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(Tinn farmers) and against number nyne (these words (Mr Woods and) and
against number 10 this 3. and against which is written with the sayd henry Mitchells owne hand the sayd
Words (Vlasblond) is the very bale of silke in this suite controverted as this deponent
verily beleeveth and is perswaded in his conscience, and the reason why hee soe
beleeveth it to be the very bale in Controversie is for that hee this deponent did
at Legorne receive from the sayd Mr Longland and Company two coppys off factories under the
hand writeing of Mr Gabriell Roberts aforesayd who was there present and
affirmed the sayd ffactories to bee true Coppys of the originall factories writt by
the sayd Mr henry Mitchell in Aleppo the 14th of ffebruary 1647 wherein was
expressed that the sayd ffactories were for one bayle of Legee silke and one faugott
Suffe silke sent downe to Scanderoone by the sayd henry Mitchell to Scanderoone to
be laden aboard the harry of London Mathew haman Master and consigned by bill
of ladeing to Signior Va[?nn]eck, and marked as by the sayd factories appeared with
the marke in the margent and numbered as by the sayd factories appeared, the bale

"'V"' with a cross inserted in the base of the "V" [MERCHANTS MARKE]

with number 10, and conteyning Aleppo Rottulos 68 which is agreeable as to the wight (sic)
and number with the enterie thereof made by the sayd henry Mitchell with his owne
hand in the sayd Imbayling or ffactory booke, and the sayd ffaugott of Suff (sic) silke
numbered A and conteyning Aleppo Rottulos 19: 4 oz which is also agreeable with
the entrie thereof in the sayd Imbayeing or ffactory booke as to the number and weight
thereof, and alsoe for that hee this deponent hath seene at Ligorne
aforesayd an Accompt currant under the hand writing of the sayd henry Mitchell
touching all transactions and Merchandizing affayers betweene him and the sayd
Vlasblond untill the 19th of ffebruary 1647 a true coppy whereof
hee this deponent tooke at Legorne aforesayd wherein it appeareth that the
cost and charges of the sayd bayle of Legee silke and faugott of Suffe silke are
charged upon Accompt of the sayd Vlasblond according to the rates whereat they
are mentioned in the factories thereof videlicet the sayd bayle of Legee silke number tenn at
doller 738 and Asperrs 43 and the sayd faugott of Suffe silke at dollers
368 and Apers 59 All which writings above mentioned videlicet the Imbayleing
booke or factory booke and Coppyes of factories and Coppy of Accompt currant
aforesayd hee this deponent now sheweth, and hath in his custodie ready
to produce for better information of this Court at such tyme as they shall bee
required And further to the sayd article and bill of ladeing therein mentioned
saving his subsequent deposition hee cannot depose not being privie to the ladeing of the sayd bales of silke
nor seeing the sayd bill signed annd saving for the reasons aforesayd hee beleeveth the
sayd henry Mitchell the tyme arlate was true and lawfull owner of the sayd 39 bales and the faugotts of silke and soe
accompted, and saving hee saith that harding wells viewed the sayd bill of ladeing

To the 3. 4th 5th and 6th articles of the sayd Libell hee saith that
some few moneths since the forenamed Mr Phillip Mitchell being desyrous
to finde out the truth how the sayd bayle of Legee silke and faugott off Suff
silke were disposed off and how they were entered in the Boatswaines booke off
the shipp harry arlate did in the presence of this deponent and others demand
of the arlate Mathew hemans to see the Boatsaines booke of the
sayd shipp and the says hemans answered that the Boatswaine dyeing
by the way in the homeward voyage from Scanderoone his booke was lost
And saith that the sayd Captaine hemans goeing with the sayd Mr Mitchell
and this deponent and his contest Stephen Smith to the arlate Mr hugh
fforth one of the then Owners of the sayd shipp harry did in a freight book[?e GUTTER]
for the voyage in question then remayning in the Custody of the sayd fforth finde
the marke and numbers videlicet the marke and numbers in the
margent expressed and sett downe for silke laden aboard the harry the voyage in
question by order of the sayd henry Mitchell which marks and numbers are the very same with the marks and numbers
in the bill of ladeing arlate,

[LH MARGIN] "'V"' with a cross inserted in the base of the "V" MERCHANTS MARK


hee verily beleeveth the same to be signed with the [?proper] hand
writing of the foresayd Mathew heamans videlicet these words (Inside or Contents I know not [XX] Mathew Heamans)
to be his the sayd heamans owne hand writing this deponent having seene divers other bills soe signed for goods by
the sayd heamans delivered according to those bills, and saith the forme and character of the signature of those bills are in this
deponents Judgment alike with the bill for the silke in question/ Wm Metcalde [SIGNATURE, LH MARGIN]