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To the 10th hee saith hee knoweth neither of the parties Interrate
and therefore cannot answereto this Interrogatorie/

To the last hee saith hee favoureth all parties in this suite alike, and
desyreth right may prevailes therein And to the rest negatively./

Interpreted by mee

William Martyn [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE]

Repeated before doctor Godolphin./.


The 13th of August 1658/

Bland Bathurst and Company against the)
Exeter Merchant and against Woodfin and company)
Smith Suckley)

Examined on an allegation dated 5th of August 1658 given in
on the behalfe of the sayd Woodfin and Company

Rp. 1

Abraham Graves of Lymeshouse Shippwright
aged forty two yeares or thereabouts a wittnesse
sworne and examined saith and deposeth as followeth v[idelicet GUTTER]

To the first article of the sayd allegation hee saith that within a day or
two after the arlate shipp the Pilgrim came into the River of Thames
from the voyage whereon shee had bin imediately before the dammage
in question happened, the Master of her James Watkins came to this
deponent in the yeare 1655 and spake to this deponent being a shipp wright
and desyred this deponent to take the sayd shipp into his this deponents
dock and to new Navell hoode her and doe other repayres to her which
shee stood neede of and this deponent did observe that when shee came
to bee new Navell hooded and repayred shee had given soe much way
that her hoodeings were wrought an inch from the stemme on each
side soe that the Sea might have free passage in the rest, And
saith that hee heard some of the Company of the Pilgrim say that
shee had bin in that condition in the voyage from whence shee was
lately returned, for that they could and did soe the sea come in at her
hoodeings And further saving his subsequent deposition hee cannot depose/

To the second article hee saith that in the moneth of May 1655 the sayd shipp
Pilgrim was brought into the dock of him this deponent the
arlate Abraham Graves to bee Navell hooded and some other repaires
done to her: but not to be new sheathed, And saith that after search
made by this deponent and his servants they in the new calkeing of her
found her to nee much worme eaten and soe worme eaten that there
was a necessitie of sheathing of her, which was accordingly
done And further saving his subsequent deposition hee cannot depose/

To the 3 article of the sayd allegation hee saith that upon search made
by this deponent and other workemen that helped to repayre the sayd
shipp Pilgrim after the Exeter Merchant had fallen fowle of her
it did not appeare to this deponent (nor as hee beleeveth to any of the



Abraham Graves

James Watkins


Primary sources



ADM 106/319/236

Francis Barham, John Greaves, Jonas Shish junr., Elfrid Elve, Abraham Greaves, John Yarwood and John Longe, Shipwrights' Hall. They have surveyed the frigate being built at Woolwich by Phineas Pett and find the timbers placed too far apart. They have also surveyed the frigate being built by Anthony Deane at Henry Johnson's yard to be well performed. 1676 May 17

ADM 106/333/304 Navy Board: Records. IN-LETTERS. Miscellaneous. Francis Barham, John Greaves, Abraham Greaves, Richard Boys, John Longe, Mark Croney, Company of Shipwrights. Report of 3rd Rates being built at Henry Johnson's and Robert Castell's shipyards at Blackwall and Deptford. 26 June 1678

ADM 106/333/332 Navy Board: Records. IN-LETTERS. Miscellaneous. Abraham Greaves, Jonas Shish, Captain Richard Potter, Deptford. Captain Castle and one of the other merchant Shipwrights say they were told they would receive an additional allowance but this is not true. 21 June 1678

ADM 106/333/336 Jonas Shish, Deptford. Report of the Yarmouth's defects lying in Mr Johnson's dry dock at Blackwall. Captain Potter and Abraham Graves believe that the valuation of the Yarmouth in their certificate is accurate. 1678 July 15

ADM 106/333/342 Jonas Shish, Captain Richard Potter, Abraham Graves, Deptford. They give an account of the number of days they have each spent surveying the Ruby, the Happy Return, the Assurance, the Adventure, the Dartmouth, the Richmond and the Success and ask for an allowance. 1678 Sept 30

ADM 106/336/437 Thomas Lewsley, Purveyor. Asks for a warrant for Deptford to receive goods from Captain Castle, Robert Castle, Abraham Graves, Richard Wood and George Body for the 30 new ships.
1678 Jan 23


C 6/47/95 Short title: Machin v Graves. Plaintiffs: James Machin . Defendants: Abraham Graves and Sarah Grave his wife and others. Subject: property in Barking, Essex . Document type: bill, answer. 1665


PROB 11/332/448 Will of James Watkins, Mariner of West Ham, Essex. 28 March 1670
PROB 11/395/312 Will of Abraham Greaves, Gentleman of Stepney, Middlesex 03 June 1689