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To the 6th article of the sayd allegation upon which only hee is by direction of
the producents proctor examined hee saith that hee this deponent well knoweth
that in the yeare one thousand sixe hundred fifty fower and since, the arlate
Christovall da Alverado was Correspondent and Agent of the arlate
John Page in the Island of Teneriff in the Canaries
and had then divers goods and Merchandizes belonging to the sayd John Paige
in his hands which were remitted to him by the sayd John Page, This hee the better
knoweth for that hee was at the same tyme a servant to Mr Gowen Painter
a merchant then resideing upon the sayd Island and a Correspondent also
to the said John Page and by reason of being his servant did see the Invoices
and letters concerneing the goods then sent from the sayd John Page to the sayd
Christopher da Alverado And further to this article hee cannot depose/

To the Interrogatories/ [CENTRE HEADING]

To the first Interrogatorie hee saith that the Interrogate Gowen Painter was one of
the ffactors of the sayd John Page the voyage in Controversie and the sayd don
Christovall da Alverado was also the sayd Pages ffactor at
the same tyme and further saving his foregeoung deposition hee cannot answere

To the 2 hee saith hee cannot answere knowing nothing touching the contents
thereof, nor having heard any thing concerning the same/

Repeated before doctor Godolphin/



The 8th day of March 1657 English style/

Mitchell and Clements against the shipp Roger and Edmond}
and against John Corbin Master Suckley Oughton}

Examined on an allegation on behalfe of the sayd
Mitchell and Clements./

Rp. 3

Edward Baynard of Exeter in the County of devon
Barber Chirurgeon aged seaventeene yeares or thereabouts
a wittnesse sworne and examined saith and deposeth as
followeth videlicet./

To the first and second articles of the sayd allegation and the first schedule
in the sayd second article mentioned, hee saith that in the tyme
arlate videlicet in the moneth of July 1656 the arlate John Corbyn was Commonly
reputed Master and part Owner of the arlate shipp the Roger and Edmond
and did as Master of her in the sayd Moneth agree with the arlate Charles
Mitchell to fitt and furnish the sayd shipp with powder shott and other
necessaries in the saud first schedule mentioned to be used in and about
the sayd shipp in a voyage shee was then bound out upon and willed and
desyred the sayd Mitchell in presence and heareing of this deponent to deliver
unto his the sayd Corbins Gunner all such things as hee the sayd Corbin
should send his sayd Gunner for, for the use of the sayd shipp and [?promised GUTTER]
the sayd Mitchell that hee soe doeing hee would see him paid for the same
or words to that effect whereupon the sayd Mitchell did (by this deponent
(who was then his servant) in presence of the sayd Corbins order, in the
sayd moneth of July 1656 deliver unto this deponents precontest Thomas
Salmon the sayd Corbins Gunner all and singul[?a]r the goods and
materialls in the sayd first schedule specified for the use of the sayd shipp
and this deponent at the delivey of them entered
them downe in the sayd Mr Mitchells booke at the rates schedulate then
being then the usuall rates at which goods and materialls of the same
kinde were then sold in London and well knoweth the sayd goods and



Gowen Painter

Charter Party between Gowen Painter and Samuel Dashwood, merchants on the island of Teneriffe, and Gilbert Carpenter, master and part-owner of the ship the Gilbert of Dartmouth[1]

[Page 134.]

