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To the Interrogatories/ [CENTRE HEADING]

To the first Interrogatorie hee saith hee cometh to be a wittnes in this cause by
the meanes of the producents Mr Thomas Rowse and ffrancis ffowke who required
him to testifie the truth herein, And saith hee hath noe interest in the goods in question
and expecteth noe benefitt by this suite nor is allyed to the producents and knoweth none
of the parties to this suite but only by sight, and that only since his comming home to
London from the voyage in question, and saith hee favoureth all the parties litigent
alike and would give the victorie therein to whome of right it belongeth And further
to this Interrogatorie hee cannot depose./

To the 2 Interrogatorie hee saith hee was Purser of the Cesar and came first into her upon
the River of Thames at her first goeing out upon the voyage in question and saith
the Cesar and Elizabeth and Anne were both togeather in the Roade of Nathalagoe
Interrogate, and as to the Interrogate harbie his being Supra Cargo of the Cesar
hee answereth negatively for that hee well knoweth that there went noe supracargo
in the sayd shipp from Genoa to Zant or the Morea or any part thereof, but the moneye
laden at Genoa as is predeposed, and the Casks, pipestaves, and hoopes laden at Castle de Marr
were by Charterparty ordered to bee delivered to the forenamed William ffowke
Consull of Morea for the English nation or his Assignes And saith hee well knoweth
that what soever was acted by the sayd Clement harbie touching the lading of
the shipp Cesar was done by him after the death of the sayd Consull William
ffowke and by reason of the sicknes of the sayd Thomas Oliver the Vice Consull which
disinabled him to goe aboard upon his occasions, but by what authority the sayd
harbie did acte touching the ladeing of the sayd shipp Cesar more than what
hee hath before declared in his deposition to the allegation aforesayd hee
cannot answere And to the rest of the Interrogatorie hee cannot answere
knowing nothing touching the Contract or agreement Interrogate
And further to this Interrogatorie hee cannot answere./

To the 3 Interrogatorie saith saving his foregoeing deposition to the [?3Xth GUTTER]
article of the allegation aforesayd to which hee referreth hee cannot further
answere to this Interrogatorie saving hee saith hee beleeveth the bill of ladeing Interrogate
is signed by the arlate Interrogate ffudge and further saving his foregoeing
deposition hee to the allegation hee cannot answere./

To the 4th Interrogatorie hee saith that hee knoweth that one Aron Estes
as is predeposed in this deponents deposition to the 38th article of the sayd allegation [XXX GUTTER]
in the shipp Cesar from Nathalagoe to Petras but upon what termes or
by whose appointment hee knoweth not, and saith the sayd Estes did not
and ought to bee marked 37 butts 5 carratells and three quarter Rolls of the Currants laden aboard [?the GUTTER]
Cesar with the marke that is now upon them videlicet with the marke [?in the GUTTE]
margent but was never in possession of any of the sayd


Currants otherwise than that hee marked and caused them to be marked as aforesayd
And further to this Interrogatorie hee cannot answere/.

To the 5th Interrogatorie hee saith hee cannot answere knowing nothing
having heard the Interrogate harbie confesse anything to the effect Interrogate
nor heard him saye any thing to the Interrogate ffudge touching the propriety
the Curranse in question only hee saith hee heard the sayd harbie [XXXX GUTTER]
[?require GUTTER]



Francis Fowke/Fooke

Thomas Rowse


Primary sources



C 5/365/35 Court of Chancery: Six Clerks Office: Pleadings before 1714, Bridges. Short title: Fowke v Fowke. Plaintiffs: Francis Fowke and others. Defendants: Elizabeth Fowke, [unknown] Vannaker, and others. Subject: property in Gunston, Hatton, Brewood, etc, Staffordshire. Document type: answer. 1664

C 6/47/58 Short title: Fowke v Fowke. Plaintiffs: Francis Fowke and others. Defendants: [unknown] Butler, Elizabeth Fowke widow and others. Subject: property in Gunston Hall, Hatton, Brewood, Chillington, and Penford, Staffordshire. Document type: two answers. 1664
C 6/132/67 Court of Chancery: Six Clerks Office: Pleadings before 1714, Collins. Short title: Fowke v Chowne. Plaintiffs: Francis Fowke . Defendants: Henry Chowne . Subject: money matters, Middlesex. Document type: bill, answer. 1656


PROB 11/307/390 Will of Francis Fowke, Merchant of London 04 March 1662
PROB 11/351/189 Will of Francis Fowke, Gentleman of London 14 June 1676

State Papers

SP 46/173/fo15 State Papers Domestic: Supplementary. SMALL COLLECTIONS OF PRIVATE PAPERS. Depositions concerning the will of William Wilkinson, by Francis Hammond, William Sudbury, Thomas Rowse, James Rookesby, John Edlin, Robert Fremel, Robert Creswell and John Hawtree. 01 November 1658

SP 71/25 Secretaries of State: State Papers Foreign, Barbary States. TUNIS. Warrant of Thomas Rowse to be consul at Tunis. f. 11. 20 August 1660
SP 71/26 Secretaries of State: State Papers Foreign, Barbary States. TUNIS. Letters patent appointing Thomas Rowse consul at Tunis. f. 7. 20 August 1660