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To the first article hee saith and deposeth that hee hath well knowne
the producent John Coleman for theise six yeares last past or thereabouts
and the shipp the William and John about fifteene monethes last and
the arlate John Stephens about a yeere and halfe last past, and
saith that for all the time arlate the said John Coleman hath bin
and is commonly accompted and reputed the true and lawfull owner
and proprietor of two third parts of the said shipp and of her tackle
and furniture, and this deponent hath seene accompts made up betweene
the said John Stephens as master and the said Coleman as owner
of two third parts of the said shipp and alsoe a Charter partie
specifying and showing the said Coleman to be owner of two third
parts thereof; and this deponent hath heard the said John Stephens
say and acknowledge that the said John Coleman formerly was owner of two
third parts of the said vessell, which confession hee soe made to the said Coleman in this
deponents hearing at the Starr in Colemanstreete in or about
July last was twelve moneth, and againe in december last at the signe
of the ffountaine in Catherins precinct neere the Tower to this deponent and one Mr fforth, at which
times and places there happened discourse about the said shipp and
the said Colemans claime of the said two thirds. And otherwise hee
cannot depose.

To the second article hee saith he hath seene the Charter partie
mentioned in this article for the voyage arlate, which Chaarter partie
hee saith hee verily beleeveth to be true, And otherwise saving as
aforesaid hee cannot depose.

To the third hee cannot depose saving as aforesaid.

To the 4th hee saith hee hath heard the said Stephens acknowledge
and say in december last that hee had bin in ffrance with the said shipp
as master thereof within few monethes space before the said moneth of
December 1653, and this deponent hath heard that hee brought
a parcell of linnen cloth and other goods thence in her to this port,
and as this deponent hath heard and beleeveth that the said Stephens hath
since ffebruary 1652 made severall voyages with her to ffrance, and
hath received freight for the same, And otherwise saving as aforesaid
hee cannot depose, saving as aforesaid.

To the 5th hee cannot depose saving his foregoeing deposition.

To the 6th hee saith that the propertie of the said two thirds of the
said shipp being in the said John Coleman the said John Stephens
ought to be (as this deponent conceiveth) accomptable to him for the
proffits thereof. And otherwise hee cannot depose.

To the 7th hee cannot depose.

To the 8th hee saith that in december last the
said John Stephens was by this deponent and one Joseph fforth of Yarmouth
advised and exhorted to deliver up the said John
Coleman his two third parts of the said shipp tackle and furniture or to [?XXX] with him [?the ?aforesaid] [?that]
soe further sutes, troubles, and chardges might be avoided and the
said Coleman in July last was twelvemoneth demanded his
possession thereof of the said Stephens in this deponents presence and
hearing. but the said Stephens denied and refused to doe it both
at the one and the other of the said times, and soe (as this deponent beleeveth)
refuseth at this present. And otherwise hee cannot depose.




The Starr, Coleman Street

"Oliver Cromwell used to meet some of his party at the Star in Coleman Street, as was deposed by one of the witnesses in the trial of Hugh Peters:-
"Gunter. My Lord, I was servant at the Star in Coleman Street, with one Hildesley. That house was a house where Oliver Cromwell and severall of that party did use to meet in consultation""[1]

"Maldon ss. The information of Robert Francyes of Maldon aforesaid, linen-draper, taken upon his corporal oath at the Moothall of this borough, upon saturday the seventeenth day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred and fifty-four

before John Jenings gentleman, and Thomas Ewyn gentleman, the bailiffs, and two of the justices of the public peace of his highness the lord protector of the commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland, and the dominions thereunto belonging, of the said borough, and Edmund Whitefoote gentleman, one other of the said justices within the same.

Vol. xv. p.334.

...The said Mottershed told this informant, that it was a worse matter than being broken; for he went aside, because he was one of those, that had a hand in the late plot against the lord protector; so that indeed he had lately been in the country with some chapmen, and that shortly after his return to his house he had a note sent to him by a porter, to come to three gentlemen to the sign of the Star in Coleman-street, where he immediately went; and that presently after his coming thither, there was a man in mean apparel (whom the said Mottershed said he knew not) delivered him a letter, wherein was a commission in parchment from prince Charles, (as he called him) directed to him the said Mottershed, to act for him. And he farther said, that there were near fifteen hundred already apprehended, but not above eight-and-thirty in the commission. And he the said Mottershed farther told this informant, that he knew the man that had the special commission, and that he was not yet apprehended, and knew wherethat commission was, and named the man; but this informant hath forgotten his name. And he farther told this informant, that the special reason why he acted for the prince was, because he conceived, that he would maintain the protestant religion; but he now saw popery fast coming on...."[2]

The Fountain, St. Catherine's Precinct near the Tower
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