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of the sayd schedule arlate to be his this deponents marke which
hee made thereto at the tyme of the sealing and delivery thereof by the
sayd Synderby And further to th[?o]se articles and the schedule aforesayd
hee cannot depose/

To the third and 4th articles of the sayd libell hee saith that of his this
deponents sight and knowledge the arlate daniell Tibballs did worke
upon and repayre the sayd vessell the Jane and doe Carpenters worke
about her and the arlate Winchurst did doe some Smiths worke about
her in order to her repayreing but the tyme when they soe wrought upon
her hee remembreth not but well knoweth and remembreth that both
the sayd Tibballs and Winchurst did confesse and acknowledge to this
deponent that they were paid for this worke by them soe done to her by the
arlate Sampson Edwards And further to these articles hee cannot depose

To the 5th 6th 7th and 8th articles of the sayd libell and the schedule in the seaventh
article mentioned hee saith hee cannot depose./

To the 9th hee saith hee referreth him selfe to the Registry of this Court And
further cannot depose

To the 10th hee saith hee knoweth the arlate Richard Stephens whome he
beleeveth to bee a subiect of this Commonwealth and subiect to the authority of
this Court, and the arlate Leigh hee knoweth not And further cannot depose

To the 11th hee saith his foregoeing deposition is true/

To the Interrogatories/ [CENTRE HEADING]

To the first hee saith hee is noe way concerned in this suite nor
will it bee profitt or preiudice to him which soe ever of the parties therein
doe prevaile, or bee overthrowne therein./

To the 2 Interrogatorie hee saith the bill of sale by him predeposed made by the sayd
Synderby to the sayd Edwards was made the say of the date thereof and
in presense of this deponent and the sayd Aldworth but the place where he
remembreth not and further to this Interrogatorie hee cannot answere/

Repeated before Collonel Cock

the marke of the sayd
Richard R S [MARKE] Speareman./ [MARKE, RH SIDE]


The 26th of August 1656/

Abraham Corsellis and Andrew debinham against}
the shipp called the Sarah of Leith belonging to}
Colonell Samuell Atkins, and against George}
Bilton and Maurice Trent comming in for their}
interest: Suckley ffrancklin}

Examined upon an allegation on the behalfe of
the sayd Abraham Corsellis and Andrew

Rp. Et. 1us.

William Cumley of Wapping in the
parish of Stepney and County of Middlesex Mariner aged
fifty yeares or thereabouts a wittnes sworne and
examined saith and deposeth as followeth videlicet./

To the first second third and foweth articles of the sayd allegation he
saith that upon the two and twentith day of Aprill 1656 this deponent was
constituted and made Master of the arlate shipp the Sarah of Leith and
was soe constituted by Mr Collins a Merchant of London and Mr Thomas [XXXX]
a Goldsmith liveing neere Saint Pauls Church London who as they affirmeth
were authorized and intrusted for the shipping of a Master on board the
shipp by the arlate Colonell Samuell Atkins who was as they affirmed the sole Owner and



Abraham Corsellis

Brewer. The preamble of Abraham Corsellis' will, written in ?1665, states: "Abraham Corsellis the elder of East Smithfeild in the Parish of Saint Buttolph without Algate in the County of Middlesex Brewer being sickly and weake in Body but of perfect mind and memory."

Will identifies:
- Sons: Charles and Abraham Corsellis [joint executors]; James Corsellis
- Daughters: Anne [?Bald(e)], widow of Abraham [?Bald(e)], late of London, merchant, first daughter of Abraham Corsellis; Mary Corsellis (second daughter); Elizabeth and Hester Corsellis (two youngest daughters)
- Wife: Ja[?cominia] Corsellis
- Brother: Nicholas Corsellis [Overseer of the will]
- Uncle Charles Liebaert/Lybaert (deceased)
- Land etc in West Ham, Eastwestham Westham Burrells and other places in Essex and in Middlesex
- Bequests to poor of Parish of Parish of Saint Buttolphs without Algate that live out of the ffreedome of the Cittie of London, poore of the duch Congregation in
London, poore of the Parish of Saint Katherine neere the Tower of London, poore of the Parish of Saint Mary Matsellon alias Whitechappell in the County of Middlesex, poore of the duch Congregation in Sandwich in the County of kent
- Bequests to: my Servants the Legacies hereunder mentioned that is to say unto Richard davenp[?ont] (commonly called the Brewer) the summe of Tenn pounds (if he shall serve out the full time of his Apprenticeshippe) unto the miller fforty shillings unto the h[?orse]keeper Twenty shillings unto William Stringer and Christopher howard five pounds a peece, unto William hill fforty shillings, unto Peter descobecke fforty shillings unto my Maid servant the summe of Twenty shillings, to my Servant James Batt at Westham and to his wife Tenn shillings a peece and to all other my Servants belongeing to my dwelling house in London or to my Brewhouse Tenn shillings a peece

Peter Descobeck

Peter Descobeck is identified in Abraham Corsellis will (?1665) as a servant of Corsellis and is given a legacy: ("unto Peter descobecke fforty shillings").

The same Peter Descobeck testified in the Admiralty Court case above, giving his age in 1656 as sixty-four years, and describing himself as a "Brewer's Clerk".

Descobeck stated:

In the yeare 1650 and more particularly in or about the moneth of May
or June of the said yeare (as hee remembreth the time) there was
delivered at and from the Brewhouse of the said Abraham Corsellis
(knowne by the name of the harts horne brewhouse3 scituat in
Eastsmithfeild) sixtie tonnes, one
hogshead and twenty nine gallons of beere and one last and a
halfe of barrells to and for the use and setting out of the

shipp the Salem arlate then lying in the River of Thames"[1]


Brewery of Abraham Corsellis

John Hall, a copper of Eastsmithfeild in the parish of Saint Bottolph Algate, was deposed on November 6th 1656 in the case of Corsellis and Debenham against the Sara of Leith etc. Hall stated that in September 1650:

"there were certaine quantities
of beere to the quantitie of about sixty tonnes, and a last and a half of
barrells and about fourty five tonne of Caske (of which beere and barrells the
arlate Abraham Corsellis was commonly reputed the lawfull Owner
and Proprietor, and of which fourty five tonnes of caske the arlate Andrew
Debenham was commonly reputed the lawfull Owner and Proprietor) laden
on board the arlate shipp the Salem then rideing in the River of Thames
and within the Jurisdiction of this court for the use and accompt of the
arlate Samuell Atkins"[2]

Hall, the cooper, testified to this effect, since he had been employed by Andrew Debenham "to trimme and fitt the caske wherein the sayd beere was put".

Abraham Corsellis is listed under Saint Bittolphs Algate in teh 1666 Hearth Tax returns for Middlesex. It is unclear whether this is for his house or for the brewery, or whether the house and brewery were in fact combined:

St Botolph Aldgate[3]

Abra: Corsellus 15 hearths[4]
Joseph Wright 10 hearths[5]

Henry Partridge 12 hearths[6]

Tho: Partridge 5 hearths

Partridg 4 hearths ("E")

Jno. Croger 7 hearths ("St")[7]

Jacob Vanderlack 10 hearths ("x till Sep 1666 ; E")
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