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of the satd shipp 60 s per moneth. and this deponent 32 s per moneth and
the sayd Robert Steedman Carpenter as himselfe told this deponent
53 s per moneth. and the sayd Henry Powell as this deponent hath heard
7 li per moneth. And saith he knoweth the premisses being Steward of
the sayd shipp for part of the voyage in question. And otherwise cannot
depose [#]

savig ge saith that the sayd Powell and all the sayd Mariners (except Richard Cannon) entred into pay about .9. October 1651. and continued in the sayd shipp and service thereof as followeth. videlicet the sayd
Henry Powell. Richard Studemans. [?Thomas] Best. John Lacy. John ffarington. Henry Musset James Lowry Robert fferrey. John Griggs. Anthony Joad. Simon fflatends. Thomas Miles. Richard Ward [?junior]
Nathaniel Wade. John Smith. Thomas Millard. Thomas Studiman Roger Jones Roger Hickes and this deponent. till about the latter end of September 1652. of this deponents certaine knowledge
and saith the sayd shipp about that tyme with all the last mentioned persons (this deponent onely excepted who stayd att the Barbadoes) departed from Barbadoes towards Antego. And saith the
rest of the sayd mariners continued in the sayd service as followeth. videlicet. Richard Ward Senior, till about .9. April. 1652. James Edward till about 30. March. 1652. Henry Miles till about 26. March 1652
Samuell [?Bibett] till about 25. Marc. 1652. John Hosier till about 9. April .1652. and ffrancis Chapman till. about 29. March .1652. and Richard Thaxton. till about 25. April .1652. and that Richard Canon was
shipped and entred into pay in September. 1652 att the Barbadoes; And beleiveth that the sayd John Lacy was hired and served at 45 s per moneth. Roger Hickes att 43 s per moneth: Edward Best. John farrington and John Grigg each
att 38 s per moneth. Samuel Bibet att 36 s per moneth: John Smith att 36 s per moneth. James Lowrt and Robert fferney each at 32 s per moneth Simon [?ffrends] and Nathaniel Wade each att 30 s per moneth: Anthony Goad att 36 s per moneth Richard
Waard Junior and Thomas Stedmane att 15 s per moneth: each of them. and Thomas Millard att 34 s per moneth.

To the second article of the sayd allegation This deponent saith that the sayd
shipp did goe forth in the sayd employment, and the sayd Powell
amd Mariners did enter into whole pay upon or about the nynth
day of October 1651, and did carry in her a good quantity of
goods in Iron, Copper Mamillias, wollen Cloth Linnen Cloth strong
water Brandewyne and other goods, and therewith sayled and
safely arrived to the parts of Guinny, and the sayd Valentine Austin
did then goe Supercargo or Cape merchant in the sayd shipp the
sayd voyage, and had the order and disposeing of the sayd goods
so carryed out, and that such goods as the sayd Austin thought fitting
were safely delivered and disposed in Guinnet, and saith by the
order of the sayd Austin severall Negroes were bought and taken
into the sayd shipp for and in leiw of the sayd goods, All which
this deponent knoweth to be true being one of the shipps Company in
the sayd voyage, and assisting the sayd Austin in disposeing the sayd
goods and buying the sayd Negroes, and well seeing and observing
the premisses to be as he hath now sett foorth. And otherwise hee
cannot depose./

To the third article of the sayd allegation This deponent saith and deposeth that
the sayd shipp the Hopewell did sett sayle with the foresayd Negroes
and the remaining part of the goods carryed out to the Barbadoes
and did there safely arrive and delivered the sayd Negroes and ggoods
there, and the sayd shipp did there arrive about the 9th of July 1652.
and saith that then and there the wages of the sayd Powell and his
sayd Marriners were due and ought to have beene payd unto them, and
this deponent did then and there heare the sayd Powell speake to the
sayd Austin touching the sayd Marriners wages and the payment thereof
And otherwise cannot depose saving that there was not any wages then
and there payd to them so farr as this deponent knoweth or hath heard

To the fourth article of the sayd allegation This deponent saith he cannot depose

To the fifth article of the sayd allegation This deponent saith that he this deponent
for his part hath not receyved his wages due for the sayd voyage but the
same are still deteyned by the sayd Valentine Austin, and the wages
due likewise to the foresayd Powell and all the rest of the Marriners
of the sayd shipp are likewise so deteyned as hee beleiveth and otherwise referring himselfe to the Acts of
this Court he cannot depose.

To the last he saith his depositions are true

To the Crosse Interrogatories.

To the .1. he saith he well knoweth the danger of periury
and saith that being not att Antego the voyage in question he cannot
depose to this Interrogatory.