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reasons aforesaid, And saith further that hee well knoweth all the
foresaid persons of Hamborough, and knoweth them to be of that place and
there dwelling and for such commonly accompted and reputed, and otherwise
hee cannot depose.

Rowe dt.

To the crosse Interrogatories. [CENTRE HEADING]

To the first hee saith that hee this deponent hath not any share or part in
any of the foresaid silver mentioned in the said schedule.

To the second hee saith that hee had noe request, license or passe [?permitting]
for the lading of the said silver aboard the said shipp.

To the third hee saith that hee knoweth not William Johnson of [?MXXXX]
or Amstedam [?as] living there, nor knoweth hee any of that name being in
any part or place of thedominions of the States of the United Netherlands
nor any there is a native of the said States by that name.

To the forth hee saith hee knoweth not whether hee sawe any persons [?called by]
the names interrogated at Cadiz or not for hee saith hee doth not remember
that hee knoweth any persons that are of those names or any of them [?and
there, and beleeveth that those names are assumed by some that [?XXXX]
and were the reall laders, to keepe them selves from discovery and
by meanes of the hazard that they run there in lading of silver, [?XXX]
for the parcells of silver laden under those names. and the markes and
numbers hee refrreth himselfe to his foregoing deposition and the said bills of
lading remayning in this Court.

To the 5th hee saith that as touching the said silver laden for Adrian Yoncker
hee this deponent heard at Cadiz that it was in retourne and the proceed
of a parcell of was brought thither in the shipp the Crowne Imperiall
hance Meynard Master. And otherwise hee cannot depose, for hee only
[?touched] and staid about a moneth at Cadiz in her retourne and [?came]
homeward from the service of the Republique of Venice, in which service
hee had bin with the said shipp the Wheele of ffortune from the
yeare 1645 till July last.

To the 6th hee saith that the said Manuell Texera about 9 yeares since
that this deponent went from hamburgh lived as hee remembreth [?within]
the [?drackwall] in hamburgh, and ffrancis Sloyer is a batchelour [?who]
as this deponent is informed liveth with his mother in Saint Catharines streete there, both which [?XXX]
this deponent well knoweth, but did not see either of them at Cadiz [?nor]
did either of them come thence in the said shipp, And otherwise referring
himselfe to the said bills in this Court and his foregoing deposition hee cannot
depose, but saith the said ffrancis hath a brother named daniel living at

To the seaventh hee saith that hee this deponent was very vigilant and
circumspect not to receive any silver aboard without strict enquirie and
examination first had that the same was belonging to persons that were [?in ?amity]
with respect of this Commonwealth, and if there were any that he had
any suspition that it belonged to hollanders or other subiects of the
States of the United Netherlands, hee this deponent would not by any
meanes suffer it to come aboard, hee this deponent having before [?XX]
received warning and order from his owners and friends at hamburgh
to have a care not to receive any but for free persons, and [?sent] [?his]
passe from the English agent for his protection in theise seas [?XXX]
hee tooke care not to receive any unfree goods aboard, of which hee this
deponent was watch full and industrious not to take in any [?such], and this
deponent receiving the said silver from trustie hands, and such as made [?XX]



Wheel of ffortune

"Dec. 12 [1653]. Senato, Secreta. Dispacci, Francia. Venetian Archives.

190. Lorenzo Paulucci, Venetian Secretary in England, to Giovanni Sagredo, the Ambassador in France.

...The time of year does not admit of much happening at sea. There seems to be a lull, and although the parliament squadron is out, nothing important has happened, beyond the capture of a few ships on either side. Among the English prizes is a Hamburg ship the Wheel of Fortune which was for a long while chartered by Venice. So the captain, on reaching London, came to me for help. He expressed his satisfaction with his treatment and said he would like to enter the service again with other of his nation, if possible, for which he says he bound himself at Venice, leaving his children there as guarantee. I promised to do what I could for him, and if encouraged by your Excellency will act more strenuously. Meanwhile the Hamburg Agent is pressing for its release and may succeed, possibly in time to take out troops to Candia if any contract can be arranged. But there will be no lack of ships anxious for the task, especially if payable by the Signory and if passes are obtained for a free passage, although some persons who have returned to London from the Levantine service complain of not having received their pay. I contradict these reports, vaunting the punctuality of the state and vowing that any blame must rest with the ship agents. I have thus succeeded in convincing many of the injustice of such charges....

...London, the 12th December, 1653.

  1. 'Venice: December 1653', in Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 29, 1653-1654, ed. Allen B Hinds (London, 1929), pp. 151-16