy. 16 November 1650

Secondary sources

Friedrich Plass , Friedrich Robert Ehlers, Geschichte der Assercuranz und der Hanseatischen Seeversicherungs-börsen: Hamburg, Bremen, Lubeck (Hamburg, 1902)

- See p. 99 for details of an insurance case in 1654 involving Abraham Stockman[4]
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