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Stock, And saith the said goods were bought and laden by
this Deponent, by the Order of the said Mr Blancart, and Mr Stock
And that hee had a letter of Credit from Mr Stock, drawn
upon one Mr Edward Blacket Merchant, living at Newcastle
of whome this Deponent receaved the Summe of 200: li which money
paid for the foresaid goods, And since the said Blacket
hath drawne the said money upon the said Mr Blancart
who hath paid the same, And further saith that the said
Coles and other goods aforesaid were to be carried and transported
in the said ship to Newhaven aforesaid, and there to be
delivered to James Rutteil, Correspondent of the said La[urence GUTTER]
Blancart and Abraham Stock. The Premisses hee knoweth
being Master of the said shipp, and Imployed by the said
Blancart and Stock, about the buying, of and Lading
of the said goods as aforesaid:/:

To the 3:d hee saith the said shipp having receaved the said
Coales, and other goods aboard her she Departed therewith from
Newcastle aforesaid, bound directly for Newhaven,
And saith she soe departed on Shrove Sunday last, and on
the next day (being in prosecution of her said Voyage) was
met with, set upon and seized with the said goods aboard her by 2 frigots belonging to Ostend
and by them Carried to Ostend as Prize, and saith shee
was seized betwixt Robin, hoods bay, and Scarborowe, And
further saith, that by meanes of the said seizure all the said goods were utterly lost [to]
the said Blancart and Stock without any Restitution of or
satissfaction of or for the same that this deponent knoweth of. The Premisses he knoweth
for the reasons aforesaid, and for that hee was aboard at the time
of her seizure aforesaid, And further cannot Answer:

To the Crosse Interrogatories./ [CENTRE HEADING]

To the first Interrogatorie hee Referreth himselfe to his fore[said]
deposition made to the first and second Interrogatories:/:

To the second Interrogatorie hee saith the said ship and all that was as
aforesaid taken and seized by two Ostend ffrigotts, and
by them carried to Ostend, And to the rest hee answereth

To the 3d hee knoweth nothing thereof:/:




Edward Blacket

  • Merchant, living at Newcastle

Laurence Blancart

  • Merchant of London

James Rutteil

  • Correspondent of Blancart and Stock

Abraham Stock

  • Merchant of Dover

"(1652) [Dec. 24] 52. Propositions of Abraham Stock, merchant of Dover, to the
[Council of State] to furnish tar at 20 1. the last of 12 barrels, and
rosin at 18 1. the ton, to be delivered at Dover for ready money on con-
dition, —

1. That he may have leave to purchase two prizes on appraisement,
to send to Norway and the Eastland for tar, the value to be deducted
from his first payment.

2. To have leave to employ therein such men as he pleases, the
Acts of Parliament notwithstanding.

3. To have strict orders for pass, and letters of assistance.

4. In case the vessels miscarry, he engages to pay for them.

5. To have leave to import the goods at first from Holland, as it is
too soon to send any vessel to Norway, and then he will endeavour
to bring in some cordage, hemp, masts, and clapboard.

6. If these propositions are not approved, he offers himself as a
factor for purchase of the said goods. — Dover, 23rd December 1652.
[21/4 pages.]

(1652) Dec. 24. 53. Reference thereon to the Admiralty Committee. [-J- page.

Also I. 68, p. 145.] [1]


Primary sources

Abraham Stock


ADM 106/333/444 Abraham Stock, Dover. He is willing to risk going to France to get rosin for delivery to Portsmouth, Chatham, Woolwich or Deptford. He would send 2 ships but would require protection. Asks for terms. 21 April 1678
ADM 106/333/446 Abraham Stock, Dover. Receipt of offer for black rosin but wishes to know when the money would be paid as he requires ready money for goods and freight. He needs protection for 2 ships and wishes to be excused if open war is declared with France. 1678 May 1
ADM 106/333/448 Miscellaneous. Abraham Stock, Dover. Is willing to fetch rosin to tender on return but requires a licence because of the embargo on ships going out of England and needs protection for them. 21 May 1678

C 6/57/85 Short title: Stock v Jacobson. Plaintiffs: Abraham Stock . Defendants: Theodore Jacobson , Nathaniel Denew and Nicholas Cullen . Subject: property in Dover, Kent. Document type: answer only. 1672
C 6/200/93
C 6/220/67 Short title: Stock v Stokes. Plaintiffs: Abraham Stock and Margery Stock his wife. Defendants: William Stokes . Subject: money matters, Kent. Document type: bill, answer, schedule. 1676
C 6/280/144 Short title: Stocke v Perrier. Plaintiffs: Abraham Stocke . Defendants: William Perrier . Subject: money matters. Document type: answer only. 1679
C 6/296/75 Short title: Denewe v Stock. Plaintiffs: Nathaniel Denewe and Nicholas Cullen . Defendants: Abraham Stock and Laurence Polman . Subject: ship accounts, Kent . Document type: bill, answer, demurrer. 1675

E 134/24Chas2/East17 Peter Salmon, "as well for the King of England as for himselfe." v. Abraham Stock: Ship called the "St. John" taken a prize "by the Oxford frigate" in the late war between the English and Dutch (in 1667), and carried into Hull (York). Whether identical with the ship called the "Margery of Dover" ("which made the voyage in Virginia, and Walter Sancarfe then master; the plaintiff Salmon p'tends to be forfeited").: Holland; Amsterdam; York. 24 Chas 2
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