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Upon an articulate allegation
given in and admitted on the
behalfe of the sayd John
Cobb, Mathew Jennings
and others the parties agents.

John Cobb, Mathew Jennings and}
others Mariners of the said shipp the}
Gilbert (whereof William Croford}
is Master) against the sayd shipp}
and against Gilbert Keate,}
Jonathan Keate and Company.}
ffrancklin. Smith.}

On the fifth of October 1657.


Luke Lilly now of the parish of Saint
Austin by Pauls London gentleman late
Passenger in the shipp the Gilbert from
the Barbados (whereof the sayd William
Croford was Master) a wittnes produced
sworne and examined he deposeth as followeth

To the first article of the sayd allegation hee deposeth that
he came aboard the arlate shipp the Gilbert on or about
the 24th day of November at the Barbados, she
being thense bound for this port of London, and
this deponent went aboard her as a passenger, and
hee aboard her (for his owne account) two Tonnes of
Sugar, and saith that in his sayd passage from the
Barbados he came to be acquainted with the sayd Cobb
and Jennings and others the Mariners of the sayd shipp
and that (to this deponents best observation) the
sayd Mariners did severally and respectively doe
and performe their severall dutyes and services in
the sayd shipp, And further he cannot depose./

To the second article he deposeth that in the sayd shipps passage
from the Barbados on or about the 24th of december 1656
in or about the degree of 34 and 1/2 a violent storme
did happen which continued in its violence from Wednesday
night being the 24th of december untill the Saturday morning
following, and that the sayd storme was soe violent that
he saw a beame of the upper deck very much to shake
and that the long boate of the sayd shipp was by the
furiousnes of the sayd storme and sea broken and
staved all to peices, and that during the sayd storme the
sayd Mariners did continually pumpe and keepe by their
turning two pumpes constantly going, and did all that
men could possible act or doe or can be imagined or
thought to be acted and done for the preservation of the
sayd shipp and her lading, Both which would in all
likelihood have otherwise perished, The premisses he
deposeth because he did see and observe with what great
labour, paines and earnestnes they did all in and



Luke Lilly

"16. Luke Lilly now of the parish of Saint
17. Austin by Pauls London gentleman late
18. Passenger in the shipp the Gilbert from
19. the Barbados---"

(HCA 13/72 f.150r)

"47. ....he hath bin a Planter
46. in New England nigh 20.ty yeares and hath made noe
47. more or other voyages than from London to New England
48. and thence to the Barbadoes and soe back againe for
49. London ˹England˺..."

(HCA 13/72 f.151r)

"Minutes of the 27 February l643[/4] Marshfield town meeting include the following:'XX At the request of Mr. Edward Winslow the town has granted a lot lying next unto Luke Lilly's to John Thomas and Robert Chambers, servants of Mr. Edward ..."[1]

"The town records as copied begin with the date of
Sept. 27, 1643. Those of the first three years after
the incorporation are not in a condition to be read.
At the date above mentioned the Pequot war was
going on, and there being more or less fear of Indian
invasion, " it was agreed that there be a constant
watch in the township, — that is to say, in four different
quarters, — at Edward Winslow's, at Mr. William
Thomas', at Mr. Thomas Bourne's, and the fourth
at Robert Barker's. Edward Winslow, Lieut. Na-
thaniel Thomas, Josiah Winslow, and William Brookes
have charge there ; that Robert Carver, John Rouse,
Edward Bumpus, and Edward Winslow and families
be of the guard under Edward Winslow ; James Pit-
ney, Mr. Thomas' family, and Mr. Buckley's under
Lieut. Nathaniel Thomas ; that Mr. Bourne's family,
Robert Waterman, John Bourne, Roger Cook, John
Russell, Luke Lilly, Kenelm Winslow, and James
Adams be under Josiah Winslow ; that Gilbert
Brookes, Nathaniel Byram, Robert Barker, William
Bardin, John Barker, Mr. Howell, and Edward
Bourne be under William Brookes ; that a guard of
two at least be maintained out of these, and that a
sentinel be maintained all day at the place of guard ;
that for fourteen days at least every man shall lodge
in his clothes with arms ready at his bedside ; that in
case of an alarm at night from any other township
every guard discharge only one piece, but if in our
own town then two pieces."[2]

"The earliest records relate chiefly to the election of
officers and grants of land. __In February, 1643-
44__, grants were made to John Thomas and Robert
Chambers at the request of Edward Winslow, who
described them as his servants, and William Thomas
and William Vassall were appointed to lay out to the
several inhabitants on the north of Green's Harbor
River all the meadow undisposed of on that side of
the river, and also the marshes undisposed of on the
south side of the river, according to their discretion.
On the 14th of that month there were laid out to
Thomas Bourne, Josiah Winslow, Kenelm Winslow,
John Russell, John Dingley, Thomas Chillingsworth,
Roger Cooke, and Luke Lilly. In April, 1644, there
was " granted to John Rouse the great island next
the cut which borders the beach, about ten acres."
It is possible that an investigation of this grant may
throw some light on the direction and character of
the passage-cut in 1633."[3]

"1644 — July 18 — "At a town meeting Arthur Rowland &
Luke Lilly are fined according to an order for not appear-
ing upon a public warning in 18 pence a piece and Capt
Thomas 6 pence for not appearing at the hour. Mr. Ed-

ward Winslow was chosen Moderator."[4]


Primary sources



PROB 11/279/368 Will of Gilbert Keate of London 16 July 1658

[WILD GUESS] PROB 11/457/340 Will of Sir Jonathan Keate of Saint Paul's Walden, Hertfordshire 17 October 1700
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