HCA 13/68 f.1r Excerpt

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HCA 13/68 f.1r Excerpt

Editorial history

17/08/12: CSG, created page

Purpose of this page

This page provides a model transcription for an excerpt from the case Parliament vs. the Golden Starr, together with transcription tips

Digital image extract & model transcription


"The 22:th day of September 1659

[On the left]
keepers of the Liberty of England by Authority
of Parliament against a certaine shipp named
Golden Starr where of michael van Lubb?en
Mr and her Tackle and ffurniture and
XXX soever? money plate fonells pearles sylver
XX other goods XXXXX or merchandizes taken
and seized in her by certaine shipps in the
XXXXX service of this Commonwealth and against
all efforts having or pretending to have and
Claiming or that shall Clayme any right XXXX
or Interest in the sayd shipp or in any of the lading seized in her. Bud ffranklyn.

[On the right]
Examined upon an Allon on the behalfe of
the sayd Keepers of the Liberty of England by
Authority of Parliament

Mark Harrison of Wapping in
the County of Midds Mariner aged
seven and twenty yeares or thereabouts
a witnes sworne and examined deposeth and
saith as followeth. vizt

XXX dt 1 To the first arle of the sayd allon This deponent saith and deposeth that
the arlate shipp the Golden Starr or morning starr and her lading was

Comments on model transcription

This transcription has expanded some words and put the inserted letters in italics, but has not strictly followed the Transcription and editorial policy.