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HCA 13/69 Silver 11 f.1r: Right click on image for full size image in separate window


Silver 11.

The second day of December 1653. [CENTRE HEADING]

The Clayme of Paulus Cobrisse merchant}
of Bridges for his moneyes in the shipp}
the Saint George whereof John Martin is}
Captaine taken by some of the Parliaments}
shipps Smith Budd}

Examined upon the sayd allegation


James Stanier of the parish of Saint Andrew Undershaft
London merchant aged 48 yeares or thereabouts
a witnes sworne and examined deposeth and saith
as followeth. videlicet.

Mottet dt

To the first Article of the sayd Allegation This deponent saith that the arlate Paulus
Cobrisse whom this deponent hath well knowne for theis 12 yeares past and
upwards, hath for all the sayd tyme traded by himselfe and factors to Cales
and the West Indies for sylver and monetes, to which places he hath
caused severall great quantityes of goods and merchandizes to be sent
out of England and fflanders to be converted into and remitted to him
in plate and moneyes, which this deponent knoweth being his correspondent
and one who hath sent him for his owne Accompt whilest he lived in Spayne
and to his factors att Cadiz since his returne into fflanders severall great
quantityes of English manufactures of the value of money thousands
of pounds, and hath receyved from him and his factors att Cadiz for his
like Accompt many thousand pounds worth of sylver and moneyes att
this Port of London, from the Port of Cadiz in Spaine. And otherwise
he saith he cannot depose.

To the second third and fourth articles of the sayd allegation This deponent saith
that for the reasons hereafter sett forth he verily beleiveth it to be true That
the arlate Paulus Cobrisse in October 1652 was and att present is the lawfull
Owner of the severall parcells of plate and moneyes in the bills of lading
to the sayd allegation annexed and now shewne him mentioned that is to say of
two barrs of sylver of the first marke in the margent, and two barrs of sylver
more of the second marke in the margent, and two baggs of the third mark
in the margent and five thousand peices of 8/8 Coyne of Peru therein, And
that the same plate and moneyes about the sayd moneth of October were laden att Cadiz for
the producents Accompt aboard the sayd shipp the Saint George; the grounds
and reasons of this deponents beleife in the premisses were and are, for that he
this deponent in the yeare 1648 being the producents Correspondent stood his
debtor upon Accompt in 4000 li sterling and upwards for plate and sylver which
this deponent had receyved here in London from Cadiz consigned to this deponent
for the producents accompt by Pedro Calvo the producents Agent in one of the
sayd bills of lading mentioned, and that the producent ordered this deponent
to buy for him with the proceed of his sayd sylver such stuffes and English
manyfactures as were fitt for sale in the West Indies, which this deponent
did accordingly, and in further pursuance of his directions in the yeares 1648.
and 1649. sent the sayd English Manufactures of the reall value of
7000. li sterling and upwards to Cadiz consigning them to the sayd Pedro Calvo
for the producents accompt, and afterwards credibly heard that the same arrived
safely first att Cadiz and after that in the Indies where as his precontests John
de Losa Barona and John Mexia de Herrera have acquainted him they were
converted into plate and moneyes for the sayd Paulus Cobrisses Accompt, and hath
heard aswell his sayd precontests as the producent himselfe say that the moneyes and
plate now claymed were and are part of the proceed of the sayd goods; and saith that
he saw the foresayd bills of ladeing in the producents hands about .11. monethes
agoe, who then told this deponent that he receyved them in a letter att Bridges
from the sayd Pedro Calvo of Cadiz long before the newes of the sayd shipps seizure
and hath since seene upon a file abiding in the Registry of this Court among
other bills of lading of the sayd shipps Cargazon said to be found aboard her att
the tyme of seizure, two other bills of lading of the same tenor respectively and
the sayd bills of lading to the sayd allegation annexed. Andotherwise cannot



John Mexia de Herrera

John Mexia de Herrera is identified in depositions in another case in HCA 13/73 as assistant to John Moller (alt. Mollar) in the Santa Maria. The Santa Maria was alleged to be a Dutch ship, and was seized by the English with alleged goods in it from San Domingo in the island of Hispaniola. He is described in March 1659 by John Van Lienen, the thirty seven year old commander of the Santa Maria, as "a Spaniard and subiect (as this deponent taketh it) of the king of Spaine, borne at Toledo and a batchelour, but saith this examinate hath seene a burger brief, whereby it appeared that the said Mexia was a burger of Amsterdam"[1]

Jan Van Lienen's description of John Mexia de Herrera as a Spaniard, born in Toledo, matches de Herrera's self-description in his deposition in the Silver Ships litigation, in which he is described as "John Mexia de Herrera borne at Temblick in the Territories of the [?Archbishop] of Toldeo in Spaine living for the most part at [?Lima] in the West Indies aged thirty yeares"[2]
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