In the name of God Amen. Gilbert Carpenter Mr and part owner of the good shipp called the Gilbert of Dartmouth Burden one hundred & ten tonne or thereabout, eleven peeces of Ordinance Twenty men & a boy. hath letten to freight his sd ship or vessell wch is now rideing at Anchor in Orotava in the Iland of Teneriff, unto Gowen Painter & Samuel Dashwood English Merchts now resident in the sd Island of Teneriffe in manner following, ffirst it is agreed that the said Merch ts shall have twelve days to loade & put abord of the shipp what goods & Merchandises they shall think fitting to begin from the day of the date hereof: & being dispatched from this Island wth what goods & Merchandises shalbe laden abord by the sd Merchts. It is agreed by the pties above mentioned, that the sd Master shall directly saile unto the Isle of May & take into his ship what salt shee can conveniently carry the cost & chardges of putting aboard the sd salt is to be defraid & borne by the sd Master to be loden for the Acc° of the sd merchts & haveing taken in what salt the sd shipp can conveniently carry the sd Master is directly to saile unto the port of St: James in Virginia where shee is to stay ten days at an Anchor to dischardg what part of her ladeing shalbe thought fitting by the sd merchts or theire assignes & likewise shall take into his said shipp what goods & Merchandise the sd merchts or theire Assignes shall loade & put aboard the s d shipp, & if in case the said Merchts doe find sale for theire whole ladeing of wine & salt, then & in such a case it shalbe at the pleasure of the sd Merchts to keepe the sd ship in the aforesaid Port of St James in Virginia sixty dayes for her discharge & reladeing: & if in case the sd merchants doe not find sale for the goods and merchandises according to theire content in the aforesaid Port of St James in Virginia, then the sd master is to pceed wth what goods & Merchandise are aboard him directly for the Port of Boston in N: E: wch shalbe his port of dischardg & relading of the sd shipp. for wch discharg & relading the sd merchts are to have sixty dayes: & if more than sixty shall be needfull for discharge & relading then the sd merchts are to have twenty dayes of demorages at the rate of three pounds p day. & the sd shipp being dispatched by the sd merchts or theire assignes, the sd Mr is to pceed directly unto the Island of Teneriff & Port of

[Page 135.]

Orotava & there to discharge all the goods & merchandises brought in the sd ship for the Acc° of the sd Merchts for the wch discharge the Merchts are to have twenty fyve dayes, & if more dayes shalbe spent in discharge of the sd ships lading, the merchts are to allow three pounds sterl p day for every day so spent. & for accomplishmt of the sd voyage the sd Mr doth oblige himselfe & his shipp in penalty of one thousand pounds & the above sd voyage being by the sd Mr pformed the sd merch ts are to pay freight to the sd master after the rate of six pound sterl p Ton to be paid in manner following, wch is to say one hundred pounds in money wthin ten dayes of the arrivall of the s d ship in Orotava roade & the rest in good & merchantable wines at the price Current as shalbe laden by other merch ts of this Island for the pformance and paymt of the s d freight the sd merchts doe oblige themselvs & goods in penalty of one thousand pound sterling the tonnage of the sd ship to be accounted as shee shall stowe in wines in her hould. In witness of the truth the parties above mentioned have here unto putt theire hands & seales Dated in Oratava this 23 day of May. Ann Dni. 1644.

Wee whose names are here written do certify that the afore written is the true Copie of a Charter party made betweene Gowen Painter & Samuel Dashwood mercht resident in the Island of Teneriff of the one partie & Gilbert Carpenter
mariner & mr of the sd shipp called the Gilbert of Dartmouth of the other partie witnes or firmes. Dat. in Tenneriff the 14th of June 1647.

We that doe here subscribe Doe certify that the foregoing Copie we have perused & find to agree w th a Charter partie wch was presented unto us by Mr Goyen Painter subscribed by Gilbert Carpenter as mr, & witnessed by John Hitchcooke
Phillip Ward & John Paydge the wch we conceive to be the true charter partie made by the aforementioned therein. & although wee did not see the parties signe it yet for what Correspondence & tres we have had from said parties wee conceive it to be theire firmes Dat the 14th June 1647.

David Stevens
John Sampson
John Campion.
John ffowler
Marmaduke Raudon

Raph Lambert."


Primary sources



C 2/ChasI/P66/36 Short title: Paynter v Forde. Plaintiffs: Paynter. Defendants: Forde. Document type: [pleadings]. 01 January 1625 - 31 December 1660

C 10/93/116 Paynter v Page: Middlesex. 1661


PROB 11/306/348 Will of Gowen Paynter, Merchant of London. 26 November 1661
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